Did you receive a letter from your church leader asking you to give more because of the virus crisis?

In one of the April ‘Daily Briefing’ videos at LCG.org Mr. Weston was thanking Members for the extra contributions received in response to his letter, and also mentions "the Government also helps out."

He may have been referring to the ‘Payroll Protection Plan’ money which churches also applied for and got.

Gerald Flurry is reported to have bragging about receiving more than One Million Dollar as "spoiling the Egyptians!" A disgraceful thing to say after taking more than a Million Dollars of American Tax payers hard earned money! And as the LCG probably has more employees, the amount which they would have received would at least be similar. Mr. Weston, please tell your people if the LCG received that Million Dollars to return it!

I wish to complement Mr. Jim Frank after being approved to receive 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS he decided that his organization would not be seriously financially impacted enough to accept the Tax Payer Money.

Well done Mr. Frank! As for those Church organizations who did take the One Million Dollars SHAME ON YOU!

Please Give It Back

I urge Mr. Weston, and Flurry, to give back any money received from the Federal Government as even some in business have already done! It was meant for small businesses to pay their employees for the month rather than lay them off.

The fund ran out within days and small business owners who did not have an in-house accountant to make a quick application received nothing to help feed those employees families!

Twenty percent of all small businesses in the country will never re-open!

The Catholic Church reportedly had twelve thousand church districts apply for PPP money and 70% is reported having received MILLIONS.

It was later reported that they had received more than THREE BILLION DOLLARS in total, and 50% of Protestant churches also receive money, do we want to belong amongst these?

Emergency Requests

Beware of these requests for extra money that touch your emotions, the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ philosophy has also applied to our church leaders when it comes to asking for an extra contribution during an emergency, bringing in a lot of extra income.

I’m sorry to say I’ve seen it done over and over in the last fifty years.

Paying two or three Tithes and Offerings fifty percent of most church family incomes are already gone every year!

Before they begin to think about paying for their own basic needs, such as housing and food, while Church Leaders are already living very high on the hog as the Official LCG Financial Report shows.

So please Mr. Weston, return the extra funds to those members who paid up. You don’t need extra money to be sent in. As you say there on the video, you are doing very well already, but you’ll take it, right.

And as the Living Church of God Financial Report shows more than $22,000,000 – Twenty-Two Million Dollars – was received in Tithes, Offerings and Contributions! With less than 10% of this, only 5.5% paid to Television Networks and with only 4.45% spent on Publishing.

LESS THN 10%, of over Twenty Two Million ($22,000,000) spent to reach our nation’s. Such a shame!!!

Find out where the remaining almost TWENTY-ONE MILLION DOLLARS, of faithfully paid Tithes and Offerings went in their Official LCG Annual Financial Report?

And Eight Million Dollars is shown in reserves which can be used to help out needy families in an emergency situation. Place send any errors to this address for correction.

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to take down these articles exposing the failures of these splinter groups leaders, and be given more time to work on other subjects.


Brian Harris


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