The British Evangelist

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The British EVANGELIST was elected to lead one of these Splinter Groups in a compromise over a dispute going on. He was later asked to step down, but decided to Split the Body of Christ rather than acquiesce to the will of the Ministry who elected him. So he pulled rank as EVANGELIST separating his […]

The British: The Apple of God’s Eye


In this short clip, Brian discusses the forming of the British Empire and how it evolved over the centuries. Discover how this goes back to a promise made in the book of Genesis.

EU-German Nukes!


In this short clip, Brian discusses the power of the nuclear arsenal that the European Union and Germany will possess in the near future and how it will be used to destroy America and Britain’s cities!

Ein Warnung An Die Deutschen


In this entry, Brian discusses the German rise to power and control over Europe since the Second World War. How Germany will have control of Nuclear Weapons through the EU and how they will repeat history once again, this time with an attack on US and British cities!

Beyond Brexit


In this short clip, Brian discusses the state of the post-Brexit European Union and how it will continue to control the continent.

The US and Britain in Prophey


In this short clip, Brian discusses the reason why the United States and Britain have possessed the wealth of the world. Brian tells a story from his past to illustrate the poverty he has seen in the rest of world and how Britain and America will be restored after losing all.

The Survival of Northern Ireland


In this short clip, Brian discusses the origins of the people of Northern Ireland and how they arrived there 2500 years ago! Learn how the people of Northern Ireland will survive through the difficult times that the future will bring.

Great Example In Immigration


In this short clip, Brian discusses immigration to the United States and to Britain. How does an increase in immigration over the years effect the American and British way of life? What can be done to benefit everyone?

From Jerusalem to London


In this extended clip, Brian discusses the migration of the tribes of Israel. Follow their journey through Egypt and across Europe before settling in the British Isles. The royal family is not of German origin as some believe. Learn how David’s ancestors came to inherit Great Britain and more.

Congratulations Stuart Varney!


In this clip, Brian congratulates Stuart Varney for having the number one show. Brian explains his work history and his parallels to Stuart Varney.

A Warning For the Irish People


In this short clip, Brian discusses the Irish people and the people of Dan. Why are there so many American Judges of Irish origin? What does the name Dan mean? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Why Not Abort?


In this short clip, Brian discusses his heartfelt view of abortion and the reason for life. Listen to an answer to the question, ‘Why Not Abort?’ and give consideration to this point of view.

Your Time to Rest


In this short clip, Brian talks about when the day rely begins and ends? How to better enjoy that time with your family.

A Sign Between You and God


In this short clip, Brian discusses the day of the week which creates a sign between you and God for His protection. He discusses the recent change made in the European calendar to show Sunday as the seventh day rather than Gods Sabbath Day. Learn more about what this means and how it applies to […]


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