Today, modern science does not know if God exists, or who and what God is. Neither does higher education know or teach the amazing truth about God’s identity. Modern education has accepted the fable of evolution. Evolution is the atheist’s attempt to explain the existence of a creation including an orderly universe without the existence of a designer and Creator. It totally excludes God from the picture.

A World in Religious Confusion!

You live in a world of religious confusion! Among the largest of the world’s religions are Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The Christian religion, with its hundreds of denominations and sects, is the largest in number of adherents. Yet not even traditional Christianity really knows who and what God is!

One billion people—nearly one seventh of the world’s population—live in China. In ancient times the religion in China was ancestor worship. Then came Confucianism, Taoism, and later, Buddhism. In India, the second largest nation in population, Hinduism is the chief religion. Do the multiple millions of Hindus know who and what the true God is? The answer is no! Russian Orthodox Christianity was once the predominant religion of Russia. Do they worship the true God?

In ancient Egypt, the people worshipped Isis and Osiris—Egyptian gods corresponding to Nimrod and his mother-wife, Semiramis. The ancient Greeks and Romans had mythological gods such as Jupiter, Hermes, Dionysus, Zeus, Apollo, Diana and many others. But they did not know God, and neither do their modern-day descendants!

There is only one church on earth today that knows who and WHAT God is! That one true Church was founded in A.D. 31 by Jesus Christ, and that Church is still in existence today! Never to become rich and powerful but spiritually rich in the true understanding of who and what God is!

The “Unknown God” Revealed

In Acts 17:15-34, we are told of Paul’s stay in the Greek city of Athens, where he preached God’s truth. In the first century world, the Athenians were considered to be the intellectuals. Some of the Epicurian and Stoic philosophers encountered the Apostle Paul.

“What will this babbler say?” queried some in ridicule (Acts 17:18). Others said sarcastically, “He seems to be a setter forth of strange gods.”These intellectuals then brought Paul to Areopagus, the supreme educational and religious court of Athens, located on Mars’ hill. “May we know this new doctrine you speak of? For you bring certain strange things to our ears” (verses 19-20). Here were the world’s most scholarly men. And Paul began teaching them about the true God. (verses 22-26).

"Who is God”, He is the Creator, the One who “made the world and all things". The Creation is the basic proof of God’s existence. These Athenian Epicureans and Stoics, like many religions today, did not even know that. But what is the real NATURE of God. Just who and WHAT is God? We need a more concrete understanding than to merely say: “the Being who created everything.” Certainly that is the starting point, but there is much more. Be sure to “prove all things,” as Paul exhorted the Thessalonians (I Thess. 5:21).

God in Prehistory

If you were asked where in the Bible can we find the earliest account of the existence of God, you would probably say in the very first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, of course. In actual fact, the contents of John 1:1 predates this! "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Let’s begin by going back in time into prehistory, before the existence of the material universe.

1. Where, in the time order of God’s existence, is the earliest revelation of who and what God is? John 1:1-3.

COMMENT: The Greek word translated into English as “Word” in John 1:1 is Logos. It means spokesman, or one who speaks, and is the name of a divine Being.

2. Was the Word made flesh? Verse 14. Did He live on earth as a human being? Same verse and Matthew 1:23. Is He the only Son of God the Father? John 1:14 once again.

COMMENT. But at the prehistoric time described in verse 1 of John chapter 1, the Word was not yet the Son of God and God was not yet His Father, He was made God’s Son later, being born human. So at the time described in John 1:1-3, we find revealed the existence of only two Beings. One is God. And with God is another Being who also is God—one who was later born as Jesus Christ.

3. Hebrews chapter 7 sheds more light on the preexistence of Jesus Christ. Speaking of Melchizedek who was King of Salem(which later became known as Jerusalem) In the days of Abraham, we are told that He had been the High Priest of God. Had Melchizedek also existed from eternity? Heb. 7:3. Is Jesus Christ our eternal High Priest today? Heb. 6:20; 7:25-27,

COMMENT: Since Melchizedek was without descent, was “like unto the Son of God,” and abides as High Priest forever, when He was the Word, he had always existed. He was not yet the Son of God. He also was God, along with God who became the Father. The Word became Jesus Christ. Both members of the God Family have existed forever (Ps. 90:2; Heb. 1:8, 10-12; I Tim. 1:17), It is impossible for our human minds to understand how these two Beings could have always existed, but neither can we really understand what electricity is. Yet we know electricity exists and is very real!

4. Exactly why did the Word—the second member of the God Family— become a flesh-and-blood human being? John 3:16; Rom. 5:6-10; Heb. 2:9-10.

As the Son of God and as the Creator of the entire universe and of all mankind (John 1:3; Eph. 3:9), Christ’s life was worth more than all other human lives combined! Therefore, He could pay the penalty for breaking God’s law for the entire human race, so that others could receive God’s Spirit and ultimately be born into the Family of God as Christ’s younger brothers (Rom. 8:29; Heb. 2:11).

What Does God Look Like?

1. In whose image and likeness did God make man? Gen. 1:26. Can we therefore conclude that both members of the God Family look like a man? Same verse.

COMMENT: Adam was created in the “image” of God, The Bible reveals that God has a face, torso, arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet and toes.

2.The Word of the God Family became flesh and blood and lived on the earth. Did Jesus look so much like any other average man in His community that He had to be specially pointed out to be identified? Matt. 26:47-49.

3. Who did Jesus tell Philip that the Father in heaven looked like? John 14:9.

4. Even though God the Father looks like a man, what is He composed of?  John 4:24. Is He therefore invisible to human eyes? I Tim. 1:17.

5. Are the Father’s and Christ’s appearances described as glorious? John 17:5, What does Jesus, after His resurrection look like? Rev. 1:13-18.

COMMENT: If we could see both God the Father and Christ the Son as they appear today in heaven, their faces would be as bright as the SUN in full strength! Their eyes would be like flames of fire, their feet like burnished brass and their hair as white as snow!

God Is a Family, Not a Limited “Trinity”

We have learned that two Beings—God and the Word—have always existed. But what about the generally accepted Trinity doctrine of traditional Christianity? According to this teaching, God is composed of three Beings: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Do you know how the Trinity concept entered the Christian-professing world? It did not come from the Bible! We read in Revelation 12:9 that all nations have been deceived by Satan. It seems incredible that Satan not only could have deceived the whole world, but also “Christianity”—the very religion bearing Christ’s name and claiming to be His religion, yet, Satan did! How did he introduce the false doctrine of the Trinity?

Satan’s deception was accomplished through a great false church, which was started in A.D. 33 by a man named Simon, mentioned in the eighth chapter of Acts. Simon was the leader of the pagan Babylonian mystery religion. Two years after Jesus Christ founded the Church of God, the deacon Philip, who later became an evangelist, went to Samaria and preached Christ’s Gospel there. Simon, a sorcerer who had influenced the people of that region, came with the crowd to hear what Philip had to say.

1. Did all the people of Samaria follow Simon? Acts 8:9-11. Had he deceived them into believing he was a man of God? Verse 10.

2. But when these same people believed Philip, who was preaching Christ and the Kingdom of God, were they baptized? Acts 8:12. Was Simon also baptized? Verse 13.

3. When the Apostles Peter and John came to Samaria to lay hands on the newly baptized for the receipt of God’s Spirit, did Simon try to buy from them what he thought was the power to give the Spirit of God? Acts 8:18-19, Did Peter recognize that although Simon had been baptized along with a number of others, his attitude was totally wrong, and that he only desired to gain more power and further exalt himself in the eyes of the people? Verses 20-23.

COMMENT: Peter strongly rebuked Simon for his evil intentions. But Simon refused to repent, as indicated by his merely asking Peter to pray for him (verse 24). Desiring to exalt himself among the people, Simon proclaimed himself an apostle. He appropriated the name of Christ and began calling his pagan Babylonian mystery religion “Christianity.” He accepted the doctrine of “grace” for the forgiveness of sin, which the pagan religions had never taught, but then turned grace into license to disobey God (Jude 4). He planned to turn his pagan religion, now under the name “Christianity,” into a universal religion, and to use this as a means of eventually gaining political rule of the world!

Simon’s religion grew rapidly. About 20 years later, the Apostle Paul indicates that much of the Middle East had turned from the true Gospel to a clever counterfeit! (Gal. 1:6-7.)

But how did the Trinity doctrine become stamped upon the counterfeit Christianity started by Simon? In A.D. 325, the Roman emperor Constantine called the Nicene Council to settle several religious controversies, which included arguments about belief in a Trinity. Constantine was not a “Christian,” but as political ruler, he assumed control of the church. The religious council approved the Trinity doctrine. Constantine then made this teaching law throughout the empire. But he was not able to make it the TRUTH!

The word “trinity” is not found anywhere in the Bible. That is because God is not a Trinity! The false doctrine of the Trinity was further promoted by the addition of uninspired wording to I John 5:7-8. Those words were ADDED BY EDITORS of the Latin Vulgate translation probably in the early fourth century.

There is a definite reason why Satan, the deceiver, wanted this false doctrine introduced into this world’s Christianity. The Trinity doctrine is his clever attempt to completely do away with the heart and core of the Gospel Jesus Christ preached—the “Good News of the Kingdom of God.” It limits the number of members of the God Kingdom or Family to only three—with no possibility of expansion!

Jesus ‘Gospel’ is the message He brought from God the Father—the Good News of the Kingdom or Family of God coming to rule the earth. That is the one truth above all Satan wants to hide from you!

Through the Trinity doctrine, as well as other false doctrines, Satan has thoroughly deceived traditional Christianity, believe it or not! Notice the candid admission of one world-famous evangelist who teaches the doctrine: “When I first began to study the Bible years ago, the doctrine of the Trinity was one of the most complex problems I had to encounter. I have never fully resolved it, for it contains an aspect of mystery… To explain and illustrate the Trinity is one of the most difficult assignments.” The reason it is so difficult is because it simply IS NOT TRUE!

4. Does Genesis 1:1 speak of one God?

COMMENT: “In the beginning God…” was written by Moses in the Hebrew language. The English word “God” is translated from the Hebrew word Elohim—a plural noun. It, like the words family, team and church, denotes more than one component forming a whole.

God is NOT a Trinity. God is a Family composed of the two Personages mentioned in John 1:1. However, the God Family will not always be composed of only two beings. God is in the process of expanding His Family! Thousands have already received God’s Spirit, and will soon be born into His Family either by a resurrection or an instantaneous change at the return of Jesus Christ. Still later, thousands of millions will eventually be born into the Family of God!

Jesus Christ, by His resurrection, was born a Son of God (Rom. 1:4). But He is only the firstborn of MANY who will also be born into the God Family (Rom. 8:29). God the Father is the Father of the God Family, and when those who have Gods Spirit are born into His Family at Christ’s return, they shall be like God (I John 3:2), they shall then be in the Family of God.

God Is Creator

1. Did God create all things by Jesus Christ (the Word)? John 1:3; Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:15-17; Heb. 1:2, 10.

2. How did ‘the Word’ create the universe and everything that exists? Ps. 33:6-9; 148:1-5; 104:30; Gen. 1:1-3. Does God the Father, tell Christ what to do? John 8:28-29. And does Christ always obey? Same verses.

3. But matter—the earth, stars and galaxies—was not the first thing God created. What does the Bible reveal was created before the material universe? Job 38:4-7.

COMMENT: In verse 7 the biblical terms “morning stars” and “sons of God” refer to angels. Notice that Revelation 12:4-9 speaks figuratively of the angels who followed Satan in his rebellion as the “stars of heaven.” In Isaiah 14:12, we learn that Satan, before he rebelled, is referred to as “Lucifer"- light bringer. (see margin of most Bibles).

In Job 1:6 we read that when the “sons of God” (angels) presented themselves to God, Satan came among them, Angels here are referred to as “sons of God” only in the sense that God is their Creator. There is no father-son relationship as Jesus has with God the Father. Angels were not born of God, as was Jesus Christ (Heb. 1:5

And so we find that the angels, who had been created previously, were shouting for joy at the creation of the earth, perhaps millions of years before the creation of man, How many angels God created and how long ago, He does not reveal. However, the earth, at first, was the home of angels.

4. Was the entire material universe created at the same time as the earth? Gen. 1:1.

COMMENT: Genesis 1:1 Speaks of God creating the heavens and the earth. In the Authorized (King James) Version, the singular form of the word “heaven” is used. But other translations render the original Hebrew in the plural form—”heavens”—implying that the entire material universe was created simultaneously with the earth.

A Perfect Creation Becomes Ruined!

We have learned that two all-knowing, all-powerful, all-perfect Super Beings have existed from eternity—possessing supreme mind and creative power. These two Beings, composing the nucleus of the God Family, created the entire universe, including man. Just as human beings think, plan and design before starting to build or construct, so these two Super Beings thought, planned and designed the entire creation.

But these two Supreme Beings first designed and created the angels, which are invisible to human eyes. God created these spirit beings before creating planet earth, the home or “habitation” (Jude 6) for at least a third of the angels. The angels were so filled with happiness that they "sang together, shouted for joy” when the earth was created (Job 38:7).

1. In addition to the creation of angels, the earth and the heavens, did God also create government? Col. 1:16.

COMMENT: The Bible reveals that God placed the great archangel Lucifer on a throne on earth to administer God’s government over the angels who were placed here. God’s Law, by which Lucifer was to rule, is a way of life. It is the way of love—outgoing concern for the welfare of others— the way of peace.

2. Did Lucifer continue to administer God’s government on earth according to God’s Law? Or did he rebel Ezek. 28:12-15; Isa. 14:12-14. (The “king of Tyrus,” as succeeding verses in Ezekiel 28 show, refers to Lucifer, now Satan, the being who inspired the human “prince of Tyrus”—verse 2.) Who followed Lucifer in his rebellion? Rev. 12:3-4.

COMMENT: The archangel Lucifer rebelled against God. Instead of continuing to administer the government of God on earth. In his rebellion, one-third of all the angels followed him in his unsuccessful attempt to invade and take over God’s headquarters in heaven and dethrone God Himself! Lucifer was renamed “Satan,” which means “adversary,” and the angels who followed him in this attempted coup became “demons.”

3. Did the beautiful earth become waste and empty, chaotic and in confusion as a result of Lucifer’s fall? Gen. 1:2.

4. In Genesis 1:2 we find the earth in chaos and confusion. Is that the way God created it? Isa. 45:18.

COMMENT: The Hebrew word translated “in vain” in Isaiah 45:18 is tohu. This is the identical word used in Genesis 1:2, meaning confusion, emptiness or waste. In Isaiah 45:18 we have the plain statement that God created the earth not “tohu,” Not in confusion, Not in disorder. But in Genesis 1:2, the earth “was,” or the earth became—as it ought to be translated—chaotic and in confusion!

5. Genesis 19:26 tell us that the earth became something it was not when originally created by God?

God did not create the earth in a state of confusion and chaotic. I Corinthians 14:33 states that “God is not the author of confusion.” But Satan is! God is the author of peace, of order and of law. God would not have created the earth in disorder, chaos and in confusion just to straighten it out.

6. After the destruction of the earth’s surface resulting from the fall of the angels, did God then recreate the surface of the earth and make it habitable for plant, animal and human life? Ps. 104:30. Also read the entire first chapter of Genesis, noticing especially verse 26.

COMMENT: After Lucifer’s rebellion caused the ruination of a perfect earth, God set out to renew the surface of the earth, making it a place fit for human life. God then undertook the most incredible creation of all—that of reproducing Himself through human beings! The ultimate creation of God Beings as members of His Family, superior to angels, will be the crowning pinnacle of God’s creative power and accomplishment!

God reproducing Himself is hard for the human mind to grasp, creating what will ultimately be millions of others like Himself. God’s Sons will each be perfect in character—each by his own free choice perfectly like-minded with the Father, that will not break the commandments! (I John 3:9.)

God first made man from the dust of the ground in His “likeness.”So that humans, upon God the Father calling them, could begin to develop the character of God while still flesh and blood. Then, they will be changed to spirit-composed bodies like that of God Himself!

7. After God’s plan for humanity is complete, will He then create new heavens and a new earth? Isa.65:17;Rev.21:1-5.

COMMENT: The chaos caused by Lucifer’s rebellion can be seen throughout our solar system. Apparently the rest of our galaxy and the entire universe have been affected as well. But God will one day make all things new!In the meantime, God has made the earth a habitable place for man. Yet, He has allowed the devastation, clearly visible on other planets as evidenced by photos of pockmarked landscapes taken by deep space probes and in space debris, to remain as mute testimony to the results—of going contrary to God’s government and His way of life.

8. Did Isaiah clearly indicate that the government of God will expand not only on the earth, but eventually to other parts of our galaxy and even throughout the universe? Isa. 9:6-7.

COMMENT: God promises there will be no end to the increase of His government! Peace and harmony, will spread throughout the universe. But only those who develop God’s character and are born into His Family will become part of His government, prophesied soon to be restored on this earth.

Duality Principle in Creation

The Bible reveals there is duality in God’s creative process—including the creation of godly character within man. First, it is important to understand that the angels were created in two stages. The duality principle is seen in their creation as well as in the creation of the earth and of man.

God created the angels with minds—with the ability to think, reason and make choices. But their creation could not be a finished creation until character—either good or evil—was developed in them. This is a process requiring time and experience. That character development was the second stage of their creation. God initially instructed the angels in His way of righteous character. It is the way of God’s spiritual Law—the basis of God’s government. Then came the time of the creation of the physical universe, again we find the duality principle involved.

At the time God created the heavens and the earth—the universe with its countless galaxies containing solar systems and attendant planets— they, were not yet complete. They were a perfect, orderly creation, but more was yet to be done before that original creation would be finished! Now we come to a double duality in the creation of the angels and of the earth.

God’s Word tells us the earth was inhabited by angels prior to the creation of man. Scripture indicates that God placed at least a third of the angels on earth, They were given the opportunity to share in finishing the earth—working with its many elements to improve, beautify and complete it.

This required teamwork—all working together toward the common goal. God intended the earth to be the “proving ground” to qualify the angels—by righteous character development and by finishing earth’s creation—to participate with Him in the ultimate completion of the billions of planets of the vast universe!

1. Who did God place in authority on earth to regulate this effort and to administer the government of God over the angels? Read Ezekiel 28:13 and Isaiah 14:12-14 once again.

COMMENT: And when Lucifer, now Satan, broke God’s law, the government of God and God’s Law was abolished from the earth.

2. When Jesus Christ returns to earth, will He restore all things, including the government and Law of God over all the world? Acts 3:20-21; Isa. 2:2-3; 11:9.

COMMENT: The government of God leads those under it into God’s way of life, which is the way of His Law. It is the way that develops perfect character. It is the way that produces peace, harmony, happiness and abundance. It is the way of love.The government of God must, and will, be restored on earth!

3. What was the first step in God’s plan to restore His government on the earth? Read Genesis 1:26 once again.

COMMENT: God’s purpose in creating man was to: (1) restore the government of God upon the earth; (2) complete the physical creation of earth, which the angels had turned to ruin; (3) in the process, complete the creation of man by developing righteous spiritual character in him; and (4) establish the Kingdom of God, composed of the Family of God, who will eventually finish the creation of the vast universe.

It required that man first be made of matter so that if he was led into Satan’s way he could be changed—brought to God’s way of love through repentance, baptism and the receipt of God’s Spirit. This was absolutely necessary because spirit, once a finished creation, like the character of those angels who became evil, cannot be changed!

The first human was created with the potential of qualifying to replace Satan as the world’s ruler under God, restoring the government and Law of God to this earth. But it was necessary that Adam first resist and reject Satan’s “get” way and choose to live the way of God’s Law— which is the “give” way. After creating the first man and woman, Satan was restrained from any contact with them until God first had taught them what they needed to know.

4. What was some of the most important knowledge God revealed to them? Gen. 2:8-9, 15-17.

5. Did Adam, the first man, qualify to replace Satan as earth’s ruler? Gen. 3:1-6, 17-19, 22-24. No.

COMMENT: The archangel Lucifer, as God originally created him, was the pinnacle of God’s creative power in a single being. Few today remotely realize Satan’s great power, now turned to cunning deception. He got to Adam through his wife. He did not say, “Choose my way” he said, “Choose your own way,” cleverly deceiving her. Adam, who was not deceived, nevertheless chose to follow Satan’s way also. And mankind has followed the way of Satan. Adam failed to restore God’s government and failed to replace him as ruler of the world.

But God is now in the process of perfecting future member of the God Family as the only Beings who will be relied upon to never deviate from His government and His Law—His way of life. God realized He needed thousands of millions of perfect beings, ruled by His government, to complete the other planets of our solar system, and the countless other galaxies of the vast, limitless universe. So, about 4,000 years after Adam, came the next phase of God’s awesome purpose of reproducing Himself into billions!

6. Notice now the duality principle with regard to Jesus Christ. How is Jesus referred to in I Corinthians 15:45?

COMMENT: The “first” Adam was the first man, created by God from the dust of the ground. The second or “last Adam” was Jesus, who also was made flesh and blood, but who became a spirit being by a resurrection, completing in Himself the second phase—the spiritual phase—of God’s creation of mankind.

In God’s Master Plan for His spiritual creation of mankind, it had been determined by God that the Word would in due time divest Himself of His power, as God, and be born as the human Jesus Christ. This would make possible the spiritual phase of the creation of man, God reproducing Himself, creating in man His very own, perfect character! What a plan for the ultimate in creative accomplishment! How great is God in mind, purpose, planning, designing as well as creating—from the tiniest germ to the greatest sun, and ultimately, the Family of God.

The incredible human potential is that God is reproducing Himself! Man can literally be born into the God Family!

7. Did Jesus, the second Adam, qualify to replace Satan and restore God’s government on earth? Matt. 4:1-11; 28:18.

COMMENT: Christ qualified to be King over all the earth by overcoming Satan’s way and obeying God perfectly. He will replace Satan and restore God’s government when He returns. But in the meantime, He is acting as our High Priest, helping us to qualify with Him—helping us to resist Satan and to build character in preparation to become members of God’s Family!

8. How did Jesus speak of this spiritual birth? John 3:3-8.

COMMENT: Once again we see the duality principle in action in describing the creation of Sons of God. Man’s first birth is into the human family, which is composed of flesh and blood. His second birth will be into the Family of God, which is composed of spirit, and which possesses perfect character!

God’s Character Revealed

Why is it so important for us to know who and what God is? Because God’s purpose for our existence is that we ultimately become like Him! When God formed Adam, he was made in the “likeness” the outward form and shape of God Himself. This unique form and shape was given to man alone. At his creation, man was also given the gift of intellect—the ability to think, to reason, to make choices and decisions. This God-like attribute of mind and character was not given to any animal. Man possesses these characteristics and abilities because he was created with the potential to be a part of Gods Family!

For God to complete the spiritual creation of mankind we must learn to think more and more like God does, developing His attitude and character while flesh and blood human beings. Then, when resurrected or changed into spirit, we will be members in God’s Family. Our purpose in human life is that we grow in God’s character, But what, exactly, is the character of God?

The character of both God the Father and the Son is summed up in the word love, defined as an out-going concern for others. It is the way of “give,” of serving, helping, sharing—the opposite of the “get” way. It is the way devoid of all coveting, lust and greed, vanity and selfishness, competition, strife, violence and destruction, envy and jealousy, resentment and bitterness.

God’s nature is the way of peace, justice, mercy, happiness and outward concern toward those He has created. Since God possesses perfect, righteous character, He will not go contrary to the perfect, spiritual Law He set in motion to cause and produce all good. God has set His will that He cannot break His Law (I John 3:9).

1. How does the Bible define the nature and character of God? I John 4:8, 16, What is the love of God? I John 5:3.

COMMENT: The spiritual Law of God enables us to know what God is like because it describes His character, which is summed up by the word Love!

2. How did Jesus summarize the Law of God? Matt. 22:36-40.

COMMENT: God’s Law is further defined in the two Great Commandments: love to God and love to neighbor. God’s Law is further divided into ten points by the Ten Commandments. The first four tell us how to love God, and the last six tell us how to love our neighbor—all fellow human beings.

3. What very important thing was Jesus prophesied to do regarding God’s Law? Isa. 42:21. What are two examples of how Jesus “magnified” the Ten Commandments? Matt. 5:21-22, 27-28.

COMMENT: When a spiritual “magnifying glass,” so to speak, is put on the Ten Commandments, they are enlarged in spiritual principle into many more points. And in a larger sense, the entire Bible is a magnification of God’s Law. The Law is the basis of all Scripture. It defines God’s way of life—the way to peace, success, happiness, and entrance into God’s Family. Notice how like God His Law really is.

4. Is the Law of God good? Rom. 7:12. God is good.

5. Is the Law of God just? Same verse.God is just.

6. Is the Law of God holy? Same verse. God is holy.

7. Is the Law of God spiritual? Verse 14. God is spiritual.

8. Is the Law of God perfect? Ps. 19:7. God is perfect.

9. Will the character of God ever change? Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8. Is the Law of God—including all His commandments—unchanging, standing forever ? Ps. 111:7-8.

10. What are some of the characteristics of God’s nature that begin to develop after receiving His Spirit? Gal. 5:22-23; II Tim. 1:7.

11. Is love the greatest single attribute of God’s nature? I Cor. 13:1-8, 13. Why? I John 4:16. How can we have this love? Rom. 5:5.

COMMENT:We can have God the Father’ love if we have His Spirit and begin to keep His commandment qualifying to rule and reign with Jesus Christ, who will replace Satan as world ruler at His soon return to restore the Government of God to the entire earth!

God Now Creating His Supreme Masterpiece!

What is the most important creation God could produce? Was it the angels? Was it the heavens and the earth—the entire universe? Or was it the first man? It was none of these! The pinnacle of God’s creative works is the creation of His very own perfect, holy, righteous character within His created living beings!

But this is something that even God with His power cannot do by Himself! Yes, there is actually something that even God cannot do alone. King David thought on God’s purpose for man: “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained”—great, vast in size and distance—works of God’s creation. David then asked, “What is man, that you are mindful of him?” (Ps. 8:3-4.)

Even one hundred thousand people, assembled in a large stadium, look like tiny insignificant ants when seen from several thousand feet above, Yes, why should God be mindful of insignificant man?

In Hebrews chapter 2 this same psalm is quoted, and there God proceeds to reveal that in man He has determined to complete the very pinnacle of perfection in all His creation! The creation of God’s own character in man is the SUPREME GOAL of God—His ultimate purpose for mankind! Yet, God cannot do this alone Man must have his own part in this supreme masterpiece of all creation.

In the original creation of angels, it was impossible for God to build or create this character in them by Himself. That would have made them mere automatons or machines—it would not have been character. Therefore the creation of angels could not be finished—complete—until character, either righteous or evil, had been formed and instilled within them by their own decision and will.

After Lucifer and one-third of the angels rebelled, the creation of these angels was finished—they created evil character within themselves! Their course had been set, their creation was complete. And, being spirit, they can never change. The character of both God the Father and Christ the Son, which Lucifer and one-third of the angels failed to develop, is that of the way of God’s Law. God will never transgress His Law. And He is now in the process of creating this same godly character in us, by our own choice, and with the help of God’s Spirit to live His way of life!

Those who have been developing wrong character by breaking God’s Law and all except Christ have—Rom. 3:23), must first repent of having broken the Law. Then they must be baptized “for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38). Next, God promises that those who repent of their law breaking and are baptized, having a true minister of God lay hands on them, will receive the gift of God’s Spirit which will help them grow, granting them the understanding necessary for righteous character development.

Those who have received God’s Spirit, are to be developing and growing in God’s character. Spiritual character growth results from following God’s way of life as revealed in the Bible. Finally, at our change to spirit at Christ’s return, the masterpiece of God’s creation will have been finished! With membership in the Family of God!

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