1. A Thousand Years Of World Peace
  2. The Special Relationship
  3. God’s 7000 Year Plan
  4. How We Got Out Wealth
  5. Our Nations Future
  6. The Reason For Human Life
  7. Coming Massive Drought!
  8. EU-Middle-East Invasion
  9. EU-German Nukes
  10. A Warning To The German People
  11. What Will Become of the British People?
  12. From Jerusalem To London
  13. Mr. Netanyahu Wait For Us
  14. Halloween, Who Owns It?
  15. Who Put Christ in Christmas
  16. Teens and Twenties
  17. Who Writes The Songs?
  18. Why Not Abort?
  19. What Does God Look Like?
  20. What Are God’s True Holy Days?
  21. Truths Of God’s True Church
  22. So, Where Did Billy Graham Go?
  23. Your Time to REST
  24. A Sign Between You And God
  25. Who WILL Control SPACE?
  26. Kingdoms of the North & South
  28. WHAT IS 666?
  29. The Coming Massiah Allah Christ
  30. WORLD PEACE Is Coming!

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