There were four Evangelists given the job of being over the four areas of the US and one over Canada, one over Britain, one over the Southern Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand, one over the Caribbean, one over the French work, and one over the Spanish work, these were highly necessary appointments.

Proper Organization

Of course, there had to be Proper Organization and there was, and most all of these positions were given to Evangelists even though there is no scriptural example of a separate ordination to this position! But this made this position even more powerful and created more competition for the position as these m e n were set over the Ministry and the various church areas.

This is how the position of Evangelist was elevated over the Ministry over the years and how SO MANY of these mere men could COMMAND THE RESPECT OF SO MANY MEMBERS. And in some cases use this later on in order to SPLIT and SPLIT and SPLIT AGAIN, THE O N E TRUE BODY OF CHRIST!

Shame on you m e n who have done this, a judgment awaits you!

Corporate Government

A Corporate Structure complete with boardroom table had been created. These positions should have existed with proper respect being shown one to another, for the separate functions which each minister performed, and THIS WAS SO in the first stage of the Philadelphia Era.

Unfortunately for the two m e n who have assumed Mr. Armstrong’s title as Pastor Generals, together with the Leading or Presiding Evangelist and others of the church splintered leaderships. They have failed to unite God’s Church and failed at their attempt to broadcast a REAL WARNING, REFUSING TO SPEND YOUR TITHE MILLIONS PAID TO THEIR CARE TO GET THIS DONE!

Surplus To Requirements

These m e n are now very much ‘surplus to requirements’ as they say in Britain or ‘overstock’ as you might say in America. The Jerusalem Headquarters will function perfectly without them having failed on both accounts!

They may qualify as Laodiceans to be Evangelists in the field after failing to do the work of the Philadelphia Era.

Brian Harris


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