A 2010 statistic indicates 44 million Americans believe Christ will return within 40 years.

It is true the bible does not give exact dates, but it does tell us of the events directly preceding His return to rule the nations, and that ‘a good understanding have those who keep His commandments’. See Mathew 24 for His description of world conditions in the 21st century.

Many scriptures layout events step by step leading to God’s intervention to save our world from nuclear extinction in the coming WW3. Those who claim the bible is a mystery, impossible to understand have not been observing the seventh day Sabbath, a sign between yourself and God, and have not been attempting to live by God’s Commandments.

Begin to do this and your understanding will improve. See ‘Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath‘ and the helpful information on ‘The 10 Commandments‘, easy to read and easy to understand in the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

America And Britain’s Future Free Library deals with the most serious issues concerning our nations future existence and world survival. The restoration of our nations has already been assured, soon we will enter that one thousand year period of world peace on this earth! The world crisis just ahead will be resigned to a distant past, our populations will be replenished, our cities rebuilt and our wealth will be restored, but in the near future we are to suffer harsh correction!

Have confidence in the future and rely on the true God as described in the pages of the bible, his plan which you probably have not had explained before is given throughout the America And Britain’s Future Free Library as your guide through the troubled times ahead.

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