This international distress signal got its start in 1923, it was made official in 1948 the idea of a British radio officer at Croydon Airport in London. He developed this taken from the French word ‘m’aider’ meaning “help me!”

Today, throughout the British Isles it would be a good idea for the average Britisher to raise their voices in prayer to Almighty God asking for the courage and strength of character needed by the nations elected officials to stand for British Democracy and more importantly for Britain’s FREEDOM from German-EU control.

After a thousand years of British history, no matter your politics, every English, Welch, Scots and Ulster member of this Great British Nation, founder of the greatest Empire and leader of the greatest Commonwealth of Nations this world has ever seen, must ask in truth “How will WE defend ourselves from this increasingly OPPRESSIVE GERMAN CONTROLLED European Empire?

In answer to the question “Mr. Franklin what (government) will you give us?” One of the most influential leaders of the American Revolution replied: “I give you a Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT” implying that freedom comes at a cost to EVERY GENERATION and in America’s future, EVERY GENERATION would find the need to enter into the struggle to maintain their FREEDOM from tyranny.

The German Chancellor Has Spoken

Just a day or two before British Prime Minister Theresa May released her 500-page ‘Departure Agreement’ THE GERMAN CHANCELLOR voiced control over the proceedings by simply stating “MRS MAY WANTS TO STAY in The European Union.”

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