Regular visitors to may be surprised to learn that my second largest readership year after year was in China followed by South Korea! So to my friends in both countries I send my deepest sympathies and post the following solution to your epidemic dilemmas.

If ever there was an impressive reason for this world to begin following the food laws which God gave our ancestors thousands of years ago it can be found in what has been coming out of China in the last two decades!

We have had an epidemic raging in China and the rest of the world killing perhaps millions, and affecting the dynamic Chinese economy, where entire major cities had simply been shut down, with the Chinese Premier warning that the situation in China WAS THEN DIRE!

And of course the US and Europe and the rest of the world was forced to do the same for an entire year creating an economic nightmare for hundreds of millions!!

This was first reported as being because of the eating of what the Chinese government terms ‘WILD ANIMALS’ but now it appears as something much more sinister escaping from a government laboratory which has been suspected as going on for years!

Nothing should surprise us because Bible prophecy does talk about these agents being released and killing sections of the world’s population in our generation today!!!

And this is only the beginning of all of this before World War Three begins, sorry to say!!!

Clean And Unclean

But to stay with our clean and unclean foods, this also includes the eating of BATS sold on the black market

As well as snakes and spiders and everything else to fill the half empty mouths of many of over a Billion Chinese, with what God’s food laws term ‘unclean’ unfit for human consumption foods!

What are called ‘wet markets’ are not unlike very large butcher shops which exist in every community. Because of the lack of refrigeration everything that is sold there is living.

You can choose a plump chicken and return fifteen minutes later to pick up your neatly dressed meal for the family, not unlike the way farmers in the rest of the world would have prepared their evening meals.

Wild and Unclean

Unfortunately wild and unclean foods are also sold in these markets and slaughtered there. The mingling of all kinds of remains of foodstuffs causes the development of unfit conditions.

Although too late, President Xi Jinping had placed a temporary ban on the sale of ‘WILD ANIMAL’ products, but these temporary bans are insufficient in order to prevent the next outbreak!

Perhaps government subsidizing of clean meets to adequately feed the one Billion plus population and a permanent ban on the sale of dangerous food can be introduced to the level where your President will receive the praise of every Chinese citizen making him the most popular ruler in Chinas history.

This would yield the praise of all nations.

Good Health Food Laws Will Be Enforces

One day in the not too distant future the One who gave the food laws to ancient Israel will under HIS command of World Government have the entire world observe HIS good health food laws.

Is it really that much better in the West? We in the West may believe that we are more advanced in our eating habits but the eating of ‘unclean’ bacteria-laden meats which cannot be cooked enough to kill all that remains alive to line our stomach’s, such as pork, often yields diseases and early death in many cases.

Begin Now Mr. President!

China and the rest of the world need to begin NOW to observe these laws written for ALL our good so that we can avoid the repeated tragedy now taking place! This is the THIRD EPIDEMIC STARTED IN CHINA IN RECENT YEARS!

President Jinping, whether MAN-MADE or animal-based, you have placed another TEMPORARY BAN on the eating of WILD ANIMALS.

Now find the FOOD LAWS in the Book of Leviticus Chapter 11 and begin ENFORCING obedience to these, and there will be an end to this embarrassment of CHINESE EPIDEMICS.


I pray that all my readers and ALL of China will soon be safe!



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