This is the story of Larry the unconverted evangelist, who finally left his high paying job with Worldwide.

Larry had family in Dallas Texas, and so he wanted to live there, but as a highly paid Headquarters staffer.

But how could this be achieved, when none of the church splinter groups were headquartered in Dallas, Texas?

This was a problem which would require some diligent manipulation, by Larry the unconverted evangelist!

From Worldwide to Global

So first of all, he moved from Worldwide to Global Headquarters and climbed the ladder there, I told Mrs. Meredith, there was only one more position Larry wanted, and that was her husband’s!

I told Mr. Meredith later what I had seen coming, he replied “Why didn’t somebody tell me?”

Well, he had promoted Larry the unconverted evangelist, taking away the Head of the Ministry position from Mr. Carl McNair, and Head of all Church Literature, from his brother Raymond.

And so, not too much time passed until a split was caused in Global, taking away a third of the church, including a lot of useless Church Headquarters staff who needed to go!

And there was talk of those who left including Larry the unconverted evangelist, moving where. Yes, you may have guessed, moving to Dallas, Texas.

Mr. McNair told me Larry had already left for Dallas, Texas, but that he was not moving to Dallas, Texas!

Mr. McNair failed to support the Headquarters move to Dallas, Texas by Larry, the unconverted evangelist.

From Global to United

So, Larry the unconverted evangelist, moved to United, and soon contention developed there, but over what?

Well, the main dispute was over, yes, you may have guessed it, where to build the new Church Headquarters?

And the location favored by some was deemed to be, yes, you guessed it, Dallas, Texas!

But for this to happen, the United Church would be forced to split. And so it did!

From United to Whoever He Didn’t Mind

And so Larry, the unconverted evangelist, left United with yet another sizable splinter church group.

And the new church leadership was moved too, yes, you guessed it, Dallas, Texas!

They had been persuaded to build their new Church headquarters there, in no other location than, in Dallas, Texas!

Remarkable Brinkmanship

Such remarkable brinkmanship, by Larry the unconverted evangelist, who finally got what he wanted, four splintered churches later!

He finally became a highly paid executive, yes, you guessed it, in the new Dallas, Texas, Church Headquarters.

This is how the Body of Jesus Christ has been splintered, and splintered, and splintered, by unconverted men!

Meaning of Brinkmanship

Search Results: The art or practice of pushing a dangerous situation or confrontation to the limit of safety especially to force a desired outcome.

And this is the story of Larry, the unconverted evangelist, who finally got to live in, Dallas, Texas.

And with a high ranking position, in WHATEVER church splinter group Headquartered, right there in Dallas, Texas.

A Word of Caution

I would offer a word of caution to those who followed him there, as I notice he is not yet totally in charge.

You should keep an ear to the ground, for any sign of a takeover by Larry, the unconverted evangelist. It may happen!

Brian Harris



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