Then we have these two little men…. the first was an old friend of Rodrick Meredith.

This man has been reported as informing everyone he had been buying I B M Stock with God’s excess tithe, explaining I B M stock is a good investment, and a safe place to keep it!

So, Mr. Ritenbau, please show how much of GOD’S HOLY TITHE MONEY you have sitting in IBM STOCK!

Shame on you for not spending this money to reach the AMERICAN AND BRITISH descendant peoples!

Display the Church Of The Great God’s Annual Financial Reports for the last five years, place these on your church website together with all other information requested in the By Formal Request Article?

Making this available upon request is a legal requirement in order to maintain your Tax Exempt status.

The Church Gossip Columnist

He was known as the Church Gossip columnist, having the scoop on everything going on in the Church years ago.

He first came to our attention as Mr. Meredith fed him occasional information which he wanted the Church community to know. And within a short time this guy was acting as the official Meredith Church spokesman!

Unfortunately for him, there was a parting of the ways.

But upon Mr. Meredith’s death, this little man jumped up, and began claiming the Meredith Mantle as his successor!

Not Accepted By The Church

This was not accepted by the Church, so now he claims to be a prophet, supposedly ordained by a Church of God minister. This does not happen in the Church of God as Prophets are not ordained.

I know the minister involved and can assure everyone that this honorable man would have nothing to do with this.

He has founded what he calls a Church of God and has gone around the world legally setting up a list of Nonprofits, and is collecting Tithes from some of the poorest people on earth, deceiving thousands of innocent people that he represents the true Church of God, he does not!

He writes reams and reams of jargon on one site in order to prove his intellectuality as does the leadership of the Catholic Church where he came from, but these are unconverted men lacking God’s Holy Spirit.

He Refers To Himself As Doctor

He refers to himself as Doctor. As you well know, Mr. Armstrong forbad the use of this term in the Church of God!

Yet he insists on using this vanity, attempting to set himself above the ministry of the Church of God.

To the innocent people in these countries where he is claiming church growth, I warn you to beware of this man, this is how false leaders entered into the first era of the Church of God!

Brian Harris



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