I recently listened to a sermon by Mr. John Ritenbau for the first time.

Here we have a classic case of intellect and brute force, devoid of God’s Spirit, controlling his audience!

You should have stayed with your welding business Mr. Ritenbau.

Another New Church Headquarters

This is another Church leader who has recently built himself a new Church Headquarters!

Are you not aware that quite possibly you and I, even at our advanced ages, will live to see our nations devastated by drought and famine! And by Nuclear Destruction of our cities! And in National Captivity???

Yet all of you M E N using God’s Name in your Great Church Titles, are spending God’s Holy Tithe on all that you and your families can enjoy!

And of course on your churches to keep members happily asleep, to keep the tithe money rolling in for another year!



This is a call to those under your control to WAKE UP to the fact that it is time to walk away from these church leaders who have cause the work of the Philadelphia Era to FAIL!

Where Are Your Tithes Being Spent?

Please inform everyone of the percentage of your Great Church income being spent on Radio and on Television?

This will quite simply determine if you are Philadelphian or Laodicean, whether you are obeying Jesus Christ in doing the Radio and Television work given to THE PHILADELPHIA ERA?

Still An I B M Stockholder?

This man has been reported as informing everyone he had been buying I B M Stock with God’s EXCESS Tithe, explaining that I B M stock is a good investment, and a safe place to keep it!

If true Mr. Ritenbau, please show everyone how much of GOD’S HOLY TITHE MONEY you have sitting in I B M STOCK!

Shame on you for not spending this money to reach the AMERICAN AND BRITISH descendant peoples with a last minute warning of the tragedy which is now beginning to strike them!

Display Great Church Financial Reports

Please display the Church Of The Great God’s Annual Financial Reports for the last five years, place these on your church website together with all other information requested in the ‘By Formal Request Article’ on the Church Page.

Making this available upon request is a legal requirement in order to maintain your Tax Exempt status.

“Go Prophesy Again”

In Revelation Chapter 10 Verse 11, those of the Philadelphia Era in this present generation are told by Jesus Christ to “Go Prophesy Again” just before our nations are destroyed, and the work of the Two Witnesses begins, recorded in Chapter 11.

Read these important scriptures, along with what He says to us in Matthew 25. These contain Christ’s instructions to those who are awake today in THE PHILADELPHIA ERA!

These are linking scriptures, telling us to organize ourselves into One awake Philadelphia Era Body of Jesus Christ, and to give the final WARNING prophecies to our nations!

These scriptures are written to y o u, if you are one of those who are awake in the Philadelphia Era today?

The Modern Day Media Way

Radio has become the most popular MEDIA once again, especially drive-time radio.

This is the modern day Media way to reach America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the world!

Listen to the 60 second Soundbites on the Homepage, made for Drive Time, and to run 24/7 on Radio and Television.

‘A Thousand Years Of World Peace’ ‘Massive Drought’ ‘God’s 7000 Year Plan’ ‘The Reason For Human Life’ ‘Truths Of God’s True Church’ ‘What Are God’s True Holy Days’ ‘EU Middle-East Invasion’ ‘The US And Britain In Prophecy’ ‘From Jerusalem To London’ ‘Beyond Brexit’ ‘A Warning For The Deutschlander’s’ ‘EU-German Nukes!’ and many more.

This is the way to reach this Nuclear Age generation!

Radio Now #1

Today, Twenty Percent more Millennials prefer Radio to Television.

Upon research, the largest Radio Network owner in the US controls Twelve Hundred stations!

With additional Radio networks in the US and Canada, and Network Television. These Will Be Made Available To Us!

You will not get this Nuclear Age Generation to watch Sunday Morning Religious Television!

But this is where most Church of God programming is offered today, on these cheap networks!

What a shame to represent Jesus Christ that way! This is because they refuse to spend God’s Tithe to reach the Hundreds of Millions in our nations on National Radio and Television Networks!

A last minute WARNING will go out from here! On perhaps a thousand Radio and Television Stations in the US and Canada, and possibly a thousand stations around the world!

We need to change our presentation in this 21st Century!

Sixty Second Advertising Spots

Advertising spots on Radio and Television are sold in 30 and 60 second increments in every major city. I have made these sixty second Soundbites specifically for this purpose.

Notice the neutral accent, sounding a little bit American, Canadian, British, Australian, having lived in each country, with a Scottish speech pattern, acceptable to everyone.

Do you think this can be done by an American Evangelist? To be quite honest the world does not want to listen to an American trying to tell them anything anymore. I am sorry to say.

This cannot be done using only a small fraction of GOD’S TITHE, as these church leaders are doing on a Sunday Morning. Using only 5.5% approx. of total income paid to Religious Networks by Living and even less by others!

We can make these Soundbites as numerous as the My Pillow ads on Radio and Television, given hundreds of free advertising spots when spending Millions!

Following In Their Footsteps

I am Nothing! Nobody! But I am also the owner of America And Britains Future.com, US-Britishfuture.com, GBFUTURE.CO.UK established to represent the Philadelphia Era of the Church of God in the 21st Century.

After associating for years with God’s Council of Elders, Mr. Raymond McNair, Mr. Debar Apparition, Mr. Roderic Meredith, and loyal Evangelists, Mr. Carl McNair, Mr. Dean Wilson, and Mr. Colin Adair, all now deceased. I am following in their footsteps.

My mission statement is to reach our nation’s and the world with the warning Jesus Christ wants them to have!

By putting the faithful Philadelphian Era Tithe payer’s contributions to proper use, to give the final WARNING Jesus Christ wants the Hundreds of Millions of people in our nations to receive!

We have Christ’s assurance that we will have time to do this in the short time remaining!

We Will Soon Stand Before God

As the Church of God, we will soon stand before Him to give account.

And it will be the Philadelphia Era of this generation, given the open door to finish the work of warning our nations, who must give account for our success or failure IN OUR GENERATION, TODAY!

These men will not change their Ten Percent Laodicean LUKEWARM MEDIA spending ways. I am sorry to say.

Play your part in uniting those awake of Philadelphia. Christ will tell you “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Let the truly awake Philadelphia Era members form new churches, you will be HALF of all in the Church of God groups.

And begin to support this Philadelphian Era work of God, so the Hundreds of Millions in our nations will receive the warning Jesus Christ wants them to have!

Visit the new AMERICA’S FUTURE.TV website featuring Thirty of the Sixty Second Soundbites made for Drive Time Radio and Television Advertising Spots!

I can be reached via the Contact Page on this website.

Brian Harris



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