Two hundred years of Czarist rule of Ukraine ended in March 1917, but an even harsher enemy was to oppress the Ukrainian people. Communism Russia inflicted mass-starvation costing the lives of up to seven million people!

Many who were starved to death had grown crops that were shipped out of the region to Russian cities. Then came the Nazi German starvation of the Ukrainian people during World War Two with two million deaths.

The wealth of Ukraine is again unfortunately detrimental to a peaceful existence.

The vast fertile farmlands of the region served as the breadbasket of the USSR and the discovery of oil and natural gas in Eastern Ukraine has made it a target for acquisition by both the Russian Federation and the European Union, already dependent on Russian oil and gas to fuel its industry and to heat European homes.

The Border Lands

The term Ukraina translates to ‘border region or borderlands.’ The earliest mention of the term was recorded in 1187 and referred to several fortified border regions. Ukraine maintained the name due to its defenses against the nomadic Tator’s in the south. Some medieval Latin maps use the term Marganalia.

Later South Western Russia, from eastern Podolia to Zapozhie was subordinated to the Polish Crown in 1569. Ukraine was further established throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries. From the 18th Century the region became known as ‘Little Russia.’

The E.U. Wants Ukrain

The courtship of Ukraine by the E.U. was intensified with the offer of a huge loan to help the nation’s development, Ukraines new President stated “it is interesting to note that the colors of the Ukrainian flag are similar to the flag of the E.U.” The intent behind this statement has not gone unnoticed by the Russian President.

The realization that Russia will not withdraw from Ukrainian territory may cause a negotiated autonomy for some parts of Eastern Ukraine, if not a ‘frozen state of war’ may exist as in other former satellite nations after the Russian invasion. Crimea containing the 250-year-old Russian naval base is already in Russian hands.

When we look at the measures Russia has gone to in Syria, in order to keep its only warm water naval facility, rented from the present Syrian government, we see what Ukraine could become if an early settlement is not achieved.

A Russian representative openly admitted in a speech to the U.N. that Russia had supplied large amounts of arms to Syria, continuing the misery for millions in that conflict.

NATO Staying Out

At the September 2014 meeting in Wales NATO refused to commit its forces to the Ukrainian struggle.

It is argued that having Ukraine join the NATO alliance would be similar to having Mexico invite the Russian military to establish bases along the U.S. Mexico border. Russia has been using Ukraine as a buffer state, in the same way the nation of Belgium forms a buffer between Germany and France.

We should not forget the lessons of the past. Only seventy-five years ago Russia suffered the deaths of twenty million people because of German aggression!

Today Germany again dominates Europe and the European Parliament rules over twenty-seven nations. A vote of only 376 out of the mainly socialist 700 plus members of the Parliament WILL BRING ANOTHER HITLER TO POWER!

NO VOTE is allowed by Europe’s almost 500 million people in the selection of European Presidents! It is NOT a democracy AND IT WILL BECOME ANOTHE GERMAN DICTATORSHIP!

German Opposition To Russia

The previous German Chancellor had taken the lead in dealing with Russia over Ukraine.

Germany has the most sophisticated armed forces in Europe, even before what they are calling the new ‘European Defense Force’ is completed combining the Armed Forces of Twenty Three participating European nation military build-up!

A future intended German Nuclear or other modern weapons attack against Russia will be planned as a repeat of history.

Russia has now modernized its weaponry in order to have a ‘First Strike’ capability to lay Germany and its allies waste if it feels threatened. And Russia will feel threatened when the Germany Army gets its hand on EU NUCLEAR WEAPONS which Germany has already agreed to pay for!!!!

Destruction Of American And British Cities

After witnessing the future German-led destruction and occupation of Britain and America, Russia will not hesitate to strike Germany in order to prevent another German invasion of Russia!

World History IS about to repeat itself one last time! See this outlined in the short ‘United States and Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ also ‘Germany In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the Library.

The B.R.I.C.K.S. Nations

The recent establishment of the B.R.I.C.S. international trade block including Russia, China, and India gives Russia a valuable source of support in order to withstand E.U. and U.S. sanctions and will in future provide a massive combined military machine! Larger than any force ever assembled in world history!

See details in ‘The B.R.I.C.S. Nations’ in Librarian’s Comments.

Rosh Prophecy ….

The prophecies written in Ezekiel 38 against Rosh, Gog and Magog also Mesheck and Tubal, relating to Russia and China, indicate that ALL nations are brought to obey the world-ruling government which God in Person will establish on earth.

This will end the possibility of the destruction of all life on the planet and will ensure world peace for all nations. This will include those suffering tremendous hardship in Ukraine.

May God protect each of you and provide all of your daily needs.

See ‘World Peace: How It Will Come’ and ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Library Page 1 also the quick Q&A, ‘The Coming… Wonderful World Tomorrow!’ on Library Page 4 of America And Britains Future Free Library.

See ‘Germany In Prophecy,’ on Page 1 and ‘The Mark and 666’ on Page 2 of the Free Library for scriptures concerning the coming ten militarized nations in Europe known as the ‘beast power’ in league with the Papacy!

As the POWERFUL EUROPEAN DICTATOR AND THE VATICAN make a final failed attempt to take control of the entire Western World, before God’s direct intervention! See ‘Only Time Will Tell’ in Librarian’s Comments.

A Historic Jewish Migration

A Jewish migration into central Europe is recorded in the ‘Austrian Chronicles,’ explained in 2nd Kings 18, 2nd Chr 32, Isa 36. The territories of the Jewish Khazarian Empire, 650 to 1016 spread from the Urals to Kiev.

This Empire may have been established even earlier. For those interested in the question of how an early Jewish presence first came to exist in central Europe 711-718, see Volume 2 of ‘The Compendium of True World History’ Ch 4 on Page 6 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.



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