Is your own favorite subject yourself? Seriously, it ought to be!

Time Magazine made a survey to learn which subject interested most readers. The result was a single page called “People,” was most read. The publishers of Time started a new magazine, called People. It grew almost instantly into a mass circulation in the millions

People are most interested in other people! But are you more interested in other people than in yourself?

Let’s talk about YOU!

What are you like? What is your life like? Is your life like most people’s? – only half awake to real possibilities for material success in this world – asleep to your real ultimate incredible potential – of what you may be, ultimately and spiritually?

Is your own favorite subject yourself? Seriously, it ought to be!

God had you born for a very great purpose. Any interest you may have in the lives of other people – whether celebrities, movie stars or great people in the world – cannot affect the purpose God has for YOUR LIFE.

And YOUR LIFE is of utmost importance to GOD! Only you can accomplish the purpose God has for your life.

People are so quick to appraise others, and so slow to judge themselves.

Which movie star will win the Oscar? Which man or woman ought to be the U.S. President? Who’s going to be “athlete of the year”?

Some movie stars end up suicides. Some presidential candidates wound up un-successful. All athletes become too old and on their way out of competition. Your interest in their lives won’t lift you to the ultimate supreme potential for which God had you born.

Of course you can derive inspiration, ideas and help from the lives of others. I did, after age 16, I became interested in the life of one of my favorite people – Benjamin Franklin. I read his autobiography. It gripped my interest. lt helped and inspired me. Even my own autobiography has interested a large number of people – and I hope helped many.

Also at age 16 a summer-vacation employer gave me ambition to make something of my life – to become a real success. Ambition is not only desire for accomplishment, it includes the application of the will to drive on to greater and continuous EFFORT!

I began working at it, driving myself on when it would have been easier to just let down and drift along. I was driving myself toward worldly materialistic success. 1 was 34 when I first learned something of the awesome spiritual potential ahead of me – if I applied myself toward that goal, which is God’s ultimate purpose for every human!

The cost was going to be very high in effort and application when it would be easier to just “let down,” in driving persistence in face of seemingly impossible obstacles.

I have lived a life of serving and giving instead of getting, in enduring criticism, opposition, almost every discouragement – yet, with faith in God driving on! I haven’t laid up any material goods or financial estate – but I have laid up unbelievable spiritual riches in happiness and spiritual accomplishments in a life to go on continuously for ever to be enjoyed throughout all eternity.

While talking about interest in the lives of people, what about yours? Is it like most people – half awake to your possibilities for material success?

Are you like most people today, un-aware of the purpose God has for you as your own ultimate potential? It is so overwhelming as to be almost beyond human belief – yet it’s REAL and it’s TRUE! If you would like to have understanding of this ultimate human potential, see ‘What Is Gods Purpose For Mankind’ on Page 4 and ‘In Training For Rulership’ on Page 5 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Consider now what YOUR life could be. You should be on a right diet, sufficient sleep and normal but not excessive exercise. You should be AWAKE to the real PURPOSE of human life – to become by development of good character, in the future world ruling FAMILY of God!

Study Gods laws to guide you in living Gods way, so you can develop Gods spiritual CHARACTER in your life.

Mr Herbert Armstrong ‘Youth’

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