Millions have been spent on books and movies based on the 2012 Mayan and Nostradamus prophecies. Billions have been paid throughout the centuries to churches who have written their own uninspired prophecies. Many have wrongly interpreted true bible prophecy leaving everyone skeptical.

God claims to have inspired the prophecies contained in the bible; predicting the end of man’s rule and the establishment of the world ruling Government of God right here on earth. This is taught by the one true church established by Jesus Christ in 31 AD. These scriptures are contained in ‘World Peace: How It Will Come‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

The prophecies given to Abraham of his descendants becoming 12 nations are included in the ‘United States and Britain in Prophecy‘. See also the extensive ‘America and Britain in Prophecy‘ proving our peoples ancient origins. Both titles give details of what is coming next in America And Britain’s Future.

The longest prophecy in the bible was written by Daniel – who was only given partial understanding of this. He was told to ‘seal the book until the time of the end’ of man’s rule when God must step in to preserve life on earth. See: ‘Middle East In Prophecy,’ on Page 1 of the Library, this gives an urgent warning to the world and to Israel! Few understand that Jesus Christ was a prophet, in Matthew 24 He accurately details our 21st Century!

Prophecy is not something to fear, it foretells a coming 1000 years of world peace and gives warning to those who are wise enough to believe God does exist and will step in at the last moment, when world leaders finally realize they have brought the world to the point of total destruction.

The Wonderful World Tomorrow, What It Will Be Like‘ featured on Page 1 of the Library gives the prophesied events following this time of world financial chaos and beyond the coming world wide upheaval explained in ‘Revelation Unveiled‘ on Library Page 3, after which ALL nations will finally live in peace and prosperity under the world ruling Government of God established on earth by Jesus Christ.


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