Twenty Additional Nations Apply to Join: THE B.R.I.C.S. NATIONS

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On Tuesday August 20th 2023, an important meeting of the B.R.I.C.S. Nations convened in South Africa with China’s Xa Ping in attendance, a speech by Vladimir Putin opened the proceedings in a video presentation. In addition to Xi Ping, the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, were […]

TO STARVE A PEOPLE: Why DROUGHT In America, Britain, Canada, and Australia?

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In the midst of massive prolonged drought, it is not unusual to suffer massive flooding destroying the food supply, and bringing no lasting benefit to the water supply. America, Britain, Canada, and Australia – your water supply is drying up! In 2023, very much like the same flooding weather conditions experienced in Eastern Australia over […]


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Speaking of the British exit from the German-controlled twenty-seven nation European Union, former German Chancellor Merkel stated: " Germany is now leading Europe and we will do great things…" Twenty Three E.U. Nations have now agreed to build what they are calling ‘The European Union Defense Force.’ Constructing The German-EU Force UNITS FROM TWENTY-THREE NATIONS […]


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Following the January 2020 US – Iran confrontation President Trump stated the US was completely energy self-sufficient, and Britain, Germany, Europe, and China, should become involved in safeguarding Middle-East oil supplies. A Japanese operated tanker had been attacked in the Gulf of Oman and Washington confirmed Iran was responsible. Japan was urged to join this […]


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Are most of us aware of what space-based weaponry is? The ability to carry nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction into space, then to achieve re-entry of multiple warheads from orbit less than 200 miles above U.S. and British major population centers, without warning and with no place to hide. This requires little nuclear […]

America And Britain In The Wonderful World Tomorrow

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The American and British people have enjoyed tremendous prosperity and success throughout the last two centuries, this appears to have been handed directly to them in comparison to all other nations. A small island nation suddenly finds itself ruling over the largest Empire the world has ever known! And just as suddenly the North American […]



My first recollection of seeing an Aussie sheep-dog so popular in the U.S. today was back in 1956 in Geelong, Victoria. I noticed a sheep farmer’s old 1930s model ‘ute’ utility vehicle, truck, coming down main street, and tucked in between the ‘bonnet’ hood and the old fashioned wing was a spotted sheepdog enjoying the […]

The TASMANIA, Australia Fire!


Jan 5. 2013 My sister in Tasmania, Australia, sent this report. The area that has been devastated is called the Tasman Peninsula – it is my 2nd home & about 90 mins drive from here. Many friends live down there & are stranded, not knowing if their houses have survived or not but we know […]


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Serious fires and flooding in New South Wales, and massive drought in Queensland Australia. Powerful fires raged in New South Wales beyond any human means of control during 2013. This has become an all too common experience for those living in endangered areas. It is difficult to grasp the force of an exploding eucalyptus forest […]

U.N. PROPOSAL ON JERUSALEM FAILS: What will happen next?

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The Swedish and the French gave their approval to a Palestinian State, this was followed by British support. The failure of the Arab Leagues’ proposal presented to the U.N. to have the Old City of Jerusalem become Palestine’s capital by 2016 was considered an attempt to make a bad situation worse at that time. The […]


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Two billion people watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine in 2011 and in July 2013 Catherine Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy, causing celebration on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world! He is George Alexander Louis, the Prince of Cambridge, third in line to the British throne. […]

Twenty Additional Nations Apply to Join: THE B.R.I.C.S. NATIONS

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On August 20th 2023 an important meeting of the B.R.I.C.S. Nations has convened in South Africa with Xa Ping in attendance, an opening speech by Vladimir Putin opened the proceedings via video presentation. The block already has 40% of the world’s population and is responsible for more than 30% of global economic output. More than […]


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TIME Magazine reported: All Major Australian Cities Threatened! One thousand homes had been lost in the State of New South Wales alone! By January 20′ populated areas are cut off and the number of deaths continues to rise! It was only the beginning of the summer fire season in Australia but because of severe drought […]

Obedience to The Food Laws Needed World Wide

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Regular visitors to this website may be surprised to learn that my second largest readership for years was in China, followed by South Korea! An epidemic was raging in China killing millions, where entire major cities had simply been locked down, badly affecting the dynamic Chinese economy, with the Chinese Premier warning that the situation […]


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