The Peace Arch, standing at the British Columbia, Canada, border with the United States bears the inscription ‘Children of a Common Mother.’ This border is regarded as the friendliest in the world, an excellent example to all nations! Most Americans, and the rest of the world love to visit Canada, with the city of Vancouver […]

NOT BLOWN AWAY: By Rocketman…

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I entered the theatre a few moments late but just in time to see a figure dressed in an exotic red Devil suit with a winding tail, bowling down a long hallway escaping a large waiting audience, bursting out into the street, and hurling himself into a Taxi Cab on the way to his first […]

Tattoos Are Taboo… But Why?

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It is reported that HALF of the present Millennial generation have been tattooed! So why not get at least one? Where did the idea that tattooing and piercing was wrong come from anyway? The only tattoo anyone would see was on the arm of a sailor, obtained overseas. Now tattooing in the United States has […]


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Were modern Christian practices and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ? Was December 25th the date of His birth, how did He command us to remember Him? What do symbols of fertility have to do with remembering Christ’s death and resurrection? Which annual celebrations were our ancestors commanded to keep “Forever In ALL of Our Generations?” […]

THE WAR OF 1812: Bicentennial Re-enactment In Ontario


Canadians who had helped repel several U.S. invasions in 1812 saw the war as their defining victory over U.S. aggression. This welded their bond as a separate British colony and began their struggle to self-rule achieved in 1864. It began as a U.S. Declaration of War, considered as ill-conceived and unsupported by many U.S. colonies. […]

Google: ‘The Origin Of Christmas’!

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On page one of Goggle listings on ‘Origin of Christmas’ we find the Dec. 25th celebration was taken from the ‘High Day’ of the Saturnalia Festival. The 7 days of revelry preceding and including this day culminated in human sacrifice to the SUN GOD in Roman cities! This ‘Winter Sun Worship’ festival originated in ancient […]


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