Controversy stirred during the Conference on Global Warming in Copenhagen in 2010 when in the final meetings the U.S. financial commitment to the ‘Green Bank’ was increased from $3 Billion to $30 Billion.

In the 2015 Paris meeting, this was raised by Mr. Obama to 90 Billion annually by 2020. This may be the reason for the turnout of thousands of delegates from one hundred and ninety-six countries attending in Paris.

Their newfound loyalty to protect the world’s environment may have been encouraged by the opportunity to get cash from the US, all seeking another American handout even as the giant U.S. national debt headed for 20 Trillion dollars! Now in 2021 nearing 30 Trillion!

Distribution Of Wealth Linked To Global Warming

Presently there are still some who argue there is no serious variation in global temperatures and that this is simply another form of wealth distribution from the have to the have not nations.

It is reported that information has been compiled on every farm and village in the underdeveloped third world, who will begin receiving checks from the Green Bank to buy clean air credits from these nonpolluting farmers and small businesses, this will be paid mainly by American industry, already beleaguered by heavy penalties.

China And India Exempted!

b> China and India have been excluded from being in compliance with regulations and from making payments already undertaken by the US although the US is already way ahead of industrialized nations on environmental issues.

President Trump canceled membership saving the US multiple Billions but with the new administration having rejoined the American Taxpayer will foot the bill once more.

The Planet Definitely Under Siege

Witness the present destruction of the massive South American forested area which no one can stop! This area produces one-third of the world’s clean air!

The soil content is so limited that within a short time the invading army of farmers must move on to continue the denuding of these millions of acres!

See ‘Drought, Flood And Famine’ on Page 1 of the Library to learn the history of mankind’s destruction of the earth’s farmlands and how to begin its restoration.

Learn how our planet will be restored in ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow What It Will Be Like,’ discover some of the hidden effects of global pollution in ‘Our Polluted Planet’ on Page 3 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Few Question Global Pollution

Few question the fact that there is a global pollution problem. Those living in England, as I did during the 1960’s and 70’s, have experienced what remained after Britain’s industrial expansion.

The tall smokestacks belching out huge tonnage of illness causing pollutants over densely populated cities. The smoke-laden fogs, similar to those experienced in Chinese industrial cities today, the giant slag heaps and the deserted canals dug to move huge tonnage of goods.

Soot from coal is still the main cause of wide spread pollution found even in the polar snowpack, 40% of all energy produced in the US was from coal, where strict penalties have been imposed causing the destruction of the coal industry in some states. It is estimated it will cost 1 Billion dollars to make US coal plants clean burning.

China opens three new polluting coal burning power plants each week and India is following this example, making the western world’s efforts almost null and void.

Green Energy

Green energy will account for around 4% to 12% of US energy production in the foreseeable future. The U.S. solar panel industry was destroyed years ago by the import of cheap systems from China, with panels disintegrate faster than the better-built quality US product.

Some ‘windmill’ production has not been hooked up to the national grid because of being built in locations not readily accessible to the grid. And as was found in the 2021 Texas winter freeze these were shut down by the ice!

In the Western states, the protection of the eagle has been totally ignored for the sake of producing a comparatively few kilowatt-hours, as these magnificent birds die in large number flying in to these windmills.

Cheap Oil And Natural Gas

A glut of cheap oil and natural gas existed because of declining world industrial production caused by economic instability, some called this ‘The New Normal’ believing lower carbon pollution would follow lower cleaner growth.

The incredible weight of the average ‘three times national debt to GDP’ ratio of most industrial nations today causes serious threat to the already shaky world economy, now laden with additional environmental laws.

An Admirable Attempt

The Paris meeting appears to be an admirable attempt to fix the problem, but with China and India refusing to implement any changes in their fossil fuel use for decades and with all nations compliance made only on a voluntary basis with no worldwide enforcement policy, little can be done to reduce carbon emissions.

Missing The Point!

America And Britains Future Free Library deals with the most serious issues concerning our nation’s future existence and world survival, which includes giving the real reasons for EXTREME WEATHER, as a warning of the times we are now living in!

See these weather conditions described in Matthew 24, with the ‘sea and the waves raging.’ Much of the upset in the weather can be seen as representing a WARNING that we are nearing the time of great world upheaval.

See the articles on the MASSIVE DROUGHT conditions in the US and Australia the bread baskets of the world today!

World weather upheaval is also a WARNING of God’s rising dissatisfaction with the way the nations have rebelled against living by his laws, including the way we grow our crops, cash cropping with huge amounts of artificial fertilizer quadrupling the original sixty bushels per acre of healthy unpolluted grains.

Now we are near to having a one in four cancer rate in the US. There is a direct connection with cancer and the polluted food we eat!

YES, we are in serious trouble with extreme weather, and should begin asking God to intervene to preserve our planet! You will not see the delegates to the Cop Meetings asking God for this, and they will not begin to implement the instructions given to halt existing conditions.

It is now seen as ignorance to refer to even the possibility of God’s existence! And so after suffering from extreme weather, including massive drought, our world will soon be threatened with a THIRD WORLD WAR for much the same reason, believe it or not!

The Earth Finally Restored

The restoration of our planet has already been assured, and soon we will enter a one thousand year period of world peace on this earth!

World crisis will be resigned to a distant past, our planet will be restored to its original beauty, our populations will be replenished, our cities rebuilt and our nation’s wealth will be restored.

But in the near future, we are to suffer harsh correction for IGNORING THE LAWS GOD GAVE TO PRESERVE OUR PLANET!

Have confidence in the future and rely on the one true God. His plan which you probably have not had explained before is given throughout the America And Britains Future Free Library as your guide through the troubled times ahead.

Learn how climate change will be corrected in ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow What It Will Be Like,’ discover some of the hidden effects of pollution in ‘Our Polluted Planet’ on Page 3 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.



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