Foreign dignitaries eulogized Shimone Perez at the burial of this Israeli elder statesman who died in his ninety-third year. Born in Vishnyeva, Belarus in 1923, he suffered the tragic loss of both parents in their brutal murders at the hands of the Nazis during the Holocaust. Mr. Perez moved to the British-mandated Palestine in 1932 and was the last of the Founding Fathers of the modern state of Israel to die.

During his long life, he established Israel’s defenses. In Israel’s war of independence in 1948, he was briefly in charge of the Navy, as well as military weapon’s procurement and helped establish aircraft manufacturing in Israel. In 1950 he established Israel’s Nuclear Weapons program, and then sought to establish a lasting peace, becoming a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Twice Prime Minister

He became Prime Minister for the first time in 1977 and again in 1984, and for a third time in 1995. He became Prime Minister for the fourth and final time in 2007 and retired from politics in 2014.

In 2010 as Israels Prime Minister he came to the U.S., with former Defense Minister Ehud Barak to voice their willingness to negotiate peace with the Palestinians, “Even if it takes painful decisions to get rid of this problem forever. It is clearly time to make a decision between politics and history, nothing is beyond human capacity to solve,” Ehud Barak.

As Prime Minister, Shimon Perez stated, “an agreement should be made through direct negotiations and not by an imposition.” But, the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas who attended his friend’s funeral, was unable to bring the hostile factions on the West Bank to allow him to pursue the peace process.

One Personal Regret

According to a college professor friend, one important requirement which he craved but felt was not forthcoming was an outward display of love toward him from the Israeli people. Apparently, because of his particular personality, he appeared somewhat aloof and detached from the average person.

This is often true of those who find it necessary to push against the tide, in order to sail the ship of state. I am reminded of Sir Winston Churchill, who after leading Britain through World War Two said, “History will be kinder to me because I intend to write it!”

In one televised interview Mr. Peres had the interviewer taste a fig from a nearby tree and made a scriptural reference to a time ‘when ALL will sit under their own fig tree and enjoy the fruit thereof.’ He had helped bring this condition about in the modern state of Israel, but this prophecy actually refers to a time yet ahead, when the entire world- ALL NATIONS- will enjoy this condition.

Today the names of Israeli cities are painted on Iranian missiles and the Iranian nuclear program is still underway!

Arab League-European Push For Palestinian State

Attempts continue to force the ‘imposition of peace’ which this Lion of Judah has foreseen and has WARNED against his nation’s acceptance of!

An Arab League proposals at the U.N. have been rejected by U.S. vetos against an ongoing effort to allow the establishment of a Palestinian State. But for the first time the Swedish Parliament followed by the French and the British Parliaments, gave their approval for a Palestinian State to be negotiated.

The Arab League’s proposals included the demand that the old city of Jerusalem should become the Palestinian capital, this has been considered an attempt to make a bad situation worse in relation to the ongoing security of Jerusalem, with regard to terror attacks.


There has been a proposal allowing Israel greater access to European markets with perhaps associate membership in the E.U. and allowing Jerusalem to become the Capital of both States with an Israeli and a Palestinian Mayor and Vatican mediation between the two. The Vatican has received control of most Christian sites and has been given land to build a facility which may become a second Vatican in Jerusalem.

In mid-2014 the head of the Roman Catholic Church on a visit to Israel, summoned the Prime Ministers of both sides to the Vatican for meetings and prayers, both attended. This is an indicator of what lies ahead.

The Vatican will be instrumental in making the agreement and in mediating between the two sides but Papal involvement will prove treacherous for those in Jerusalem and to the independence of Israel!

The sticking point will be over who controls Jerusalem. The Palestinians demand the Old City as their capital, Israel claims Jerusalem as their perpetual capital. Handing over the Old City to allow future attacks on Israel would be the last straw in losing Israel’s security. This will be countered with the allowance of German-EU-UN troops in the City! Believe it or not.


Prophecy indicates European-Vatican involvement, with European troops on the ground in Jerusalem, becoming occupiers! Zechariah 14:2 is a DUAL prophecy relating to Jerusalem at this time, which says “HALF the City shall be taken” occupied by German- EU and perhaps UN forces.

Many do not realize that German officers and German troops play a leading roll in NATO and that the Command Headquarters for the new ‘One Nation European Armed Forces’ will be controlled by Germany.


The Vatican will also want access to the NEW TEMPLE, which will become the greatest issue of all!!!

Talks have been proceeding between Jewish Rabbis, Muslim Clerics influenced by a distinguished Islamic scholar, and ‘a so-called prophet’ in the person of the head of the Catholic church, to allow the construction of a Third Temple.

See the Virtual Reality walk through of the proposed temple on Page 5 of the America And Britains Future Podcasts section on the Home Page.

Prophecy indicates a relocation of the Papacy from Rome to Jerusalem OCCUPYING THE TEMPLE, shortly before GODS PERSONAL INTERVENTION ending World War Three and saving human life from extinction by preventing a Global Nuclear Winter!

To learn what lies ahead and how ALL nations will be greatly affect, be sure to study the short ‘Middle East in Prophecy’ and ‘Germany in Prophecy’ also ‘World Peace: How It Will Come’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.



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