I thought I knew the state of the world and that nothing more would shock me. I wasn’t looking for any more statistics, but a brief report on the hourly news on radio from the City of Los Angeles took my breath away! And this has remained on my mind for several weeks.

I have previously written about the three American men to one women ratio suicides which is shocking enough, but the recently reported fact that the greatest cause of the death of children aged ten to thirteen in the city of Los Angeles is SUICIDE, has completely shocked and saddened me!

Difficult To Understand

It is difficult to understand how a child’s mind can develop such mental anxiety and the feeling of total hopelessness, that they would contemplate such an action or how they could bring themselves to commit the act!

In the previous article found in Librarians Comments I mentioned the fifty-percent American divorce rate, with the husband often losing seventy percent of his income for years to come, along with losing his home, now resigned to live in a rented room, and with the loss of much of his time previously spent with his young family, as the cause of this.

The destruction of the family, with young children deeply attached to a parent now missing from the home can cause such emotional anguish, and is often the root cause of dragging a child or teenager down.

What a complete and utter tragedy when they should not be dealing with this trauma affecting their young lives!

This feeling of fear is also gripping college entry teens, with almost thirty percent of these now stating mental trauma as their reason for not applying for college.

Even very young children are feeling similar effects. Recently one of the Sesame Street characters asked “how are you doing out there” and was flooded with responses stating their unhappiness!

Why All Of This Tension In The Air?

When looking at this stressed out world, we can easily be convinced that each one of us is to blame, and will be fully responsible for a tragic outcome.

Church leaders continue to place ‘believers’ on a perpetual guilt trip of sin in their lives, while the psychologists tell us that our wrong choices have brought us to this crisis point!

If this is so, then how does this explain suicides amongst young children? They did not create this spirit of fear and guilt, and they were not born with it. So how does it enter a child’s mind?

This is being broadcast, just like a radio broadcast, to everyone around the world!

Six Thousand Years of Chaos

It is not only in these fast moving overpopulated U.S. cities that tensions are mounting.

This negativity being broadcast has led to the fifty percent divorce rate, and is causing these suicides, it continues to cause conflicts within nations, and national confrontations that leads to wars.

It will lead the nations to the outbreak of Nuclear World War Three, to begin in this Nuclear Age Generation!


God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan

Just as the seven day week gave us six days to work and the seventh day to rest, to recover from the mental and physical stress, the same is coming after six thousand years of human history.

The next one thousand years of peace and safety will begin by the end of this Nuclear Age Generation. The broadcasting of fear, stress, and depression will be ended!


See ‘How The World Suppressed God’s 7000 Year Plan’ on Page 2 of the Library, and ‘Why Were You Born?’ on Page 3, also ‘The Coming Wonderful World Tomorrow!’ on Page 4.

The cause of this mental stress and depression, world chaos and confusion will be gone!

Begin learning of the One Thousand Years of coming World Peace in the America And Britains Future Free Library, and become a part of the solution to this world’s problems.


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