I thought I knew the state of the world and nothing more would surprise me. I was not looking for any more statistics, but a brief radio report on the hourly news from Los Angeles shocked me, and has remained on my mind.

I have previously written about the three men to one women ratio suicides which is shocking enough, but the recently reported fact that the greatest cause of death of children aged ten to thirteen is SUICIDE in the city of Los Angeles, has completely shocked and saddened me!

Difficult To Understand

It is difficult to understand how a child’s mind can develop such anxiety and the feeling of total hopelessness and fear, that they would contemplate such an action, or how they could bring themselves to commit the act!

In the previous article found in Librarians Comments I mentioned the fifty-percent American divorce rate, with the husband often losing seventy percent of his income for years, along with losing his home, being forced to live in a rented room, and losing out on time spent with his young family in the home, as the cause of suicide.

The destruction of the family has caused all kinds of childhood problems, and has caused children and teenagers to feel old before their time!

What a complete and utter tragedy when they should not be dealing with this affecting their young lives!

A Feeling Of Fear

Recently one of the Sesame Street characters asked “how are you doing out there” and was flooded with responses from very young children stating their unhappiness!

A feeling of fear is also gripping college entry teens, with almost thirty percent of these now stating mental trauma as their reason for not applying for college.

Why All This Tension In The Air?

When looking at this stressed out world, we can begin to believe that we are all to blame, and are totally responsible.

Church leaders perpetual the guilt trip of sin in our lives, while psychologists tell us that wrong choices have brought us to this crisis point!

If both are correct, how does this explain preteen suicides? These children did not create this guilt trip, and they were not born with it. So how do these thoughts enter a child’s mind?

This same spirit has caused conflict between parents leading to the fifty percent divorce rate causing adult suicides.

This same spirit of fear and confusion is the cause of suicide in these very young lives being lost!

There Is A Spirit World

This same spirit is being broadcast, just like a radio broadcast, to every nation causing conflicts that will soon lead to a major world conflict, involving this Nuclear Age Generation.

But a very real all powerful God who really does exist, and is in total control, will save this world alive, and will begin the first One Thousand Years of total World Peace here on the earth!

Six Thousand Years of Chaos

This will not be an easy transition, it will come following six thousand years of chaos, following the destruction of virtually everything we know and take for granted today, as the one who was given control attempts to destroy all life.

The intention will be to return a dead planet to the God who created everything we see here on earth today.

The first One Thousand Years of World Peace will begin by God bringing an abrupt end to the outbreak of Nuclear War.

The powerful spirit being causing all world conflict will have his power removed, and will be banished from the earth.

God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan

Soon each of us will enjoy ‘a portion of God’s spirit of peace’, finally causing a peaceful world in which to live!


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Learn of the soon coming One Thousand Years of World Peace throughout the America And Britains Future Library.


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