America and Britain have exercised control over two-thirds the wealth of the world. Has our individuality and our wealth caused our American Exceptionalism? The answer to this is NO!

More importantly, we have had MORAL AUTHORITY over the populations of the American continent and the British Commonwealth of nations, more than two billion people today.

Our Moral Principals

Our moral principles which are now disappearing fast came to us from the practice of ‘Judeo-Christian Ethics’ and however poorly administered, our moral integrity gave us our AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM and the British equivalent.

The Legislature and the courts of New York State and California, as well as other States, have in this generation overturned time tested laws on moral behavior.

Our highest courts in America and Britain, Canada, Australia, and in the Western and North Western European nations, ALL the descendants of ancient Israel, have passed laws over 40 years doing away with the influence of God’s Law in our nation’s affairs.

Some legislators have allowed their intellectual vanity to dismiss the presence of God, believing only in the deceptive principle of ‘Social Justice,’ having rightly rejected the teaching of a false form of christianity devised by unconverted men and taught through history!

Both sides in the battle over God fail to give thought to any fear of correction by this Family of Powerful Beings who really do exist.

But this serious correction has already begun!

Now Blatantly Breaking God’s Law

Please understand that it was not by chance that America and Britain were given control over TWO-THIRDS the wealth of the entire world and that here in the U.S., 7% of the world’s population enjoy 40% of the world’s wealth!

God exacts correction on us for law breaking by a three step series of events.

1 TERROR, 2 DROUGHT AND FAMINE, 3 WAR and or MILITARY DEFEAT! Read of this explained to our ancestors, and to the American and British peoples of today. Google, Leviticus 26 verses 14 to 40. Understand that history does repeat itself, this process is known as DUALITY in prophecy.

That which happened to 5 million of our ancestors long ago will be repeated with 5 hundred million of their descendants here in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the democracies of Western and North-Western Europe, Ireland, and in the modern State of Israel.

Our ancestors migrated from the Caucus Mountain region 2500 years ago after suffering just such a tragic military defeat in Israel and went into National Captivity!

This is why we are regarded as Caucasians today.

Our historians have traced our ancestors back to that region, but did not go even further back to find that the ancestors of the German’s who led the Assyrian Empire literally dragged our ancestors out of their promised land because they had reached the same state of degeneration as many in America and Britain have reached today!

Why Were Our Nations Given So Much?

America and Britain received their wealth as a promise given long ago before Israels earliest existence as a nation, because of their forefather’s obedience to living by God’s laws but we also are bound by the same promise of obedience.

Are the basic laws of God archaic and obsolete or in keeping them did God guarantee future prosperity and protection for each generation, with our nations gaining respect around the world displaying AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM by our acknowledgment of God’s existence?

See the eye opening information on the rewards for every individual or family and nations who will begin living by ‘The Ten Commandments.’ Also ‘Does God Exist‘ and ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like‘ also ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ all on Library Page 1 and ‘Coming: A NEW AGE‘ found on Library Page 2 for an exciting look into your future. All in the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Let us take serious WARNING to turn our laws and our lives around and to learn God’s true way of life, so that we can for the first time begin to truly live UNDER GOD to avert the national tragedies looming in America and Britain’s Future!



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