My first recollection of seeing an Aussie sheep-dog so popular in the U.S. today was back in 1956 in Geelong, Victoria.

I noticed a sheep farmer’s old 1930s model ‘ute’ utility vehicle, truck, coming down main street, and tucked in between the ‘bonnet’ hood and the old fashioned wing was a spotted sheepdog enjoying the view from its vantage point.

The Collies with the wild colors belonged to the Basks who were sheep farmers in the Catalonia region of Spain. That area was occupied by those who came from the Caucasus after being freed from Assyrian captivity, also known as Celts, some of the scattered Israelites.

You may have noticed their attempts to break away from Spain over the years. Many there may still be scattered Israelites.

Adelaide and Geelong

We lived for a short time in the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia before moving to the state of Victoria, where, following the tradition of the early pioneers we pitched our tent at Lara Lakes, while my two elder brothers framed up our first home on a 30 plot sub-divide purchased by my father.

Having unknowingly drawn the attention of local residents whose Grandparents had settled there in similar fashion over a hundred now a hundred and fifty to sixty years earlier.

We were offered a home rent free, but my Dad with his pioneer spirit, declined the generous offer deciding to rough it for a few months.

He had been a successful contractor for many years in Northern Ireland completing 52 homes in 52 weeks in 1955 before we took the four week boat trip to Australia the following year. He later built homes in Highton, another suburb of Geelong.

Melbourne, Sidney, And Perth

We visited Melbourne, and Sydney, driving over the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and visited the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia with a Mediterranean climate and black swans on the river. We also caught the Fremantle Express!

Sorry to hear ‘Dad and Dave’ have been retired from the radio, I’m sure ‘The Flying Doctor’ is still operating even if Dave is no longer “A Big Diligent Operator.”

‘The Archers’ are also gone from British radio. Like these and many memories of Australia I will not forget the time we spent there. Unfortunately, my father’s health began to decline and he returned the family to the old country before his death 3 years later.

American And Canadian Sympathies

The people of Australia have our deepest sympathies over the deaths and destruction during the fires and flooding in 2009 and the 100-year flood in 2012 and again in 2013 and subsequent tragedies since then in this beautiful but sometimes difficult climatic region of the world.

My youngest sister lives in Tasmania, see her report on the dramatic survival of her friends in the Tasmania fire.

The Australian spirit is envied by many Americans who see the country as ‘The Last Frontier.’ I have heard Australians call it ‘The Big Equalizer.’ Both are true.

Australia was one of the few countries not to purchase the Triple-A U.S. investments which caused the worldwide financial crisis. The ‘Lucky Country.’

Mistreated By China

I realize you have been through a lot in the last few years mistreated badly by China. We have allowed ourselves to become reliant on nations who do not hold the same values of ‘FAIR PLAY’ that we were raised with!

These are the beginning of the days described in Bible prophecy as the ‘Times of The Gentiles’ and ‘The Times Of Jacob-Israel’s Troubles’ when God will allow foreign nations to afflict our nations for a short while in order to bring us back to holding a deep respect for Him and His Laws once more!

May our punishment be speedy and ended soon by God’s personal intervention saving a remnant of His Australian people alive and bringing our British and Australian peoples back together in our original location in Israel as He has promised to do.

May a loving God protect you and yours. I love you Australia.


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