Written during reports coming in of fires threatening Sidney, Australia!

CONDITIONS CONTINUE TO WORSEN! With fires threatening the outskirts of Sidney!

PLEASE ask God to protect our beloved Australians from the one hundred ruinous fires now raging in New South Wales.

With air quality in Sidney and in Brisbane, 450 miles away worse than Beijing, China! And fires are burning in Victoria.

Early December 2019

Reports are coming in that five of the one hundred fires burning have joined together to form one giant inferno in an area north of Sidney. The size of the fire now encompasses an area as large as the City of Sidney itself, which contains several million people!

Lives have been lost and homes destroyed with no end in sight following the worst drought conditions with little rainfall in three years causing extreme dried-out conditions!

So many fires burning made air quality much worse for residents of the States of New South Wales, and Queensland!

Listening In

I listened in with Fiona Willie on ABC radio. Google abc.au. They were warning residents in some areas that it is no longer safe to leave and to protect themselves in their present location.

A Car Is NOT A Safe Place

Warning that a car is not a safe place during a fire, but if necessary to protect your life park your vehicle in an open area pointed towards the fire, get below the window level and cover yourself with a wool blanket until the sound of the fire has passed! This is STILL the reality of the present most serious situation.

From what I could see in the video reports dried up grass fires were burning throughout a large area driven by high winds hop-scotching from property to property, causing a nightmare for residents just as this does in California with much loss of life and property!

Don’t Be A Sticky Beak

Someone was warning “don’t be a ‘Sticky Beak’ by driving into the fire area to see what’s going on” please take this warning seriously. I haven’t heard that expression for a very long time since I was a boy in school in Geelong, Victoria.

My prayers are with you tonight Australia.



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