TIME Magazine reported: All Major Australian Cities Threatened!

One thousand homes had been lost in the State of New South Wales alone! By January 20′ populated areas are cut off and the number of deaths continues to rise!

It was only the beginning of the summer fire season in Australia but because of severe drought in this vulnerable region of the world, the situation was already out of control in several States.

The fires began in Queensland and New South Wales, where by late December the outskirts of Sidney was threatened!

Air Quality In Sidney

Air quality in Sidney, Australias largest city was being compared with that of Beijing, China because of the intense smoke which had hung over the city for weeks.

The City of Adelaide in South Australia where my family arrived from the British Isles in the late 1950s was threatened, and the State of Victoria had fires burning with thousands of holidaymakers having to be rescued by ship. Fires were also reported burning in the State of Tasmania.

I printed a report made years ago by my sister who lives in a volatile area near the city of Hobart, Tasmania, telling the amazing story of survival by her friends living in a beach community with no way of escape!

They were forced to stand in the ocean for hours saving their families lives by holding their children in chest-deep water with fires raging along the nearby tree line!

Californians Suffer With You

As Californians who lost everything in recent Northern California fires will confirm, it is impossible to fight these fires.

My son drove back to Southern California from Southern Oregon having to drive through one hundred miles of smoke as the fires still raged in Northern C.A.

Unlike The British Isles

Unlike in the British Isles where homes are brick-built, homes in Australia, Canada, and the US are wood-framed structures, once this construction begins to burn, within a few minutes almost nothing can be done to prevent the loss of these homes.

Especially with the strong winds which carry these fires, entire neighborhoods can be lost in a short space of time!

P L E A S E ask God to protect our beloved Australians from the 2021 fire season!

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