I wish to play my small part in informing the Australian, American, Canadian, British, New Zealand people, and the rest of the world, of the threatened destruction of one of the few remaining Rainforests on earth.

We can no longer allow what remains of our Rainforests to be turned into WOOD CHIPS to feed China’s Industry!

The air you breathe depends on what remains of these old growth forests, now quickly disappearing without regard!

Tasmania’s Tarkine

Tasmania’s Tarkine Rainforest covers 500,000 hectares on this beautiful, practical unspoiled island State of Australia.

This is now under very real attack, by a huge Chinese owned Australian Mining Corporation, and with their expanded intrusion into the forest will come its ultimate almost total destruction!

Just as Presidential preservation of millions of acres in America’s National Parks ended their destruction, the Tarkine Rainforest should now be permanently protected by Australian Government, before this ruthless destruction spreads.

Please read future reports directly from Tasmania at Fernfoundation.com.

The following article recently appeared in the Australian press:

There’s Going To Be A Huge Fight To Save The Tarkine Rainforest From The Chinese!

Esteemed Australian journalist Charles Wooley will be returning to television screens for an urgent report on the Seven Network’s esteemed news program, 7NEWS Spotlight.

Scheduled to air at 8.30 pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7 plus, Former 60 Minutes presenter Charles Wooley takes viewers into the heart of Tasmania’s breathtaking Tarkine Rainforest to expose a looming threat from mining activities. It may be possible to find this on YouTube.

Nicknamed ‘Australia’s Amazon’, the Tarkine Rainforest is a testament to the planet’s ancient beginnings. This magnificent Tasmanian treasure spreads across a massive 500,000 hectares of mountains and waterways, housing unique and invaluable biodiversity.

It remains one of the few places where such diverse ecosystems persist. Yet, a shadow of concern has been cast over its future due to the aggressive expansion plans of Chinese-owned mining company MMG.

This issue strikes a deeply personal chord for Wooley, a Tasmanian local with fond memories of trout fishing in the Tarkine since his childhood.

The veteran reporter passionately amplifies the imminent danger facing the rainforest’s ecological integrity due to mining pursuits.

In a bid to save this last piece of primeval giant forest, Wooley appeals to the Australian government to step in and preserve the Tarkine.

Tasmania still has an ancient rainforest that has long since disappeared from most of the world.

I grew up in such a place. Yet, in my lifetime, much of it has vanished, often reduced to wood chips! Says Wooley.

Tarkine’s half-million hector primeval giant forest, stunning rivers and mountains has miraculously survived, until now.”


Wooley emphasises the urgency to “witness and protect this last inspiring temperate rainforest” before it’s too late!

Dubbing the battle to save the Tarkine as potentially “Australia’s next Franklin River.”

“Charles Wooley is a master of storytelling. His heartfelt and informed narrative about ‘Australia’s Amazon’ brings attention to a hidden and majestic part of Tasmania that requires urgent protection.”

Tune into the 7NEWS Spotlight at 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus for this groundbreaking report…. end.

Sorry I don’t have the publication this appeared in, I will post it if it is made available to me.

Please see the first article posted on this vital subject, with future updates at Fernfoundation.com.

There is more than one Fernfoundation, please go to Fernfoundation.com.


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