Just when you would agree the creation was complete, with the many islands of the Pacific and the vastness of the Australian continent, God decided to give the world one more small paradise containing every climate zone.

He placed it in the care of those who would sail to the ends of the earth to find it and help preserve its beauty, nestled there under the Southern Cross.

There must have been an awful lot of Ulster-Scots migrate early to the North Island because it was originally named New Ulster.

We were fortunate to have someone visit from the South Island of New Zealand a few years ago. So far I have not been there but would love to go as would many others. The economy is stable and has been attracting new businesses from around the world. My elder sister was a school teacher in New Zealand.

Our concern was raised during the tragic earthquakes in the City of Christ Church, my sympathies to those who suffered that tremendous upheaval and continued danger of more earthquakes. We had cracks in the plaster of our home in San Diego from so far regular minor quakes, close to a major fault line.

That Great Company Of Nations

My wife’s English great grandfather, Sutton, was a crew member aboard the old sailing ships carrying passengers and supplies to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and watched men keel hauled in a ruthless attempt to maintain discipline on those very long voyages. He was 98 years old when relating this to me. Her grandfather, Say, carried shrapnel in his chest from the World War One trenches.

These were the men who claimed and defended the lands which were given to fulfill the promises God had made to Abraham of his descendants becoming a ‘Great Nation and a Commonwealth of Nations.’

These promises are fulfilled in YOU Australia, New Zealand and Canada and in the old colonial families forgotten in India, China, and in Africa so in danger there today, and in other nation’s around the world.

A time is coming, after a world wide time of greater tragedy when all of Britain’s descendants will be unites and will live in peace and security.

The Long Haul

We spent seven weeks traveling from England to and from Australia providing me with eye opening visits to many countries which still live in abject poverty today! We made the voyage in comparative luxury aboard the P&O, H.M.S. Himalaya and the S.S. Orsova on our 26,000 mile round trip, and can’t imagine what months of hard work at sea on a small heavily laden sailing ship would have been like 150 years ago!

Be sure to read of your nation’s future as God humbles our peoples in order to begin an even greater work in us, in even greater service to the entire world! See the ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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