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Finally, Prime Minister Cameron has been forced to allow the voice of the British people to be heard in the form of the upcoming in-or-out referendum on Britain’s continued E.U. membership. How could this affect the nation?

If Cameron and the powers that be in Britain cannot achieve a similar outcome to their divide and conquer tactics used to keep the Scot’s in Great Britain during that national referendum of Twenty Fifteen, then Britain could be in for trouble!

Even those who want Britain out, say they will still need to do business as usual with the E.U. to prosper. But will the powers that control the European Parliament allow this to happen if the British people vote to leave? Britain may be in for a SHOCK!

The growing number of Britain’s population who feel they have been “ripped off for long enough” may hold the feathers edge majority vote in the referendum, now scheduled for June 23rd of this year. David Cameron is urging the British people to “go out and vote” fearing that the nation could “sleep walk out of Europe.”

The U.S. President Intervenes

President Obama, to the displeasure of many in Britain arrived in the U.K. in late April to voice his concern and told the British people in a joint press conference with Mr. Cameron that if Brexit does occur, then “Britain will go to the back of the queue in order to get a trade deal with the U.S.” as his government is presently negotiating their own deal with the E.U. and will not give Britain priority if they leave!

This was Mr. Obama’s attempt to twist the arms of the British voters. But the British people have now become acutely aware of the nation’s loss of sovereignty, with seventy percent of British law now dictated by the E.U. And as the Mayor of London has said in genuine criticism of the President, “the American people would not stand for any loss of their sovereignty!”

I lived in Britain forty-five years ago, when the seven nation European Common Market finally allowed British entry, charging Britain a large annual fee for the privilege. This has now risen to fifty million British pounds per day!

In addition, Britain was forced to sever historic trading ties with their own British Commonwealth of nations, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada, who had provided the British Isles with much of its raw materials and even more importantly its food supply. The world dominant British navy was formed to protect those vital trade routes.

The size of the British navy has been reduced to that of Japans, but with a much older fleet. They were forced to sell one of two newly built aircraft carriers and to slow down the recommended two percent of GDP for military spending because of the nations crippling debt crisis.

Now Britain’s sixty-three million people are dependent on Europe for thirty percent of their daily food supply and Britain is depending on Europe to continue to take forty-two percent of British exports.

Special Status for Britain?

Mr. Cameron’s dealings with the German Chancellor, who controls E.U. negations has in his opinion achieved a “Special Status for Britain” to remain in the ever growing ‘One Nation Europe.’

Germany’s financial and political strength also reaches into all twenty-eight member nations containing half a billion European citizenry, with many more smaller states working to qualify for E.U. membership.

While in the union the great British debt has grown way beyond its Gross Domestic Product, forcing the government to borrow just to pay the owed interest. Britain has accumulated more debt than Greece, Spain, Portugal or Italy, and has underwritten much of the Greek debt! These E.U. nations are known as the laid back Club Med because they are located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Many warn of a financial collapse if the referendum takes Britain out, while others argue that staying in could continue to impoverish the nation. A disruption of the forty-two percent of exports to Europe would cause an even worse financial crisis. But a slowdown or even a halt to shipments of food from Europe would cause serious problems!

Will The European Parliament Retaliate?

I caught the end of an interview with one of the older more mature German bankers, who warned that those in Britain who feel it will be ‘business as usual’ between British Corporations and the individual European nations who buy top quality specialized product from Britain, “may be SHOCKED to receive the emotional response” which he believes “will come from the majority of the European Parliament,” who already resent being lectured on democracy by British MEP’s.

The vast majority of the seven hundred and fifty members of the E.U. Parliament could vote to completely cut off ALL trade with Britain! There is little or no love in the European Parliament for the British!

Each of the other European member nations are only seven percent dependent on sales to Britain. But Britain’s dependence on Europe for thirty percent of its food supply to feed the sixty three million British population is a great danger!

Here Is A Warning

This may be the time of the fulfillment of prophecy, which says that Britain – descended from Ephraim the grand son of a man named Israel – at this time in their almost one thousand year history in the British Isles is FAST ASLEEP, even as their Prime Minister has warned the nation, oblivious to the ‘treachery’ that a German led Europe will pose to the future survival of the British people!

Through history, starvation has been used as a weapon.

Fulfilling Prophecy?

It may still be a little early, but the stage is now set with the existence of a United Europe and the European Parliament, for a prophesied strong leader who will be given control. This will be so easily done under the present rules for appointing European Presidents selected by the German Chancellor and the unelected European Commission and ratified by the Parliament without a vote of the people!

The Euro Bank is based in Germany, the new European Armed Forces Command Centre planned to control all twenty-eight E.U. nations armed forces will be in German hands! And it is Germany not Britain who calls the shots in Europe.

Even though Britain’s main reason for membership was to ensure that democracy would prevail in Europe over German domination Britain has lost this battle and is prophesied soon to lose the next war against a German led group of TEN European nations!

But for Britain’s sake, there is a very real God who will prevail, preserving what will remain of the British and American people! See ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany in Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library also see the Podcast section on the Home Page for more on this vital subject.



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