Written Pre-Brexit

On June 23rd the British people voted in a national referendum to leave the European Union, the following day a jubilant Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party and a seventeen year British representative to the 750 member European Parliament, proclaimed “Independence Day For Britain.”

Immediately world markets began to slide, down by six hundred points in one day in the U.S. The British Pound fell to a twenty-eight year low and within days the rating agency Standard & Poor’s had reduced Britain’s Triple-A credit rating to AA, which will cost the British Government more than the standard two percent to borrow the money needed to pay the interest on the huge British national debt.

Initial Three Months Delay

Prime Minister Cameron announced his resignation and informed the nation that his successor would be implementing the necessary legal action to begin Britain’s exit from the EU but not until after the party conference to be held in three month’s time, rather than immediately. It actually took one year before Article 50 was presented to the President of the European Commission.

Boris Johnston the former Mayor of London shocked his supporters during what was thought to be his acceptance speech as the front runner for the PM’s position by refusing to run. Why did the lovable Boris, who lept into the position of leader of the British drive to leave the EU just as suddenly decide not to run for Prime Minister?

Could it be that he was leaving the position to someone perhaps more willing to compromise on Brexit, not being prepared to lead his parties continued effort to have Britain remain IN the EU by later calling for a second referendum?

Seeking Compromise Perhaps In Second Referendum?

If a petition which collected three million signatures within a few days after the referendum had reached the necessary ten million during the long delay before Article 50 of EU law was triggered, the new Prime Minister would have had the option to hold a second referendum.

Alarms are now being sounded that Britain’s leaders, fearful of an economic collapse are seeking a way to reverse the will of the more than one million majority of mainly working-class voters who tipped the scales sending economic shock waves around the world! There is talk of ‘A SOFT BREXIT’ or perhaps ‘ASSOCIATE EU MEMBERSHIP’ basically keeping Britain in the European Union against the wishes of the majority vote.

If an attempt is made to force another referendum on the nation, a general election may be called by the existing government in order to demonstrate the majority will of the people to permit this. Mr. Farage may be forced to fight again as leader of the United Kingdom Independent Party, this time to lead the nation in its post-EU era if a national crisis occurs.

In order for Mr. Farage to become Prime Minister, a general election would be necessary with himself at the head of the party. As after his loss in previous British elections for the British Parliament, he once again resigned his partys leadership following his Brexit victory but had been forced to resume the leadership position with the resignation of Dian James, sighting leadership difficulties. Mr. Farage retains his M.E.P. position in the European Parliament.

Now Overly Dependent on Europe

There is little understanding of how much the nation now relies on Europe for millions of jobs and much more, as their leaders for the first time in British history have made the economic collapse of Britain possible by over-dependence on trade with Europe.

Today British industry and Britain’s economy depends on the EU to accept a massive ‘FORTY TWO PERCENT’ of British manufactured goods, and even more shockingly Britain is dependent on the EU to ship ‘THIRTY PERCENT’ of the British populations daily food supply from European nations to the British Isles!

German-British Prophecy

DUALITY in prophecy, which continues to occur in German-British relations warns the British leadership that they are right now faced with a situation where they must go to Germany “cap in hand” asking the German Chancellor who controls the decision making process in the European Parliament, to please save the British economy by NOT CUTTING OFF BRITISH TRADE!

The European Parliament, fearing the loss of EU control over several member nations, has warned that they will “slam the door” on Britain if the Brexit vote were to succeeded!

The German Chancellor had said “no need to be nasty” to Britain but Germany’s attitude has changed as they are forced to lead a shrinking more militaristic Europe, perhaps blaming the British for beginning the disillusion of the German dream to control all of Europe! And in time they will use their newfound European military strength against Britain and America to achieve that goal!

Last Attempts To Stay In?

A huge demonstration took place in London on July 2nd by some of the sixty percent in that area who voted to remain in Europe, no doubt demanding a second referendum.

So far the former Prime Minister and Theresa May, chosen as Mr. Cameron’s replacement on July 13th have both said this will not happen. But Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May, both devoted Europeans, and no doubt in fear of a national economic catastrophe are looking for a way to keep Britain in the European Union’s good graces.

Nigel Farage warned the nation that “it will be necessary to ensure Brexit happens!”

In late August, speaking in AUSTRIA the President of the European Commission which writes all European law and has forced the change of SEVENTY PERCENT of British law, has stated his belief that “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

” In the concentration of globalization and European problems, we must not lose our way. We have to FIGHT against NATIONALISM. We have the duty not to follow populists, but to BLOCK the avenue of populists.” No longer allowing the right for every European Nation to maintain its own sovereignty! In other words a complete takeover of all of Europe!!!

In response, on behalf of Britain’s Prime Minister, who was in favor of remaining in the EU before the Brexit vote, it was stated that “You have heard the Prime Minister talk about the views of the British people expressed in the referendum. The British people think that borders are important, having more control over our borders is important, and that is an issue we will need to address.” But in actual fact, Mrs. May is leaving the door open to allow massive EU immigration to Britain!

Altering The British Way Of Life!

The EU Parliament has already made it clear that in order to get a new trade deal with them the borders of Britain’s already over populated island must remain open to European immigrants.

This is something the vast majority of the British people are strongly opposed to with three hundred thousand mainly Eastern European semi-skilled workers arriving in the country each year plus an estimated additional two hundred thousand illegals!

The appearance of British villages and towns have already been altered for the worse by the invasion of large groups of impoverished immigrants wandering the narrow streets as they take advantage of British unemployment and welfare benefit. Crime has risen sharply and the safety of local residents is constantly threatened.

In addition, the settlement of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees now poses a similar threat to these local communities. A personal example of this is in the area of Wiltshire where my mother-in-law has lived for over eighty years and where THOUSANDS of Syrian’s are now in the process of being settled! This will totally destroy this small-town British way of life so much admired by the rest of the world for centuries!

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