The Peace Arch, standing at the British Columbia, Canada, border with the United States bears the inscription ‘Children of a Common Mother.’ This border is regarded as the friendliest in the world, an excellent example to all nations!

Most Americans, and the rest of the world love to visit Canada, with the city of Vancouver situated on its West Coast.

Spectacular Vancouver!

The view over the City of Vancouver and the mainland-coast is absolutely spectacular!

As is the ferry ride through the Gulf Islands part of the Trans-Canada Highway, sailing from the port of Tsawwassen to Sidney on Vancouver Island on your way to visit Victoria, British Columbia’s Capital.

Victoria’s Inner Harbor

Apart from the many attractions in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, you will enjoy visiting Victoria’s Inner Harbor. With the British Columbia Parliament Building and the adjacent majestic Empress Hotel!

You may wish to enjoy afternoon tea in this very grand Hotel, a very rememberal experience, quite expensive with a dress code, but perhaps not enforced today. Something to see on your Vancouver Island visit!

Living on The Island

We had the pleasure of living on the Island, where I built homes on the Saanich Peninsula with its beautiful scenic drive, close to the City of Victoria.

My son Steve proposed to Emily his beautiful bride to be in Victoria, giving her a Canadian diamond engagement ring! Each Canadian diamond has a visible maple leaf engraved into the stone.

Drive Through The Rockies

If you wish to travel further you could make the drive from British Columbia to Calgary, in the province of Alberta. Making the drive through the great Rocky Mountains with each of these famous mountains signed along the way.

Enjoy visiting the town of Banff, with another majestic Hotel and its magnificent glacier.

This chain of Hotels were built along the great Canadian Pacific Railway, where you could stop off and rest on the long journey by train, traveling across almost three thousand miles of Canada.

Perhaps you can plan your visit at the same time as the famous Calgary Stampead Rodeo, we enjoyed two visits!

Read The History

Read the interesting reason why Canada became a part of the British Empire, now the British Commonwealth of Nations, in the short ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy,’ in the America And British Future Free Library.

See ‘THE WAR OF 1812 BICENTENNIAL: Re-enacted In Ontario’ article on this page of the Canada Category.

Be sure to visit Canada on your next vacation, a beautiful Country of very friendly hospitable people.


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