Successful conservationist’s efforts over the years have slowed the destruction logging companies were causing, but their over-success by not allowing proper forest management has allowed the buildup of so much brush in the forested areas which is now fuels out of control catastrophe in America and Australia!

I’m sure these disasters will now be used to curtail the efforts of these groups in the future handing back control to logging companies. But even Native Australians managed the build-up of brush by controlled burning in the winter months throughout the centuries!

Clear Cutting!

Of course logging companies will overstretch their permission to log as they did in Oregon where I lived for years and saw the ‘clear-cutting ruins’ from the air as I flew from Portland to LA on occasions.

The logging companies left an area of trees growing in sight of freeway traffic BUT a half-mile or so from the Interstate 5 Freeway everything was Clear-Cut with NOTHING LEFT of old growth!

Conservationist’s there endangered the lives of Lumber Jacks by driving nails into the tree trunks SPIKING trees scheduled to be felled back then.

Some Success

Some success has been achieved in proper forest management in Oregon, I hope it lasts and that NO ONE allows their ‘human nature’ to control what then becomes a nightmare for humans and the creatures of the forest alike!

They showed a rescued Koala on a San Diego CA News Cast with all four legs burned, thousands of animals are lost in every one of these fires! Did these people consider this when they shut down the forests for decades?


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