In 2018 the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump came to DAVOS. Although unpopular with E.U. leaders, world business loves him!

The Wall Street Journal quotes the president: “I am here today to represent the interests of the American people, and to affirm America’s friendship and partnership in building a better world,” Mr. Trump told a packed hall of about 1,600 at the World Wide Forum.

“He talked up the U.S. economy and said, “there has never been a better time” for business to invest in the country.

The President explained that: “‘America First’ does not mean America alone,” striking a largely reconciliatory tone after what has at times been strained relations between the U.S. and its key global allies and trading partners.

Summits Began

The Davos Summits began in 1971 as a vehicle to promote European Integration. Today 2,500 world political, economic, and philanthropic leaders gather in an attempt to further the peace, economic stability, good health, and human rights of the world.

Although the Alpine setting lends itself to a relaxed peaceful forum the world’s troubles are carried to Davos.

The condition of the European economy and the survival of the European currency became the main topic of the 2015 conference. The announcement of the European Central Bank’s stimulus package raised stock markets around the world temporarily at least.

But as one ECB board member warned, unless the 15 member nations of the Euro Zone enact the recommended reforms it was feared that the 1.1 Billion Euro stimulus offered to the member banks would not be enough to stimulate growth.

E.U. Exports Continued Decline

The amount of E.U. world share of exported GDP has continually declined over the life of the European Union and the U.S. economic recovery will further hamper the strength of the Euro. Frustrating as this is to the Chancellor, Germany will be prepared to pay much more in order to maintain its achievements in taking economic and political control of Europe.

Maintaining the Euro is a German intention, as is the creation of a Euro Armed Forces by the end of 2025!

The building of a European Nuclear Arsenal from the French and if still possible from the British Nuclear stockpile is also a German intent! And as has been reported Germany is prepared to pay to have German hands on Nuclear Weapons!

This is even though they have not been prepared to pay their 2% share of maintaining NATO forces, and Germany still refuses to fix the Fifty Million a year imbalance in German-US trade annually!

When pressed by the President on this at the 2017 NATO meeting, the German Chancellor was reported to have replied: “the German people would not like that!”

Britain Going to Germany

Germany has a $30 billion trade imbalance with Britain which should also be corrected! This has not been discussed however as the British Brexit negotiators struggle to appease the German Chancellors E.U. negotiations.

You may remember former Prime Minister Cameron had to go to the German Chancellor when attempting to secure ‘a better deal’ to keep Britain in the E.U. This is the power now wielded by Germany in Europe, and with a European Army, it may become impossible for any further departures!

As the E.U. President Jon-Claud Junker appointed by the German Chancellor stated before the E.U. Army announcement: “We do not want any more Brexit’s!”

Chinas Rise To World Power

Since China’s rise to power, the Japanese economy was forced to suffer the loss of U.S. orders going to China and developed a 200% to GDP debt ratio! Twice that of the U.S. at the time.

They were forced to start down the road of cheapening the Yen by their own Quantitative Easing program, something previous Japanese governments had refused to be a part of.

The statement made by the Japanese Prime Minister at the 2014 conference, that “Japanese-Chinese relations today are similar to British-German relations before the beginning of World War One” brought the fear of full-scale military aggression to DAVOS.

King Abdullah Of Jordan

King Abdullah of Jordan joined the 2,600 in attendance at the Economic Summit since 2013, and has recently commented on the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, stating “We will agree to differ.”

The Kingdom of Jordan has maintained a consistent stabilizing influence in the region as the King endeavors to supply humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of displaced families from the ongoing conflicts in the Middle-East.

Of interest to the King would be the contents of the article in Librarian’s Comments titled ‘So, Who Goes In: To Bring Middle East Stability.’

As this tells of a future German-E.U. invasion of several Middle Eastern nations in the not too distant future. This would be of interest to all heads of State in the Middle East, as would be ‘Middle East In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the Library.

This is a warning to them, to prepare for a European aggression into almost all Middle Eastern nations except for Jordan.


During the previous ‘Save the Euro crisis,’ the British government, upon German insistence, was forced to pour 50 Billion Pounds into E.U. coffers through British loans to the International Monetary Fund, bolstering the strength of the Euro, even though Britain does not use the European currency!

This forced the British government to borrow more than 60 Billion, in order to cover the loan and to pay interest on their spiraling national debt, and to sustain the British welfare state, as well as to pay the Fifty Million Pounds per day E.U. membership fee.

British P.M. Threatens: Negotiate Or We Leave

Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron quickly gained attention at Davos In 2014, with the announcement of a necessary renegotiation of Britain’s terms for continued E.U. membership.

When Cameron announced his threat to leave, the retort from many E.U. representatives was, “rather than the British attempting to renegotiate their terms, they should simply decide if they are IN OR OUT.”

A French representative stated, “We will roll out the red carpet for the British departure.” Britain and America are equally hated by many European Parliament MEP’s.

Another Word On Brexit…

The E.U. had demanded as much as One Hundred Billion Pounds, settling for 53 Billion plus additional years contributions as long as Brexit negotiations last. This 53 Billion amount will conveniently pay for the current E.U. budget shortfall of a reported 50 Billion Euros!

Where will Britain get this 53 Billion? They will borrow against their good credit because they have still been able to pay the interest on their ever-increasing debt, by borrowing the money to pay the 25 interest rate of course!

It is no wonder the German industrialists call Britain “TREASURE ISLAND” because they benefit from purchases of the major share of the 850,000 automobiles imported into Britain every year as well as many other products.

They are urging the Chancellor and the negotiators to make a deal with Britain.

And all of this before negotiations of a new trade deal begin!

Will Britain Walk Away?

Britain may simply walk away from the negotiating table, believing that trade with the E.U. would then be based on World Trade Organization rules.

However, the European Parliament could refuse this TERMINATING ALL TRADE with Britain. This would cause mass-unemployment in Britain, as 42% of British oversees trade is done with the E.U.

Even more worrying is Britain’s reliance on the 30% supply of Britain’s daily FOOD SUPPLY from Europe!

It looks like a final trade deal may be proposed allowing the 30 Billion trade imbalance with the E.U. to continue, but British banking which clears two Billion Euros each day may be seriously curtailed.

Bankers And Billionaires

Bankers, including the astute Jamie Dimond head of Chase Manhattan along with 18 Billionaires from the U.S., 17 from India and 9 from Russia and Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev were in attendance at Davos.

The Fear Of German Domination

The main reason for British membership in the E.U. came from the British and U.S. realization that without British democratic influence, Europe would once again become dominated by GERMANY.

This has now become an undeniable reality even with British involvement!


Watch while Europe under German leadership builds a Nuclear Arsenal large enough to destroy British and American major industrial and population centers and military defenses, and then strikes with German military precision. Believe it or not, it is coming!

To know the outcome of Britain’s dealings with Germany and the TEN nations who will support Germany’s future military aggression against Britain and America, be sure to see the short ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Our Future Depends On This!

America and Britain’s future survival depends upon our leader’s returning our major institutions to those Judeo-Christian ethics upon which our nation’s laws were based, and on the good or bad example we set the world from now on, NOT on trade or political alliances!

But today these laws have been cast aside in changes our governments have made over 40 years, removing God’s law from our legal systems after more than EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS of Britain’s existence!

The farther our political leaders, and educators and clergy lead our people away from God’s law, the less successful they will be in negotiations with Europe and in maintaining the British economy in prosperity!

Britain’s Scottish Prime Ministers

It is interesting to note so many of Scottish descent becoming Prime Ministers of Britain over recent decades, three in succession.

Blair, Brown, and Cameron. It is unfortunate to find these men have chosen ‘not to retain the laws of God’ in their terms in office, which were so well taught over the centuries in Scotland.

The British and American leadership needs to be aware of Germany’s future treachery against our nations, and to quickly restore true scriptural values once again to British and American law!

Our correction is coming fast now, please mark these words!

Drought On The Way!

Britain’s underground water supply which provides 80% of the nations drinking water is down and in 2016 rivers were lowering threatening fish stocks.

The U.S. prolonged drought affected more than 62% of the nation’s croplands and threatens to return. The same is happening in Australia.

Prophecy foretells a massive drought with lack of drinking water and with no water to keep our massive cities supplied with water for sanitation purposes, resulting in a serious spread of disease killing millions!

See the ‘Drought’ article in Librarian’s Comments and ‘Drought, Flood And Famine’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

More Treachery To Come From Germany

German-E.U. relations with Britain and America will become more and more treacherous! Learn why Germany has fought Two World Wars against Britain and America, with even worse harsh correction ahead for our nations.

See ‘Germany In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Meanwhile, A Good Time Was Had By All At Davos….!

As usual, during the DAVOS meetings, a good time was had by all!

In the overflowing hotels where rooms are at a premium, going for 2 to 3 times the normal rate, one hotel reported the sale of 1000 bottles of CHAMPAGNE during the Summit, with 1,700 private jets flying in VIP’s.


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