The Irish are a proud and cultured people with perhaps the oldest history in Western Europe.

It is recorded that the tribe of Dan led three tribes of Israel out of Egypt, and settled on the coast of Israel. It is also recorded that ‘Dan lived in ships.’Later occupying a second area in northern Israel. See any bible map.

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Since The Time Of The Exodus

Since the time of the Exodus descendants of Dan also colonized Ireland, although the colonies failed at first.

These great seafarers brought King Solomon his wealth from the islands of the North Atlantic and from the African coast, including the peacocks which graced his palace.

A golden eagle was wrapped around the bows of their fleet, and as they went under full sail it was recorded that it appeared as though ‘they sailed on Eagle’s Wings.’

Israel’s Captivity And Dispersal

When the vast Assyrian Empire invaded Israel, those of Dan left their coastal location escaping the captivity and sailed to the Iberian Peninsula and then succeeded in occupying Erin’s Isle.

The Danites’ living inland later emerged from their captivity between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, part of Northern Turkey today. They migrated with the rest of the ten northern tribes of Israel across Europe, becoming known as the Kelts or Celts, meaning ‘milky white skinned peoples.’

They left the name of Dan as landmarks, such as the Dan-ube, river of Dan. And on their new homeland Dan’s mark.

They also became the feared seafaring Vikings. And knowing they were the same people as those in Erin’s Isle, meaning Bountiful Land, they took control of Ireland, and Elba- Scotland today, and Ellan Vannin, today’s Isle of Man, where they established the ‘Tynwald’ Parliament more than One Thousand Years ago.

This oldest Parliament in Europe was established on a hillside and still exists today on the Isle of Man, where I lived for seven years.

A Yearning To Be FREE!

It is no wonder the Irish people struggled for so long to have an independent nation. Although those in Ireland were the same original people as their Danish occupiers, domination by anyone is against the national characteristics which God gave Dan, the Irish and the Danish people.

My father named me after the last High King of Ireland Brian Boru, Brian spelt with an i, the Irish way.

The name Dan in the Hebrew or Den in Gallic means Judge, and there have been thousands of Irish judges in the judicial systems of Ireland, Britain, Australia, and in all levels of law enforcement in the United States.

England’s Catholic And Protestant King’s

Several Protestant kings of England chose to defend their throne by fighting on Irish soil against returning former Catholic Kings of England, who had abdicated to France and later returned to mainly Catholic Ireland in order to raise an army to take back the British throne.

By doing so each King pitted the Ulster Protestants and the Irish Catholics against one-an-other taking advantage of the common man! And of course, the Vatican’s struggle to control all of Ireland continues in the Twenty First Century, after losing control of England to Protestantism.


Is it any wonder that this strange relationship exists between the Irish, the Ulster Scots and the English, with two million of the Irish people living in England?

Still the hatred against the British is maintained in the minds of Irish Catholics, stirred by the Catholic Priests who refuse to teach the true historic roots of the Irish people being members of the same family as the English, both blood relatives to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whose name was changed to Israel!

The people of Ireland have been the pawns of Church and State, Catholic and Protestant.

As Good Europeans

Bible prophecy, which is superior to Catholic Church authority, indicates that because of the way the Irish have been dominated over the centuries by the church and mistreated by the English, that when the opportunity for revenge is presented, Southern Ireland will submit to pressure as being good Europeans.

They will allow the European Military invasion of Britain and Northern Ireland through the South of Ireland! Recently, the Irish law of neutrality was done away to allow European Armed Forces to enter Ireland!>

This will be allowed, only to find that Ireland as one of the descendant nations of Israel will also be placed under European military occupation, called for by the Vatican controlling the European Beast Power.

Much More To Learn

Much more can be written on this subject but fortunately, this has been well covered by Raymond McNair in his lengthy’America And Britain In Prophecy‘ and be sure to read the important short ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy for an overview, the longer version of this is also available.

Please be sure to read my favorite, the short ‘From Jerusalem to London‘ telling the story of the descendants of King David’s Royal lineage being brought to Ireland. Find these on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Good News At Last For The Irish People!

The one true Church of God was established in Jerusalem and NOT in Rome, by Jesus Christ with the Apostle Peter, who did not become the first Pope! Read ‘The Apostle Peter Did Not Become The First Pope’ found in the Irish Category.

Branches of the one true Church of God were founded in Ireland by some of the original Apostles, who were sent by Christ “to the lost sheep of Israel”. The so-called St. Patrick was sent there by the Vatican, bringing Catholicism from Rome to Ireland, weakening and abusing the Irish people!

Be sure to read ‘The Truth About St. Patrick’ in the Irish Category. He did not represent the true Church of God! He was not an Irishman at all.

The True Church In The 21st. Century

The first true Church of God in modern history in Ireland was established in Belfast, and was the first Church Of God in the British isles with a family atmosphere, which was always a characteristic of true Church of God gatherings.

Unfortunately they have had their tithe money taken out of Ireland over decades, with only Ten Percent (10%) of this paid to Radio and Television Networks to give a warning to the British Isles and to the people of Ireland!

The remaining Ninety Percent (90%) is being spent within the various Splinter Groups! All of God’s precious Tithe money gone year after year, with no WARNING work being done! Shame on these Laodicean minded men in charge!

Re-founding Of The Church In Ireland

Soon the Philadelphia Era of the true Church of God is to be re-founded in Ireland, Those of the Philadelphia Era please save your tithe money, so that a strong warning can be presented to the people of Northern and Southern Ireland and the British Isles!

It is totally correct for you to begin helping me give WARNING to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

Today it is possible for the first time to buy substantial coverage on Radio and Television in Britain and Ireland! Previously it was impossible to purchase Radio or TV time to warn the British people.

We need to be able to spend enough money to blanket these islands 24/7 as the American expression goes, to give a WARNING and the Good News of the soon coming ‘One Thousand Years Of World Peace’.

Soon World War Three will begin, with Gernan-EU Nuclear Attacks on America and Britain!

This will be a time when no man can work.

Brian Harris

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