You may remember the ROOTS television series tracing the history of the African American population back to their original homeland.

Those of Jewish, Arabic or Persian descent can accurately trace their heritage, those of Chinese, or Mexican descent can usually trace their origin to their home province. But when it comes to the 70% of the U.S. population known as Caucasian, only half the story of their origin and migration is generally known!

Where Did The Caucasian’s Originate?

The original location of the Caucasian people is supposed to have been the area around the Caucus mountains in northern Turkey and between the Black and Caspian seas. Unfortunately, our historians did not take the time to trace our roots back just a few hundred years earlier!

Bible history reveals the original homeland of the peoples who populate the British Isles and Ireland as well as the nations of Western and North-Western Europe, and now the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to have been the land of ancient Israel!

They had been removed from there, in a national captivity after continually breaking the laws they had agreed to live by, just as our nations are doing today!

They were taken out of their ‘promised land’ and went into national captivity and were settled between the Caucasus mountain range and the Caspian sea, during a time of national captivity by the Assyrian Empire. Germany of today.

This is the reason those of Anglo Saxon-Celtic origin in the U.S. are known as Caucasian today and also why a similar defeat and captivity is coming upon the U.S. and British descendant peoples in the near future.

Why Take The Time To Find Out?

Why should we take the time to discover our ROOTS? Because the Caucasian – Anglo- Saxons – sons of Isaac – the Brit-ish ‘birthright-peoples’ promise of wealth was passed on to the British and American descendant peoples.

Identifying them as those chosen to set the world the right example of living by God’s laws and receiving this great inheritance for doing so!

We are able to display all these riches as a fulfilled promise to one of our ancestors as a reward for his obedience to God and to motivate the nation’s to behave in similar fashion so they too can prosper by obedience to God.

Prophecy For Our Good

Bible prophecy for today gives us our nation’s immediate future, which can enable us to avert a national tragedy!

But unfortunately, America and the British nation’s, like ancient Israel have rebelled against God. Our laws which were based upon Judeo-Christian ethics for hundreds of years have been rewritten, writing God’s law and therefore writing God out of our nations lives.

A National punishment is required for such bad behavior and it is on the way, coming in the near future with drought and famine in our lands and with disease and then with an attack “from afar” as the scripture says. From the nation God had given the dubious task of exacting punishment upon our ancient ancestors and upon us.

Germany is now in charge of the European continent and is building long-range rockets and wanting Nuclear Weapons. And when they have them, and they will, they will destroy our cities and our defenses and we will go into a national captivity until freed from it upon Christ’s return three and one-half years later. Believe it or not!

Coming One Thousand Years Of World Peace!

Soon EVERY NATION will enjoy the same degree of wealth and prosperity given to America and Britain, but in the meantime, there is a period of correction ahead for the entire world, a time of humbling before we are ready to fulfill the next phase of God’s plan for ALL NATIONS.

Learn of the awesome future ahead for EVERYONE. See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow – What it will be like’ on Page 1 and the Q&A ‘Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Page 4 of the Library.

Learn of the original location of those who became the English, Scot’s, Welsh, and French, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Icelandic peoples.

Learn of the peoples of Ireland and Denmark, Dans-mark, Dan being one of the 12 sons of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, as well as the origins of all others making up the diversity of our world’s population.

See ‘The Compendium of True World History – Volumes 1&2’ on Page 6 of the Library for your origin. And for the briefest summary of the origins of the Caucasian peoples see ‘Where Are The Twelve Nations Of Israel Located‘ and ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy,’

For a very interesting short study see ‘Where Did The 12 Apostles Go‘ well worth reading! Also the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy‘ all on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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