The award-winning movie ‘The Theory Of Everything’ tells the story of scientist Stephen Hawking.

His Quote: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something, why the universe exists, why we exist?”

“It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper.” He also stated: “ONE CANNOT PROVE That God Does Not Exist, but science makes God unnecessary”?

Isaac Newton said, “Gravity may put the planets into motion but without divine power, it could never put them into such a circulatory motion as they have around the sun.”

“And therefore, this as well as other reasons, I am compelled to ascribe the framing of this system to an intelligent agent.” So, who is right?

Einstein And Darwin

Albert Einstein believed in a form of orderly intelligence. Charles Darwin’s studies influenced our society away from any proven knowledge of God’s existence.

In his book Hawking and his assistant writer Leonard Module attempted to do the same, supposedly leaving the ‘educated’ to finally advance our society to a place where the ignorance of obedience to an outdated collection of laws and fears can finally be done away.

Catholic And Protestant Teaching

Unfortunately, the distorted sentimental image of God which the world has had presented through Catholic and Protestant teaching and art could persuade any educated thinking person to reject this false concept of God. And cause you to overlook the many conclusive proofs that higher intelligence does exist.

Apart from gravity, the living laws which evolutionary theorists and even churches today seek to abolish had kept our society safe and free from decay.

Society and the world are now on the brink of reverting back to a very primitive dark place, and it will take a much more powerful force to save us from our own self-destruction!

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Can You Believe BOTH the Bible AND Evolution?
Ch. 1 What Evolutionists Say
Ch. 2 What Is “Theistic Evolution”?
Ch. 3 Differences Between the Two Teachings
Ch. 4 The God of the Bible
Ch. 5 What Evolutionists Say
Ch. 6 No Room for God
Ch. 7 Theistic CREATION

Today, many claim “You can believe both The Bible and evolution.” Theologians often teach that you can believe BOTH saying evolution was Gods’ method of creation.

Chapter 1: What Evolutionists Say

A Well-Known theologian stated, “Theologians today tend to believe that man descended from more than one ancestral species.” Another claimed, “We have gotten rid of Adam and paradise.” A Belgian ecclesiastical authority added, “The words ‘Adam and Eve’ have no relevance for me.” 

These, and a dozen other top European theologians presented their summary of modern religious understanding of Genesis 1 in the following terms:  “‘Adam and Eve’ is a literary device used by the Hebrew editors of the Book of Genesis to symbolize the first human being or beings.”

“Man became ‘man’ when he emerged from a previous form of biped and developed reason and conscience. Where and how he first appeared is up to scientists to discover, not theologians” (Newsweek). 

No wonder “theistic evolution” is so popular! The theologians have surrendered without even studying the facts! 

Chapter Two: What Is “Theistic Evolution”?

Evolution teaches that the first life upon earth came by some form of progressive “spontaneous generation,” perhaps two to three billion years ago. Thus, evolution is the theory that LIFE sprang from DEAD MATTER – that living came from non-living – and proceeded on an ever more complex chain of life up to man.

THEISTIC evolution results from trying to fit this evolutionary concept into the Bible account of creation. 

A number of assumptions are made about the Bible, creation and the theory of evolution. The first assumption is that the Bible could NOT be taken literally. The second assumption is that the Bible could not be totally accurate. The third assumption is that everything in the evolutionary theory IS accurate! 

From these three totally unwarranted assumptions many theologians, scientists and laymen alike assume that “Adam and Eve” refer to perhaps a pair of amino acids, amoebae, or, at best, ape-like primates.

They allow God to have created something originally. But they teach that God then walked off into the universe and allowed evolution and natural selection to bring the earth and life upon it to its present state. “God merely used evolution as a process of creation,” theistic evolutionists claim.  

Multiple millions of churchgoing people actually believe in some combination of evolution and creation. Does such a combination of totally opposite accounts really make sense when fully analyzed? 

Chapter Three: Differences Between the Two Teachings

Can the two teachings be combined? Let us see what each teaches. 

First the Bible teaches Adam a perfectly created human (Genesis 1:26-31. I Cor. 15:45), was the first ancestor of all men. Evolution teaches that a one-celled amoeba-like creature is the common ancestor of all living plants and animals. 

Second, evolution teaches one species changes into and becomes an entirely DIFFERENT species.

The Bible teaches that all change is confined within each kind of animal or plant (the term “after his kind” is found and explained in Genesis 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25). Although variety among, say, a dog kind, is large – a dog will NEVER evolve into a horse.  

Third, evolution teaches that life originated by natural laws out of DEAD matter, while the Bible teaches that all original life came from God (Genesis 2:7) by the “breath of life.”  

Fourth, the Bible chronology clearly shows this creation of MAN to be only about 6,000 years ago (although the physical earth could easily have been billions of years old BEFORE man).

Evolution teaches that first life “struck” about two to three billion years ago and that “man” (by now the definition becomes hazy) is a million years old. 

These are just four of the obvious differences between the two teachings – Evolution and the Bible. One or the other of these teachings is FALSE. Both CANNOT BE TRUE! 

Chapter Four: The God of the Bible

Most proponents of “theistic evolution” obviously believe in a God. Perhaps their very belief in theistic evolution is motivated by a desire to “bring God into evolution,” to “demythologize the Bible,” or “defend God”- in a basically agnostic civilization.  

Many such people have written letters to us with statements such as these: “What is WRONG with the belief of evolution as long as you believe GOD did the whole thing over five billion years of natural selection?”

Another writes: “You assume that a believer cannot be a so-called evolutionist and vice versa,” and “My biology teacher taught evolution but said it didn’t stop him from believing in God.” 

Another writer put it this way: “Would you allow God to create animal species by an evolutionary process if He saw fit to do so?” 

 The answer to this last question gets to the crux of the whole matter. No man can either allow or disallow God to do anything! God is all-powerful, ruling, and SUPREME – it is not a question of what we allow – but a question of what DID GOD DO?   

If God in His written Word declares in bold and forthright terms that He created all forms of life and placed them in a balanced order in SIX TWENTY-FOUR-HOUR DAYS, that is what He did. To believe that God claimed to create in one way and did the total opposite is to believe in a God who is a liar! 

How can a Christian believe God lied to mankind in the Book of Genesis, then told the truth about personal salvation in the New Testament?

The truth is, of course, that Genesis 1 is just as literal, accurate, inspired, and TRUE as John 5:16 or any other Bible verse. If part of the Bible is false, you can safely put your faith in NONE of the Bible. If MAN becomes the arbiter of truth, there is NO standard.   

Besides making God out to be a liar, theistic evolution also makes God a WEAK God. He is capable of creating a “spark of life,” or an amoeba, or perhaps a trilobite, but He is NOT capable of producing more “complex” life.

Actually ALL life is equally complex, but humans like to think of themselves as physically “higher.” Ecclesiastes 3:19 says “a man has no preeminence over a beast,” physically speaking. 

God can “create” life through a natural selection process – according to theistic evolution but He cannot create life in separate “kinds” and species in six days. 

But has God gone far off? Did He create an early form of life, set natural selection in action, then FORGET about man, turn His back on the earth? If so, did God sit idly by for at least two billion years to see an opportunity to evolve man? 

Those who wish to “do God a favor” by “allowing Him” to create man in an evolutionary process need to realize such beliefs totally weaken God, make Him a liar, exclude Him from dealing in the affairs of men, and totally nullify ALL the words of the Bible. 

Can such a belief in God truly be called “Christian”? 

Chapter Five: What Evolutionists Say

Despite the protests of those who feel they can reconcile evolutionary thoughts with the Bible – the very evolutionary authorities they follow DO NOT attempt any such reconciliation. They repeatedly state the contrary: that religion and evolution are utterly irreconcilable! 

Here are a few quotes from the more famous exponents of evolution, although dozens of similar quotes could be listed from a variety of respected texts on evolution. 

Sir Huxley, grandson of Darwin’s compatriot Thomas Huxley, has said the same thing on many occasions: “In the evolutionary pattern of thought there is no longer either need or room for the supernatural. The earth was not created; it evolved. So did the animals and plants that inhabit it, including our human selves, mind and soul as well as brain and body….

Evolutionary man can no longer take refuge from his loneliness in the arms of a divinized father-figure whom he himself has created” (Evolution After Darwin, Vol. III, “Issues in Evolution,” University of Chicago Press)

Chapter Six: No Room for God

Huxley has also said, “The supernatural is being swept out of the universe… God can no longer be considered as the controller of the universe in any but a Pickwickian sense… Operationally God is beginning to resemble, not a ruler, but the last fading smile of a Cheshire cat” (Huxley, Religion Without Revelation) 

Another leading scientist, paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson, has written, “One should NEVER accept a metaphysical explanation if a physical explanation is possible, or indeed, conceivable.” (This View of Life).

The millions of advocates of theistic evolution like to say “many scientists believe in God” or “my science teacher is very religious” or similar statements. But most don’t realize that many of the LEADERS of science have no such belief in theistic evolution. 

Chapter Seven: Theistic CREATION

True science and true religion agree. Evolution and the Bible DISAGREE! But scholars have tried to combine FALSE science (the theory of evolution) with a FALSE interpretation of the Bible. The result has been a “double falsehood” – theistic evolution. 

If both evolutionists and religionists would examine their three WRONG assumptions that the Bible could not be taken literally; that the Bible could not be ALL true; and that the theory of evolution is PROVEN true – the true answer would be found.  

What is that answer? Simple. God created – and suddenly! The Scriptures say “all things… that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible… all things were CREATED by him (Jesus Christ)” (Colossians 1:16).  

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