Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair released his memoirs in 2010 after a failed attempt to become E.U. President.

Mr. Blair received two phone calls from the German Chancellor, he later informed the British Prime Minister “his chances of becoming the first European President under the new Constitution were over.”

He had believed he was the front runner for the position, having become a Roman Catholic earlier in the year, which seems to be a prerequisite for the job. But another British European President was unacceptable to the German-Vatican leadership of Europe.

The Appointment Of E.U. Commission Presidents

It is important to note the ‘appointment’ of the E.U. Commission President was decided in a ‘Secret Ballot’ behind closed doors, and without a vote of the 500 million population of the 27 nation European Union.

Placing a German in the Commission Presidential position would have raised concerns over German dominance back then, already being voiced in Britain.

But with the appointment of Ursula Von De Leyen in 2021 the German Chancellor now feels the power of Germany over the E.U. is almost complete!

Submission To Vatican Influence

Submission to Vatican influence in European politics will produce a final short lived resurrection of a modern day ‘Roman Empire of the German People’ now evolving in Europe.

Control over the European Union has been the main drive of the Vatican in the past 50 years.

See ‘The Mark and 666‘ on Page 2 for more on the coming European Dictator and the Papacy.

A final confrontation between a German DICTATOR PRESIDENT and THE PAPACY will prove deadly for Vatican City!!!

Human Life Preserved

There will also be an unsuccessful attempt to totally destroy all life on earth in a Nuclear Winter World War Three.

See the establishment of a coming peaceful world detailed in ‘World Peace: How Will It Come‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.



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