Written pre-Brexit

British MEP’s Fail To Maintain Democracy In The European Parliament!

Sir Winston Churchill was known for his ability to coin a phrase, “The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe,” spoke of the dark age which the popular German government of the day headed by Adolph Hitler was beginning in Europe against the Free World.

Churchill warned the British Parliament of Germany’s intention to begin a Second World War, and retired from politics before being asked to head a coalition government to fight that war.

Once again Germany dominates Europe with the German Chancellor controlling the decision making process in the European Parliament, ushering in the latest European Counsil President and by deceiving the European people has pushed through the rejected European Constitution in the form of a ‘treaty’ in order to create a ONE NATION EUROPE!

Before the fall of Hitlers Germany, the proposal to form a ‘European Common Market’ had been introduced to Hitler in a document presented by Hermann Goring, together with his strategy for the imminent air campaign to bomb Britain into submission!

Because of British resistance and the joint efforts of the US, the British Commonwealth Nations and Russia, Germany was defeated in battle. But within a few decades, the formation of the ‘European Common Market’ got underway managed in part by former members of the Nazi party!

Today, we see almost HALF A BILLION PEOPLE in twenty-eight, now twenty-seven countries under the rule of the new socialist European Commission and Parliament!

Listen the short Podcasts in the America And Britains Future Podcast section on the Home Page, see Page 5 videos to learn how British representatives to the European Parliament opposed the emerging EUROPEAN DICTATORSHIP and how it will affect YOUR future!

The Will Of The People Subverted!

In national referendums the people of France, Holland, and Ireland, ALL overwhelmingly voted to reject the proposal of a European Constitution rejecting the idea of a ‘One Nation Europe’ refusing the European Parliament additional powers over the lives of the people of Europe.

Watching the European Constitution failing to receive approval by a vote of the people, the unelected European Commission who write European law, withdrew the document and replaced this with the ‘LISBON TREATY’ containing the same legislation as the European Constitution.

This was approved in a vote by the mainly socialist European Parliament who denied the rights of the remaining twenty-five nations waiting to vote on this unpopular MAJOR issue!

Today Europe is effectively regarded by the European Parliament and the European President as ‘ONE NATION’ with a system of government which can bypass the democratic process with NO VOTE of the people to elect either the European President or the European Commission, comprised of none-elected bureaucrats who write all European law.

No law can be proposed by the elected members of the European Parliament! They cannot vote to repeal any law! As one British representative had commented “IT’S NOT A PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY AT ALL!”

Without the peoples approval ‘A ONE NATION EUROPEAN SUPERPOWER’ has now be created, including the formation of a United European Armed Forces which could control French and British NUCLEAR WEAPONS, with its command center already established!

Prophecy foretells the rise of another dictator in Europe with the military means to destroy American and British cities!

Even Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party had more difficulty coming to power than the European Dictator will have!

Europe And The Vatican….

This is the system with the support of the Vatican that will rule Europe during the time of trouble which a loving God will allow against The United States and the British descended peoples as well as Western and North-Western Europe and Ireland, with a Third World War defeat by Germany!

Germany will be supported by ten combined militarized powers in Europe. This will be followed by a three and one half year national captivity of our nations including the American and British peoples, believe it or not!

Our Appointed Disciplinarians

Long ago the ancestors of the Germans, ‘Men Of War,’ so called by the Romans, were appointed as ancient Israel’s disciplinarians. “The rod of my anger,” Isa. 10: 5,6. Asshur’s descendants formed the Assyrian Empire taking Israel into captivity, removing them from their land-this is a DUAL prophecy for TO-DAY!

Later the descendants of Asshur, from which ‘Deutsch’ is derived, migrated to central Europe and became known as Germany, the Syrian part of the Assyrian empire remained in the Middle East.

Germany has fulfilled this dubious task of exacting punishment on all 12 modern day descendant nations of ancient Israel, now located in the US and British descendant nations, and the nations of Western and North Western Europe.

Today Germany once again DOMINATES Europe economically and politically, and is building long-range rockets in the European Space Project and has said that they will pay for Europe to have Nuclear Weapons!!!

Of course once developed these rockets can be deployed against the US and Britain as the Vengeance 1 and 2 rockets were used on London during World War Two.

An interesting story from a U.S. bomber co-pilot. As they flew towards Germany the pilot spotted a Victory1 or V2 rocket headed for London, as this zoomed by their B52 the pilot said “there goes the future!”

England Was Supposed To Ceases To Exist!

The Pre-Brexit maps of the NEW EUROPE showed the combined twenty-eight countries divided into regions in which England cases to exist! The Southern area of the United Kingdom was given to the French region, part of central England was given to Germany, the remainder joined Northern Europe!

This would have meant the destruction of the United Kingdom as we know it and plans to incorporate the United States in German controlled territory follows!

See Videos on Page 5 of the America And Britain Future Podcasts showing the German flag covering a huge populated area of the US where many Germans settled! It appears in the minds of some German planners that Hitlers ‘living space’ has been extended to the area populated by fifty million Americans of German descent!

What they do not know is that as the Israelite migration to Western and North-Western took place coming from the area of the Caucus Mountains and the Caspian Sea, some of these settled in what later became Northern Germany.

After the United States was established these descendant Israelites who had been in Germany for centuries then migrated directly from there to the U.S.A. Germany list TWO Percent of its population during that migration!

Germanys Assumption Of Power

It is shocking how Germany is literally being forced into the leadership position in Europe once more and the German dream of world domination is being stimulated once more.

National characteristics are an interesting study. Knowing German origins Churchill said, ” Germany has displayed a belligerent nature in the last 2000 years, they do not change.”

The German people will change when they are eventually given God’s spirit of peace, but for now they will do His bidding, as He disciplines American and the British descendant peoples, returning our nations to the love of His laws by national destruction and national captivity for three and a half years!

Followed by God’s personal intervention world peace will finally be established under the Authority of this Tremendously Powerful Great Being!

See Isaiah 19: 25, “On that day Israel-the twelve modern day national descendants including America and Britain-will be the third with Egypt-the most powerful nation in its day-and Assyria-Assures descendants now known as Germany a blessing in the midst of the Earth, whom the Lord has blessed, saying, blessed be Egypt-Africa my people, and Assyria-Germany the work of my hands and Israel my heritage.”

In the coming time of world peace and prosperity under Jesus Christ’s direct rulership on earth, God will give the German people His spirit of peace. See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Page 1 of the Library and ‘The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow!’ on Library Page 4.

See the short ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and the in depth ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the Library to find the outcome of the events now occurring in the European Parliament and learn how Germany, now dominating Europe will one last time, seriously impact America and Britain’s future with Nuclear Attacks on both countries!

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