President Trump attended the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires announcing a successful renegotiation of the NAFTA trade agreement to be known as USMCA between the US, Mexico, and Canada, helping to reduce the huge trade imbalances between the US and these two nations.

He talked about higher-paying jobs returning to the US Auto industry from lower- paying production in Mexico, with a higher percentage of each vehicle to be built in the US. Canada has agreed to take more American farm products.

Dealing With China

President Jinping had cut back on the purchase of soybeans from states who supported the President in an attempt to force Trump supporters to vote against him, but the president won out on that by subsidizing our farmers.

President Trump commented “Now they want to talk but I have told them they are not ready to talk yet” as the Chinese economy slid further below a fifteen percent drop following the initial tariffs placed on Chinese goods.

I informed the Chinese President back then… “Definitely NOT NICE Mr.Jinping! Never treat anyone with Scottish blood that way! It only makes them much more difficult to deal with! I could have told you that if you had asked and my advice is always FREE.”

Trade wars begin this way, these will be growing around the world as a prelude to an end of the age world war crisis!

EU President Needed Correction

EU Council President TUSK needed to learn the same lesson!

When he flexed his muscles against the British Parliament’s vote on the pathetic Divorce Settlement with the EU. The proposed British separation deal would have enslaved the British people if agreed to!

Sir Winston Churchill encouraged European unity. But as for his seafaring nation, if Britain found itself in such a situation as this, he commented using these prophetic words “BRITAIN WILL CHOOSE THE OPEN SEA.” And they did!

Did two World Wars not prove that to YOU, Mr. Tusk? Was not your own homeland of Poland enslaved by Germany and did not the British welcome the Polish people with open arms during World War Two and after? But that was before you were borne!

Where is your respect for BRITAIN sir? Has your 300,000 Euro salary bought your soul so cheaply?

We have no fear of the EU, or of you Mr. Tusk. And NO FEAR of any domineering GERMAN CHANCELLOR ruling over the European Union.

And NEVER over the British People!


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