A History Of G20 & G7 Meetings

We are down to G7 from the G8 largest economies meeting, because of Russia’s conflicts with the US and Europe over the Ukraine invasion. The Russian economy has taken a beating with the Ruble’s value cut in half because of sanctions imposed by the Western powers and the engineered lowering of oil prices to hurt Russia.

The city of Zhejiang, China, hosted the G20 meeting of the world’s top industrialized nations in 2016. This was President Obama’s last meeting with the group during which the focus was placed on environmental achievements as well as world trade, and the world refugee crisis.

As the proposed TTP trade agreement with New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and other Asian and South American nations were being opposed by both U.S. Presidential candidates, and the TTIP proposed U.S.- E.U. trade agreement seems to be failing according to German comments, perhaps being slowed to emerge after election day. A damper was effectively being placed on the main purpose of the G20 meeting.

The U.S. President had private talks with several world leaders involved in difficult situations, including the Turkish President and Russia’s Mr. Putin failing to reach agreement on ending the Syrian war! The Russian leader was excluded from the G7 when they met in Bavaria because of Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine and Mr. Putin’s failure to toe the line on U.S.- E.U. doctrine on world leadership.

In 2015 Forbes Magazine gave Mr. Putin the ‘Most Powerful Man In The World Award’ for the second year running, over President Obama who was the recipient in previous years.

The award is not based on diplomatic achievement but on ‘hard power’ and on points including Russia’s sale of 400 Billion’s worth of oil to China, which will require pipeline construction between the two nations. The award also reflected President Obama’s low popularity ratings at home and his parties loss of control in both houses in the U.S. Congress.

In earlier meetings the main goal of raising the world’s economic output by 2% and dealing with Global Warming was overshadowed by the conflict between western leaders and Mr. Putin. As one reporter stated, “He seems to thrive on such confrontations.”

Let it not be forgotten that it was strong overtures to Ukraine from the E.U. with the promise of a huge loan for industrial development of oil and gas reserves which began the struggle over Ukrainian territory. The Russian leader could see that buffer zone between his nation and Europe disappearing.

The One Nation Europe

Concerns were expressed in earlier G7 meeting’s over the coming British referendum on continued membership in the developing ‘One Nation Europe’ now being forced into existence by Germany and the non-elected law-making body known as the European Commission, against the wishes of the British, Irish, French, Dutch and North- Western European nations.

Additional member nations had been denied the opportunity to hold national referendums on the subject after France, Holland, and Ireland rejected a ‘One Nation European Constitution’ only to have the contents of this approved in a ‘treaty’ by the E.U. Parliament. Britain has voted to leave the E.U., effectively now in German hands!

See ‘Germany In Prophecy’ on Library Page 1 to understand the world’s political trends and the coming conflict between the new militarized Europe and the U.S. and Britain, also see: So, Who Goes In….’ concerning the future European invasion of the Middle East in Librarian’s Comments.

Istanbul, Turkey

The G 20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met in Istanbul, Turkey, in Feb. 8th -10th 2015, amidst the continued stress of the E.U. financial crisis over low trade figures and the value of the Euro as well as the Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Irish debt crisis.

The U.S. representative was anxious to stress the need for a real attempt by the E.U. to increase exports without ‘currency manipulation,’ “something he has been growing weary of.” Germany has a huge currency surplus but is NOT prepared to spend this to boost E.U. exports.

With the election of a new anti-austerity government in Greece there was talk of some compromise from the ECB to keep Greece from defaulting on debt payments or searching for an alternative form of financial support outside the E.U.

The Greek debt is an out of control 174.9% to GDP compared to the German 76.90 to GDP debt ratio with a Greek government debt of 303.92 billion Euros. With much of this owing to British banks!

The Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Irish debt crisis continues. Some of these debts, such as Spain dwarf that of Greece by many times over and with a 25% or more unemployment rates, makes for a tragic economic scene with real human hardship.

Britain had a dangerous 90.60% to GDP debt to GDP ratio, which will now worsen as they leave the E.U. The U.S. debt was 101.53% to GDP with a catastrophic $19 to $20 TRILLION national debt. The Dollar recovered some strength, but the Pound is now suffering the effects of the Brexit vote, taking Britain out of the European Union.

This situation will become critical over the next two years as Britain’s trade negotiators scramble to find new outlets for their 42% of present business done with the E.U., when Europe reduces trade with Britain.

To understand the total British debt see ‘THE GREAT BRITISH DEBT CRISIS: Now Much Worse Than Greece’ in the British Category in Librarian’s Comments and see the shocking video coverage on Britain’s financial dilemma, on Page 5 of the America And Britains Future Podcasts on the Home Page.

The Japanese debt was a staggering 227% to GDP, having seen U.S. trade go to China in the last 20 yrs. Fears of U.S. weakness in their lack of ability to stop Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, as well as North Korean aggression, may soon cause Japan to develop Nuclear Weapons, with enough uranium stockpiled to supply two hundred warheads within a three year period!

G 20 MEETINGS in Brisbane, Australia…. November 15, 2014

Tensions spilled over into the meeting of the world’s top twenty trading nations in Brisbane Australia after the Asia Pacific rim – APEC – trade block had met earlier in Beijing China. Both meetings were attended by Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, together with the many world leaders involved.

As one reporter stated “He seems to thrive on such confrontations. “Forbes Magazine has awarded Mr. Putin the ‘Most Powerful Man In The World Award’ for the second year running, over Mr. Obama who was the recipient in previous years.

The award is not based on diplomatic achievement but on ‘hard power’ and on points including Russia’s sale of 400 Billion worth of oil sales to China, which will require pipeline construction between the two nations. Mr. Obama’s low popularity ratings at home have cost his party the loss of additional political power.

The comments expressed and continued tensions over the Russian Federations’ military support of the Ukraine separatists may have caused Mr. Putin to leave the G20 meeting early in protest of the rough treatment received.

This along with the recent loss of 50% of the value of the Ruble because of sanctions and the low price of oil has not deterred the Russian leader’s intention to have at least part of Ukraine.

Belfast, Northern Ireland and St. Petersburg, Florida

The 2013, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and September St. Petersburg, Russia meetings were plagued by the civil war in Syria and the St. Petersburg meeting was dominated by U.S. concerns over the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Once again, President Obama and President Putin were in conflict over Russia’s now total involvement in the Syrian crisis, where thousands of innocent people continue to lose their lives and more than two million people have fled the country.

Significant trade agreements and talks to solve the continued sluggish world economy should have been the main focus of the conference in St. Petersburg. Yet the real purpose for these top 20 trading nations to meet is becoming more and more distorted with constant political differences! This is how military conflicts and trade wars lead eventually to world war! Look for this unfortunate trend to continue.

See ‘Middle East In Prophecy‘ and ‘Germany In Prophecy‘ on Library Page 1 also see the important ‘Who Goes In’ on in Librarian’s Comments to understand these conflicts and world political trends.

G 8 MEETING in England.

May 2013, England. The top 8 world trading nations met in an English farmhouse to continue their discussions with little to announce. Apparently, the main topic was the Japanese currency increase in a decision to follow the rest of the world’s main trading nations into the potentially black hole of flooding the world with an oversupply of devalued currencies.

The Japanese, to their credit, had refused to follow the U.S. lead. Europe had also refused to inflate their currency, but sometime later reluctantly followed the U.S. example and now Japan has been forced to follow in order to make their exported products cheaper overseas. Japan has of course been hurt by China’s trade with the Japanese national debt now twice that of GDP, an alarming situation for Japan.

Once again, President Obama confronts President Putin over Russia’s involvement in the Syrian crisis, where thousands of innocent people continue to lose their lives.

Mexico Meeting

The top 20 Nations representing 64% of the world’s population and 86% of world economic production meet in Mexico. More than half this 86% of wealth remains in the hands of the U.S. and British descended nations and those traditionally allied nations in Western and Northwestern Europe. The 170 nations outside of the G 20 member nations add only 16% to the world’s economy.

The 2012 meeting produced a great deal of tension between the Russian and the U.S. Presidents in a 2 hr. private meeting over Syria with awkward body language during the following press conference. President Obama’s cheek was visibly twitching uncontrollably during the official photo session of world leaders!

But the following day a Russian vessel carrying attack helicopters to Syria turned back for its home port! Our President had stared down the Russian bear. Good for you Mr. President!

Assurances of financial support were given to assist the 17 Euro Zone member nations, America and Britain will continue to contribute through further contributions to the International Monetary Fund, earmarked for European nations in trouble.

Britain has already been forced by Germany to contribute a staggering 50 Billion British Pounds to the I M F for this purpose! Poorer nations wonder why they are being forced to contribute, to sustain economies whose citizens enjoy a much higher standard of living than they do? ALL to sustain the existence of the Euro.

London and Montreal

The obvious goodwill displayed by G20 leaders at the London ’09 and Montreal ’10 Economic Summits indicated that time remains before more ominous personalities enter into leadership positions in Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

In ’09 the pre-summit accusation made by the Brazilian President placing all blame of the financial crisis on “the white, blue-eyed (Anglo-Saxon) people” was an indication of things to come!!!

Greece became the focus for criticism and threats from the French Prime Minister in the 2011 meeting.

Germany the 3rd and Brazil now the 8th largest economies in the world, owe their prosperity to the open market economic policies of the United States and British Commonwealth of Nations. The U.S. now purchases 40% of all world exported products. At the end of World War Two, this was 60% which helped the entire world recovery.

As Europe struggles to assure the survival of the Euro and the temporary union of nations within the confines of the old ‘Roman Empire’ a much stronger Germany has emerged. Five predominately Catholic Eurozone member nations have been exposed with economies made of ‘weak clay.’

These are the Mediterranean nations and Ireland, while the Catholic east block former communist nations are developing strength and with Germany in control of Europe!

In a future German-led final solution to insure European economic and military world dominance, a European leader will shock the world with his actions in a repeat of Germany’s bitter past.

The short ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ tells you where all of this will lead the entire world.

Also be sure to see the revealing ‘Middle East In Prophecy‘ and ‘Germany In Prophecy‘ on page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library, giving you amazing insight into the final outcome.


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