German Chancellor Schultz, is the first G7 leader to visit the Chinese President since the pandemic came out of China.

He has done so against criticism from within his own government, and strongly given advice from America’s President Biden NOT to sell a share of Germany’s Hamburg docklands to China.

They have been buying up areas in seaports around the world, even including Australia, and in a hundred port locations in sixty countries, and intend to purchase more!

China has been purchasing acreages of US farmland around military bases, possibly listening in on communications!

Schultz Building Trust

Schultz is attempting to build Chinese trust while creating a level playing field for German companies, without a heavy German reliance on the Chinese market, a mistake made by other countries to their detriment!

During lunch Jinping told Schultz that, “it is easy to destroy political trust but difficult to rebuild it, and both sides need to be careful over this.”

A Good Alliance For Germany

German rhetoric will harden toward the US and Britain, allowing a coming EUROPEAN DICTATOR to plunge EUROPE into a major military confrontation with America and Britain, as China quietly stands by!

This will result in a repeat World War Two event, but whereas German bombing damaged only one home in seven in Britain, this time German Nuclear Weapons will destroy entire British and American cities, taking the lives of one-third of our populations! I am so sorry to have to report this to you.

It will not be until Russia and China see German-EU Nuclear Weapons used on America and Britain, that they realize THEY COULD BE NEXT, forcing them to deliver all out first strike Nuclear Attacks devastating Germany!

This coming Third World War will follow the same basic sequence of events as the Second World War but with an American defeat, as well as the defeat of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the nations of Western and North-Western Europe, and Ireland, with a three and one half years of national captivity.

Very Hard To Believe I Know

Very hard to believe I know, but the destruction of our cities and national captivity IS written in DUAL prophecies for our time today, in this generation.

This Nuclear Age Generation will live long enough to watch this happen in the near future, in these treacherous times!

Study the accompanying articles, especially the Free Library to learn how you may escape what definitely lies ahead…

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