The Germans, now the ‘political and financial’ heads of Europe immediately sent their emissary to Israel and to the Palestinian Gaza Strip after a strong Israeli response to Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli populated areas.

The 1200 plus rockets launched in response to the Israeli killing of a Hamas leader had once again inflamed deeply felt resentments on both sides. In this region where such resentments go back thousands of years, it is inevitable that this situation will persist.

History Gives A Warning

History tells us that Palestine was given its name by the Romans, who named the area after the ancient Philistines, the hated enemies of Israel who were given a free hand by the Romans to enter Jerusalem, inflicting a vicious slaughter on its Israelite inhabitance following the Roman siege of the city. A warning to Israel today!

Shimon Peres, then Prime Minister of Israel called for peace on U.S. television. He had known Palestinian President Abbas for 30-years, and praised his stance against terrorist strikes on Israel. Difficulties arise from the fact that Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood who attempted to take over several Arab Spring States including Egypt.

The Plight of The Palestinian People

Meanwhile, who will care for the one and a half MILLION PEOPLE living below the poverty level trapped on the Gaza Strip, and a similar number of refugees making up one third of the population of JORDIN?

Watch for a much larger European Union involvement in the Middle-East, perhaps with promises of greater access to the huge European market for Israeli products, even with associate E. U. Membership in return for greater concessions on Palestinian demands to allow ‘the old city’ as capitol of a new Palestinian State.

The German-led EU Take The Middle-East!

Bible prophecy tells us that in the near future, Europe with Germany in charge will take control of several Middle-Eastern countries, probably in order to keep Middle-East oil flowing to European Industry which is eighty percent dependent on Arab oil. Many Middle-Eastern nations will align themselves with the German-led Europe.

Egypt The Provocateur

Egypt may be the provocateur who causes the European military invasion.

This may be caused by raising usage fees of the Suez Canal, or by refusing use to some. THE COMING GERMAN-EU DICTATOR MAY SIMPLY DECIDES TO TAKE CONTROL OF THIS VITALLY IMPORTANT SEA GATE!

Egypt will attempt to resist the military takeover, and Egypt with the largest standing army in the region will be defeated by this very large military force in order to have German-EU control of the Canal and the Middle-East oil fields!

Jerusalem Takeover

European forces will TAKE control of half of the city of Jerusalem including the Temple mount area in order to further the ambitions of the Vatican in Jerusalem, and to end the ‘daily sacrifice’ at the new Temple.

The Temple will be handed over to the Vatican leader of that great ‘false christian’ church who will move his headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem.

See ‘Middle East In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’ found on Page 1 of the Library, also ‘The Mark and 666’ on Page 2 of The Free Library.

See the NEW TEMPLE VIDEO by clicking on America And Britains Future Podcasts on the Home Page and click on PAGE 5. America And Britains Future is unrelated to the presenters of the Solomon’s Temple video.


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