We are told in Genesis that The Spirit of God moved over the surface of the earth making it fit for human habitation. This was done by the Holy Spirit which is the tremendous power flowing from God.

The Bible also tells us that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Math. Ch.1 vs. 20,34,35,36. Yet we know that He constantly referred to God the Father as His Father.

One Of Three Separate Entities?

If the Holy Spirit is ‘one of three separate entities in a closed Godhead’ then we would be forced to conclude that ‘The Holy Spirit’ was the Father of Jesus Christ, and not God The Father who He constantly referred to as His Father!

These TWO incredible beings began the first ‘Father and Son’ relationship deciding to “Make Man In Our Image.”

Jesus said ‘My Father and I are One’ and prayed to His Father concerning the true Church of God which He had founded headquartered in Jerusalem. He also prayed to His Father concerning His death and returned to be with God the Father.

Does the Bible Contradict Its Self?

Does the Bible contradict itself on the makeup of the Godhead, or are we being deliberately misled into believing that there are three actual beings in a ‘CLOSED TRINITY’ relationship? Thereby limiting admission to ‘The Family Of God?’

Jesus Christ is referred to as “the ‘FIRST BORNE of MANY brethren’ brothers and sisters to be in the Family Of God. If true then why do most churches accept the closed Trinity doctrine, with NO additional entries to the God Family?

See two titles proving ‘The Truth About The Holy Spirit’ on Page 5 and ‘Why Is The Trinity Not Mentioned In Scripture’? on Page 6 of the Free Library.

The Coming Kingdoms Of God

In scripture God constantly refers to us as potential members of the God Family. This was understood in the first church era, taught by Jesus Christ and by the twelve Apostles and those who He personally instructed to go out and teach this major truth. This is the teaching of ‘The Coming Kingdom Of God’ to be established on the earth!

Read of this in ‘The Kingdom Of God’ on Page 2 and ‘Why Were You Born’ on Page 3 of the Free Library. These provide each point in scripture opening the way for YOUR inclusion in the coming ‘Family Of God,’ to be established on earth upon Jesus Christ’s intervention in world affairs as He takes control to rule all nations.

God’s Family Will Include Billions

Scripture is the holy written word of God in which we are shown that the Holy Spirit is not a third person in a closed Godhead, restricting God to just three beings in a closed Trinity.

The Holy Spirit is shown to be ‘THE POWER WHICH EMANATES from God the Father and from God the Son’ with NO limitation to the future size of the ‘Family Of God’ to which we all should aspire.

Remember Genesis states WE were made in God’s Image except that until we qualify to be made like God, we are restricted to remaining flesh and blood made from the earth.

But as the scriptures explain, the time will come when “WE SHALL BE CHANGED” to be spirit beings to live forever, to be amongst the billions who will be in the FAMILY OF God!

Then Who Is This Third Person?

Then who is this entity masquerading as a third person in a closed Trinity? No other than the one mentioned in the book of Ezekiel who, after this created beings rebellion against God, he said: “I will rise up to become like the most-high!”

This is the same long haired bedraggled figure who portrays himself as the savior of this world, inspiring the keeping of the pre-Christian originated celebrations accepted as Christian practices today!

These include the Christmas celebration, held in the depths of winter, formerly to worship the SUN GOD! And the Easter celebration to the Goddess of Fertility with symbols of eggs and rabbits. Find ‘Truth About Christmas’ and ‘Truth About Easter’ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.



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