Written pre-Brexit

Three historic votes last week and another on Wednesday, March 20th will precede the Brexit Leave date of March 29th as promised throughout 2016 and 2017 by Theresa May the British Prime Minister.

Now, after two years of delays, an further extension of the leave vote will be sought!

Unfortunately, the tactics being used in order to stop Britains fulfillment of the nations historic destiny of remaining a free and independent nation governed by its own Westminster Government and by British law has been compromised over the last forty-five plus years by several British governments for a measure of prosperity.

Now, the struggle by those who see the betrayal must intensify against all odds!

Fortunately, the Brexit debate has brought awareness to the British people, and the constant insults being directed at the British people and their government have done a tremendous service to awaken the British to the loathing disrespect held by the leaders of the European Council, the European Commission and by the Presidency of the European Parliament!

Constant EU Insults

The constant insults coming from EU Council and Commission President’s Donald Tusk and Jon-Claud Junker already had many Brexit supporters upset in the last two years, but now many of those who voted to remain in the EU are calling the Nigel Farage London based radio show on LBC to express their outrage over the way not only the British Prime Minister has constantly been mistreated but over the Feb. 6th. Tusk comments.

Almost all callers during the two-hour show condemned the Tusk “special place in hell for those who led the Brexit movement” statement followed by a text by Guy Verhofsted one of the EU negotiators stating that “Satan would not want them in hell fearing that they would cause the same division there.”

Next Comes Herman Von Rompuy’s Insult!

This former Belgian Prime Minister and former President of Europe who spends one weekend each month in a Catholic monastery, hurled what is for me the final insult at the British people and their government.

As follows: “With their backs against the wall, with a knife on their throat, the abyss in front of their eyes, we are nearly there. If some time is needed after the end of March that will not be a problem for the twenty-seven.”

And as Nigel Farage, the father of the Brexit movement has commented: “These are nasty, vile, arrogant men who want to see the end of the Nation-State and they don’t care what language they use. This is the language used only in a time of war and that is what they see this as, a war to keep the European Union together.”

Total Contempt Displayed

The constant display of contempt during the two year negotiation period plus this ongoing show of total immaturity right at the top of the EU leadership may have been enough to have the entire British nation unite against the EU leadership on the day before the British Prime Minister flies into Brussels once more to beg for some single sign of compromise.

Begging for something to bring back to the British Parliament which would allow her at least some compromise on what she has termed “the only deal” for Britain’s departure if in name only to give Mrs. May any opportunity to claim a partial Brexit departure victory on March 29th. 2019.

All Good Catholics

A Statement Which May Have Been Missed. After lunch on the same days insults from Donald Tusk as he stood beside the Irish Prime Minister, a former EU government employee and EU supporter, in an attempt to smooth over troubled waters the EU Commission President Jon-Claud Junker tried to make light of the morning’s insults by Tusk and Verhofsted by stating the following.

“I am not as good a CATHOLIC as Donald Tusk, I would like to know more of heaven, I know nothing of HELL except that this job makes me feel like I am in hell!

These men are all good Catholics there to please the CATHOLIC HIGRARKEY WHO PRESIDE OVER  THE EUROPEAN UNION and most of its seven hundred and fifty Parliament members!

The European Union Flag

The EU FLAG is taken from the TWELVE STARS on a BLUE BACKGROUND which circle the head of THE VIRGIN MARY!

Although a totally committed European, Junker seems to be the only one who knows or cares that these men can GO TOO FAR with their INSULTS against the leadership of the nation which SHED IT’S YOUNG MEN’S BLOOD to FREE all of EUROPE on TWO OCCASIONS during the last one hundred years in order that these DEGENERATES can have their FREEDOM from EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE ONCE AGAIN WORKING TO RE-CREATE IN EUROPE!

Could Tusk statement, so close to the British exit date affect the final British Parliament vote against A DEAL causing Britain to leave on World Trade Organization terms by which most world trade is conducted, rather than the strict rules created by the EU and would that cost the EU THIRTY NINE BILLION BRITISH POUNDS lost over Tusks stupid conceit.

I truly hope so as this will be more debt on borrowed money for the British people to shoulder!

The Man They Call The Beast

The situation has caused another EU character to raise his ugly head! He is Martin Selmayr the European Commission’s Secretary General known as, wait for it…’THE BEAST’!

And according to British Representative Nigel Farage SELMEYR IS A LOT WORSE THAN either Tusk, Junker or Verhofsted the present EU negotiators!

Apparently, nothing happens in the EU without Selmayr’s approval.

He has stated that ‘either way the British must pay their exit fee of Thirty-Nine Billion Pounds’ before they have a new trade deal with the European Union! Unfortunately the British are forty-two percent reliant on exports to the EU!

Threat Of Social Unrest!

Everything has seemed to go the EU way so far with less than fifty days to the March 29th. British exit date, with a tragic giveaway of all of British leverage by a self-confessed REMAINER Prime Minister in charge of the negotiations.

After suffering the biggest defeat ever by any British leader in Parliament Mrs. May has been forced to go back to the German Chancellor-controlled EU negotiators who absolutely refuse to provide even an olive branch to Britain.

Now stalemate exists as time runs out, of course EU negotiators are well known for this tactic.

There has been the ridiculous talk of the Royal Family being evacuated from London in case of violent rioting in the streets if any further attempts are made by the government to extend the leave date. Nigel Farage has been assuring Brexit supporters that there will be peaceful ways to combat any such attempts.

New UKIP BREXIT Party Approved

With the approval of the father of the Brexit movement, a new political party has had its registration approved!

Whether or not it will have time to organize to run candidates in a possible early election which the Prime Minister could call in order to stop the obvious – the BREXIT Party running Nigel Farage for Prime Minister – remains to be seen.

It will allow him to run again for his seat in the EU Parliament if what has been suspected comes to pass ‘A very long extension to the LEAVE DATE if the British Parliament does not approve anything proposed to end the stalemate between them and Mrs. Mays BAD DEAL!’

When the leaving is all done the struggle to keep the British economy and the European economy afloat without recessions in both regions will be the next big obstacle. Some EU compromise is expected with pressure from German Industry relying on exports to Britain which include sales of eight hundred and fifty thousand vehicles a year to ‘TREASURE ISLAND’!

An approximate forty billion shortfall in the EU budget may cause an agreement in order to fill this hole with the British thirty nine billion pounds promised!

If final attempts fail and if in anger the leaders of the European Union refuse to go with the British to the World Trade Organization to sign off on a free trade deal under their article twenty-four then Britain’s 42% business reliance with the EU could suffer the worst fate possible short of war, as compared to this present state of trade war!

America and Britain Be Warned!

And of course the new European Armed Forces are now being formed! Army, Navy, Air Force and with NUCLEAR WEAPONS by 2025 if possible, paid for by Germany, by enlarging the French arsenal!

The 23 contributing nations are allowing their military units to be merged into THE GERMAN ARMY and a greater time of trouble will then come with the completion of that military buildup.

We will live to see a time in the near future when law will be passed in Europe which will prevent nations from leaving the European Union, just as no state can leave the United States of America!

It has already been announced that ROAD’S WILL BE HARDENED to take the movement of MILITARY VEHICLES throughout Europe!

There Will Be Ten Militarized Nations

Von Rompuy speaks as though all twenty-seven remaining nations are united against the British, but EU leaders will find they will have only TEN REMAINING militarized predominately Catholic nations united including Germany by the time they wage Nuclear War against the United States and Great Britain!

Unfortunately, Britain’s troubles with the GERMAN controlled European Union are right now only beginning I am sorry to say!


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