The one true Church of God founded by Jesus Christ does not involve itself in politics, and in 1st. Timothy 2 Verses 1 – 3, as instructed by Christ through Timothy we are told to pray continually for the elected leaders of our nations as we are now praying for the new administration in Washington D.C.

Benjamin Franklin

When asked: “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “A republic-IF-you can keep it.” What did Franklin mean, and why was his remark recorded in American history? This may not be obvious to some.

The reply Franklin gave was in fact, a stern warning to every American generation, that in the span of around fifty or sixty years this REPUBLIC could be overthrown from within and a LESS FREE form of government set up in its place!

With this generation America may now be reaching the state foretold by the Scottish philosopher who suggested that ‘democracy would work until voters figured out they can demand and receive everything they want free of charge from their government.’

Today’s surveys show this younger generation want to try an ‘EVERYTHING FOR FREE’ form of government!

The British Government Example

If this is correct, then we are reaching the point where America will become a Socialist State in the same way the British Labor government ran the British economy into the ground for 15 straight years in the Sixties and the early Seventies.

During that time they took over British Industry and the Trade Unions ruled the country with strike, after strike, after strike, each choosing the best time of the year to do so, as the economy died. For example, the postal workers went on strike just before Christmas, every year!

I was an eyewitness to the nightly newscasters reading lists of the hundreds of factory closures throughout the nation, year after year, after year, as Britain developed ‘their industrial rust belt’ before America did.

The British were mocked with Britain being called ‘THE SICK MAN OF EUROPE.’ It was a depression, and it was depressing. YOU do not want to see that again in Britain, and YOU do not want to see that come back again to America!

The British government had to pay 15% to borrow money to pay unemployment checks and to keep the basic services in the country running.

With no foresight they tore up the railway tracks which they could have used today to run electric trains in the smaller city and country areas, but the government needed the ‘scrap value’ of the steel to help keep the lights on!

Winston Churchill

Britain’s Sir Winston Churchill stated: “Some say that Democracy is the worst form of government except for all others!” He obviously could see Democracy’s flaws but could not find anything better to replace it with otherwise, he may have been influential enough to persuade Britain and America to go for that!

Now he is called a racist and the face of his famous statue down by the river Thames in London has been smeared with a blood-colored substance!

But for men like Churchill, the person who did the defacing of his statue, would be part of a second German ruled British generation to be wearing a compulsory Swastika armband today!

James Maddison

James Maddison taught Greek and Hebrew at Princeton College. He had studied the Scottish and Greek philosophers, some in Greece were exiled Israelites. They had formulated the concept of States Rights in relation to a Federal Government. For example, every Greek province no matter how small was given two electoral votes, this concept is used in the American Electoral College.

At meetings of the Continental Congress Maddison laid out the three branches of government to be legislative, executive, and judicial, dividing the authority of a King. Notice no mention of forming Political Parties, completely unnecessary in our form of government!

Maddison introduced the concept of A United States Supreme Court, now influenced by the Vatican with six out of nine devout Roman Catholic Justices including Jesuits and Knights of Columba! How does this happen to one of the three branches of the government of the United States of America?

So Here We Are And Where Are We?

When the Founding Fathers were told of the formation of the first Political Party they strongly advised against it. These were not a part of the system established to run the nations!

The States representatives were to go to Washington to carry out the People’s Business by voting their conscience in all matters without aligning themselves with a large voting block known as a Political Party!

This is where the experiment with political parties has brought the ‘Free World’ with everyone at each other’s throats!

A greater spiritual power wishing to confuse our leadership had found a chink in the almost perfect form of man’s government invented by our Founding Fathers. He is using his influence over what we regard as human nature, now displayed in every political party causing hatred and gridlock, destroying the system of government in this Republic!


Soon life on earth will be much different after the coming World War destruction and then rebuilding. There will be no more wars, terror, pandemics, starvation, poverty, crime, sickness, child abuse, and all the rest.

Under the soon-coming World Ruling Government by the One true God in Person, everyone will be encouraged to develop to their own pinnacle of personal achievement and true success.

God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan to develop a family of Billions here on earth is about to enter a new phase depicted by the last day of our seven day week. It will be a one thousand year period during which all who have ever lived will be restored to their loved ones.

He will soon intervene to bring World Peace and will save a remnant of our nations to be rebuilt, even at a time when it will appear the American and British peoples may cease to exist.

In this world of increasing panic you can have confidence in the however difficult future, understanding that A POWERFUL GOD DOES EXIST. And He will not allow His project of reproducing Himself here on earth to fail.

So, get your minds OFF worldly politics and onto THIS!

See my newly written: ‘America’s Future’ top of Page 1 in the America And Britains Future Free Library for a very revealing look into what comes next. A very excitingly short read.



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