On October 29th of 2021 world leaders assembled to attend a series of important meetings in Europe.

But before government officials could proceed, the President of the most powerful nation on earth, the leader of the free world, was obliged to pay homage to the man who claims to be above all world governments.

The first of the extreme Jesuit order to hold the office of the Papacy received President Biden at the Vatican.

Submissive Black

When President George W Bush and his wife Laura, both Protestant, made their appearance before the Pope, Mrs Bush was corrected on not being dressed in submissive black! The wearing of black is a requirement as an outward sign of submission to Papal authority! The Pope of course is dressed in white as a sign of his supposed holiness.

In actual fact, he is the head of the great false Christian church established by Emperor Constantine, who had every pre-Christian teaching incorporated into Catholicism, much of it accepted by today’s Protestant churches.

Yet the leadership of this religion claims to be the continuation of the true Church of God established by Jesus Christ which was headquartered at Jerusalem and never at Rome.

Find the true teachings of Jesus Christ explained on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

See ‘Where Did The 12 Apostles Go’ especially Chapters 3 and 4 on Page 1 of the Library, to learn that the Apostle Peter was NOT the first Pope and had NO relationship with the false church at Rome, except to be taken there to be executed.

Papal Protection

Mr.Biden has been protected by the Pope from the American Cardinals who want him banned from receiving communion because of his defense of abortion, perhaps a compromise for him keeping America’s southern border open to millions of Roman Catholics streaming across.

We have seen these innocent people being shipped to strategic locations throughout the US where they will cast their votes for the Democrat Party in the future. This has become the party choice of the Roman Catholic Church.

The abortion issue will be left to the SIX out of NINE mainly Jesuit Roman Catholics controlling our Supreme Court.

G20 Meeting In Rome

Oct 30th. Following the President’s audience with the Pope, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi welcomed Mr Biden to Italy, and to the G20 meeting of the world’s most prosperous nations, but not before the French President had welcomed him personally at the curbside as his automobile drew to a halt.

President Macron addressed Mr. Biden as “Mr. President and Joe” greeting him warmly?

Two weeks earlier Mr. Macron was so enraged over America and Britain taking a multi-billion dollar submarine building contract away from France that he withdrew the French ambassador from Washington, a most extreme measure. What could be the reason for this sudden pivot?

Would it have been wise for Australia to purchase their new submarine fleet from a member of the European Union, with France combining portions of its armed forces into the German Army?

Europe will find that the nations of the British Commonwealth and the United States of America will stand together, even against those related such as the French President, having temporarily lost his way.

Mr. Macron has admitted that the People of France would vote to leave the European Union! Come on Mr. Macron, allow the French people to have their referendum. Do you believe in democracy or not?

It Began In Rome

The formation of the European Common Market began with the Treaty of Rome. This was then forged into the political entity of the European Union. It is the last resurrection of the old Roman Empire and has been overseen by the Vatican since its original conception.

The EU flag is taken from the circle of twelve golden stars on the blue background surrounding the shoulders of the Virgin Mary and Sunday was accepted as the European Union’s day of rest decades ago. This shows the influence the Vatican has over the EU’s seven hundred and fifty member Parliament, and it’s almost half a billion citizens in Europe!

A Shock To The System

The European Parliament is housed within the massive aluminum and glass building in Strasbourg on the France-Germany border. This government structure now controls twenty-six nations in Europe and is overseen by the German Chancellor and the Roman Pontiff, in yet another Berlin-Vatican alliance.

The Papacy, the German Chancellor, the European Commission President, the EU’s Council, and Parliament, received a massive shock to this dictatorial undemocratic system when Protestant Britain left the union.

Britain’s leaving caused the loss of the most powerful democracy, unable to halt the slide to an ultimate EU dictatorship, and the loss of Fifty Billion British Pounds in the EU’s annual budget, already running a Fifty Billion deficit!

It is no longer necessary for any British Monarch, Prime Minister, or British Subject, to yield to the authority of either the Papacy, the EU Commission, its Parliament, or the European Supreme Court.

Neither is it necessary to stand for its Anthem, or for its Roman Catholic flag. Thank you Mr. Nigel Farage.

North Korea And China

During the conference sidebar talks were held regarding the North Korean nuclear weapons advances and no doubt China’s acquisition of hypersonic rocket delivery systems. It has been said that if the paintwork was scratched off North Korean rockets ‘Made In China’ would be found underneath, as two armaments suppliers are just across the border!

Required Infrastructure

President Biden made mention of Billions to be spent to build infrastructure in developing nations.

This actually refers to the recent formation of trade blocks, to give our corporations now in China the opportunity to move to more friendly nations eager to meet our requirements, without constantly threatening our existence!

What a joke the Chinese Communist Party has made of itself, when they have had everything to gain from maintaining the best relationships with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and America, and the rest of the trading world.

Holding Russia And China Out

Of course holding Russia and China out of the G20, or them holding themselves out, will only breed more ill will and lead to further isolation of both these prominent World Powers, whether the present great thinkers in the US and Europe agree or not.

Our fathers generation understood that keeping these two nations apart by befriending both made the world a safer place. Something our previous President understood, but was pressured into not being able to achieve.

A return to this policy might still save Taiwan, but will not change the outcome of the final world confrontation.

The New 15% Corporation Tax

Probably the most positive agreement to come out of this year’s G20 conference is the adoption of an international Fifteen Percent Corporation Tax. Made in order to end the movement of big corporations’ wealth around the world, to countries such as Ireland that have profited from their low ten percent tax on these corporations.

2021 Cop26 In Glasgow, Scotland

Nov 1st.Glasgow, Scotland, welcomed twenty thousand people to attend this environment conference in some capacity.

This is the city to which American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin came to discuss with Scottish intellectuals a way by which the coming new American democracy could be governed. Find this mentioned in my new ‘America’s Future’ on Page 1 of the Free Library.

Apparently the nations attending Cop26 have been upset that Billions in financial aid have not yet been received, some speculate that these proposed Billions are the only reason so many countries have bothered to attend. So, prior to this year’s meeting a direct attack was launched against the United States.


No doubt the signers realize that only one third of the world’s emissions are generated within the United States, which is way ahead of all other industrialized nations in cleaning up its own air pollution.

And of course the greatest offender by far is China, producing HALF OF ALL WORLD EMISSIONS and still building new coal fired power plants! Yet they have been exempted from any participation until 2030 and will no doubt drag their clean up out to way beyond 2060!

What Is Really Going On

It is customary to close these talks on the Environment with a positive statement of intent, so in the weeks before each conference the nations release less positive comments.

What these world leaders are really trying to do is to twist this President’s arm to begin pouring out Billions of American taxpayer Dollars around the world, to meet the demand that One Hundred Billion be paid annually to less-polluting nations. And to buy credits to reduce our pollution levels debt with the rest of the world.

Will most of these 100 nations whose leaders eagerly signed this letter pay anywhere near the One Hundred Billion Dollar amount set by this organization to be paid out each year? Of course the answer is NO.

Just as the huge cost of European defense by NATO has been paid each year mainly by the United States!

Who would think up a figure of One Hundred Billion ($100,000,000,000) annually, without considering who would pay? And it has already been stated that eight times this amount will be required!

These nations have already been receiving large amounts in low interest loans but this is seen as not good enough, even though they normally would not be seen as credit worthy. Demands are being made that these loans should be grants, in other words an unending supply of FREE MONEY.

In fact it has been proposed for years by those who feel that America is too rich, and therefore should submit to wealth sharing with the rest of the world. When in fact the US has already shared so much of its wealth that the nation is already effectively broke. It is now time for the rest of the world to pay!

Progress on Coal Reduction

Many nations at the conference made commitments to phase out Coal burning, which is one of the most direct forms of air pollution, this effort is being assisted at the present time by the cheaper price of available natural gas. Apparently half of the planned coal burning plants have been canceled for this reason.

Poland and Chile have made a pledge to phase out coal along with other nations, perhaps encouraged by the payment of Nine And A Half Billion to South Africa to end the burning of Coal.

Unfortunately much of what will be paid out around the world will inexplicably d i s a p p e a r into proverbial thin air… before reaching those directly affected by climate change.

But the American taxpayer will be hardest hit, with Billions to pay year after year, and the President has made reference to agreeing to this.

The early stage of the conference concluded with calls for emissions to be brought below 1.5 Celsius by 2050 referred to as NET ZERO, with some nations refusing to agree, and an agreement was made to phase out further governmental assistance for the discovery of more fossil fuel, moving this Sixteen Billion to development of clean energy.

Before the leading delegates had left the conference the Chinese Communist government provocatively announced they would be increasing coal production to twelve million tons this year “to give the Chinese people a warm winter.”

Protesters Present

Many of the twenty thousand who came to Glasgow were there to demonstrate against the delay in actions rather than more pledges to fix the problem! To emphasize the fact that continual talks year after year were showing few results!

Eighteen year old activist Greta Thounberg, who was not invited to speak this year, displayed her mastery of the English language, although she is definitely not English, by inviting the delegates… let us use the little less descriptive American expression here, to relocate their conference to a region “where the sun don’t shine.”

How impressive Miss Thunberg, it is little wonder your parents no longer accompany you to these gatherings.

As someone who lived in a few of England’s industrial cities during the Sixties, breathing the polluted damp air, I call on all nations to do their part, and not to play this political game of forcing Billions of Dollars out of this administration and the American taxpayer, who can no longer afford to pay, year after year, already carrying an alarming almost Thirty Trillion Dollar national debt!

I am reminded of the old Scottish drinking song ‘I belong to Glasgow’ and the reference to “there’s something the matter we Glasgow cause it’s going round and round”. Hopefully this intrusion into Glaswegians lives has been survived and a boost to the local economy has helped the City.

The Coming World Cleanup

I applaud those who are right now attempting to clean up the planet, but there are a series of events that have already been laid out that will close this present Nuclear Age of man’s destruction. And not until these occur will the earth be saved alive from what is still the most threatening danger to our existence.

Read how these events will unfold in two titles on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The first is ‘Drought Flood And Famine,’ a short history of how each World Empire has destroyed our forests, and our croplands, our lakes, rivers, and streams. This also gives you the future successful outcome, in a short concise read.

The second is my favorite title in the entire library! It is ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like.’ Please, be sure to finish reading all of this short detailed outline of the world we will all one day live to enjoy.

Everyone A Winner

Everyone will own their own property and enjoy life to the full. There will be no more epidemics or destruction of any kind. The water will be pure, and the food will be nutritious.

All of our children will be totally healthy and will be eager to follow the good example being set by their parents.

You might say “impossible!” Yet after experiencing the coming corrective punishments, all that is stated in ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ will soon become a reality.

After all, this present chaotic world is supposed to be ‘under the third millennial rule’ of the Papacy, is it not?

In the state we find the planet today, the sooner ‘The One True God’ steps in to save us from ourselves the better.

Rather than us leaving behind a dead planet, the earth will be saved ALIVE!

Let us all look forward to that!


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