Attempts have been made to make Palestine an independent State with its capital in the Old City of Jerusalem, with no success. A bold plan to have Jerusalem declared an International City has so far not been any more successful?

The Arab League has earlier drafted proposals for a Palestinian State presented it to the U.N., but with no success because of U.S. vetos. At the same time, the French and British Parliaments did give their approval for the creation of a Palestinian state for the first time.

Later with a U.S. abstention for the first, a U.N. ruling went against the State of Israel over continued construction of new settlements. This was done in the closing days of the Obama administration.

Seeking Peace

In 2010 Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister came to the U.S. to voice their acceptance of an independent Palestinian State to be negotiated immediately, “even if it takes painful decisions to get rid of this problem forever. It is clearly time to make a decision between politics and history, nothing is beyond human capacity to solve,” – Ehud Barak, former Israeli Defense Minister.

The sticking point has always been over who controls ALL of Jerusalem. The Palestinians demand the Old City as their capital, Israel claims Jerusalem as their perpetual capital.

There has for some time been a European-Vatican proposal allowing Israel greater access to European markets with perhaps associate membership in the E.U. to allow Jerusalem to become the Capital of both States, with an Israeli and a Palestinian Mayor with Vatican mediation between the two, but this has not transpired.

Vatican Control

The Vatican already has received control of most Christian sites in Israel and has been given land in Jerusalem to build a facility which may become a second Vatican! Prophecy indicates an eventual relocation of the Papacy from Rome to Jerusalem.

In December 2014 the Israeli Prime Minister stated Israel’s opposition to the joint capital proposal citing security concerns as well as maintaining Israeli sovereignty. Many nations have aligned themselves behind the initiative.

Former Prime Minister, the late Shimon Perez had stated: “any agreement should be made through direct negotiations and not by an imposition.”

‘Corpus Separatum’

‘Corpus separatum’ Latin for ‘separate body’ was the term used in the 1947 U.N. partition plan for Palestine. According to the plan, the City would be placed under an international regime, conferring it a special status due to its shared religious importance.

The ‘Corpus separatum’ was one of the main issues of the Lausanne Conference of 1949. Although its implementation failed, thoughts are that this may now be a possibility.

If a deal can be worked out to declare Jerusalem an INTERNATIONAL CITY, will all sides keep their word or will the admittance of U.N. ‘peacekeepers’ finally bring about the occupation of Jerusalem? Prophecy indicates German-E.U. involvement, with perhaps U.N. troops on the ground in the State of Israel, becoming occupiers!

Enter The prophet…

On his visit to Israel in 2016 the head of the Roman Catholic Church summoned the Prime Ministers of both sides to Rome for meetings and prayers, both immediately agreed to attend and came to the Vatican. This is an indicator of the strength of Vatican influence and an indication of what is soon to come.

The Vatican will be instrumental in bringing about an agreement, perhaps to have Jerusalem declared an INTERNATIONAL CITY but Papal involvement will eventually prove to be treacherous to the safe existence of the state of Israel!

An agreement to allow Israelis access to the Temple Mount and to allow the building of the long proposed THIRD TEMPLE could also be included in any coming settlement, setting the stage for the long expected construction of a structure to be used for Jewish worship.

Recently there has been talk of negotiations between ‘Jewish leaders, Muslim clerics, a respected Muslim writer and a so called ‘christian prophet,’ in the person of the head of the Catholic Church, to allow the construction of the proposed Temple building. See the Virtual Reality video of the Temple in TO VIDEO LIBRARY found under the Home Page video screen.

To learn the outcome of the struggle for control of Jerusalem as well as many Middle Eastern nations, see the recommended reading mentioned in the in depth ‘So, Who Goes In’ found in Librarian’s Comments.

To know what lies ahead and how this will greatly affect the U.S., Britain and ALL nations, be sure to study the short ‘Middle East in Prophecy’ and ‘Germany in Prophecy’ also ‘World Peace: How It Will Come’ and ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

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