Were modern Christian practices and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ?

Was December 25th the date of His birth, how did He command us to remember Him?

What do symbols of fertility have to do with remembering Christ’s death and resurrection?

Which annual celebrations were our ancestors commanded to keep “Forever In ALL of Our Generations?”

Did Christ command us to keep the first day of the week – the day on which the nations worshipped the SUN.

Why did Jesus Christ say “In vain do they worship me teaching the doctrines of men.”

Why would continuing these church practices seriously affect your future?

Following The Roman Calendar Rather Than God’s Calendar

The European Roman Calendar has now been changed to show Sunday as the Seventh Day rather than the first day!

God’s Sabbath was always shown as Saturday, the Seventh Day on the Roman Calendar.

So why the recent change? This is simply another clever deception instituted by the church at Rome, who instigated the original change from worshiping on God’s Seventh Day Sabbath.

Jesus Christ and the Apostles kept the Seventh Day Sabbath, mentioned more than fifty times in the New Testament.

Keeping God’s Sabbath is part of God’s Law “To be kept forever in all of our generations.”

The Vatican has fulfilled prophecy throughout history, that the great false church would change God’s times and laws.

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