‘Americas Day of Prayer was introduced to the nation by President Abraham Lincoln in, ‘A Proclamation Of A Day Of Fasting And Prayer’ on March 30th, 1863.

At the end of the Civil War President Lincoln gave the reason for that destruction which decimated much of the nation, and cost the lives of six hundred and fifty thousand Americans through war and starvation!

America today is once again in the same condition that led to that war, and God is about to allow a repeat of that same punishment except that this will be intensified by seven times.

You may well ask, how do you know this will happen? And is it too late to save our nation from the collective punishment that a loving God is beginning against the American people?

It Comes In The Same Sequence

First: Terror attacks. Second: Severe recurring drought, which will in the near future cause famine and disease! And Third: World War Three against America and Britain! See: ‘Why Did God Allow 9/11’ and ‘To Starve A People’ in Librarian’s Comments. There is always someone who God holds responsible to give a warning.

The nation has already suffered terror attacks and what was a massive drought in the Western states and Texas, then came the CV-19 virus, and another nationwide drought began in 2020. This together with a 20 Trillion dollar destructive national debt now climbing toward an unbearable 30 Trillion Dollars.

So we need to remind ourselves of Lincoln’s most important speech long forgotten. Part of this is found in Chapter 7 of the ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Also read the new ‘America’s Future’ on Page 1 of the Library giving the reason the United States of America was brought into being and for longer details of Lincoln’s explanation. Be sure to print out a copy of both for your family to read. It explains who we really are and what will become of us in the near future!

President Lincoln’s speech explains why the two wealthiest nation in world history are now in trouble. ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ summary is an exciting short read telling our nations origins and our nation’s future.

God Intends You To Understand This

God intends our U.S. Presidents and the Prime Ministers of Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as those in City, State, and Federal government, and our nation’s Educators and Theologians, and our millions to understand how the nation’s problems are directly linked to the changes they have made to our LAWS and to our being educated away from any belief in God’s existence in this generation.

Time is now running out on the amount of patience God will allow for a speedy return to obeying His laws before bringing the most serious humbling corrective punishments upon America and the British descendant nations!

Since Our Nations Founding

Since the founding of America and Britain our laws had been based upon the written law of God. Now, because of our rejection of the influence of His laws God is in the process of destroying the national prosperity which HE provided.

He intends to have us STOP and ask the serious question, ‘why is our nation’s livelihood and existence being threatened’?

It is clearly time for all of us to return to obeying God’s laws and to have our SUPREME COURTS repeal those laws that are offending GOD, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!!

Causing The Loss of God’s Protection!

This has caused the loss of His protection from terror, disease, lack of rain in due season to grow our billion-dollar crops, and the loss of God’s protection from coming World War Three which will destroy our Cities and decimate our populations in the near future!

This will come if we do not HURRY BACK TO OBEDIENCE TO THE KEEPING HIS LAWS in the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as in the nations of Western and North-Western Europe and Ireland who are also members of the same family.

If we fail to comply then all of the above will be launched against our nations, in this generation! As Germany in charge of the one-nation EUROPE is now developing long-range rockets in the European Space Project, and is now seeking Nuclear Weapons that will be used against us!

See the short ‘Does God Exist’ and ‘Drought, Flood and Famine’ on Library Page 1 and the information on ‘The 10 Commandments’ on Page 2 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library to help realize that God is very real.

God does exist, He is not far away, He really does control the weather, and He has the ability to prosper or to impoverish our nations, and He can have our Cities destroyed if we will not listen and take WARNING!

It Is God Who Allows War Against Us

Today the nation is to be reminded of the reason God allowed the Civil War, as well as World Wars One and Two, and be WARNED of the soon-coming destruction of America and Britain in this generation for the same reason that Lincoln gave America back then!

And even to have Britain and America cease to exist as nations, later to be restored again as one-nation as they were, once again back in Israel. But in the interim, there are grievously hard lessons to be learned because of our law-breaking and our refusal to acknowledge His authority over our lives!

May a loving God finally have mercy upon us as we repent of offending Him, as He tells us in His written word that He will forgive us and restore us after this hard lesson has been fully learned.



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