I entered the theatre a few moments late but just in time to see a figure dressed in an exotic red Devil suit with long winding tail bowling down a long hallway escaping a large waiting audience, bursting out into the street, and hurling himself into a Taxi Cab on the way to his first nervous breakdown!

Later in the movie, back at the usual rock stars pad-mansion, crowded with hangers-on poolside attending the ever running party, he downed half a container of pills rushes from his room, announced "I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF" then dove beneath the ripples in the pool.

This was the stressed-out life of an innocent English School Boy who had by then given up his male identity assuming the woman’s highly emotional role, losing his own name and identity in order to find fame as a fictional Elton John in the British and American music industry of the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s becoming a household name on both sides of the Atlantic by then.

Young And Innocent

The young innocent British teenage audience and for that matter, their young parents, had NO IDEA if what was about to HIT them! Not so long before the Beatles, the British government had banned the song ‘Itsy-bitsy Teeny-weeny Yellow Polka-dot Bikini’ for being a bad influence on British teens!

Suddenly Jagger was telling them ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ and Lennon was feeding them a supply of songs to get high on like ‘Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds’"- LSD, and they were being told to ‘Get High’ by The Small Faces.

The last generation of very innocent British people back then was no more! All of this accompanied by a ‘gay rock star in a chicken suit.’

Elton John road the waves with the British Invasion to America, where a similar INNOCENT audience was waiting! Never had they been confronted by the kind of onslaught against the American Apple Pie and Bobby Sox society lifestyle, destroyed by the example brought to these shores and also homegrown which they were about to suffer!

Early John…

l lived in England during John’s early years on the music scene. The movie didn’t show his earlier performances as keyboard player with Britain’s HIT making rock star Billy Fury, but instead went from his qualifying for a prestigious music academy as a boy to composing music to the pros of a word writing songsmith named Bernie, and playing backup for visiting American artists.

On our way back to Oxfordshire from vacation in Spain we stopped by to visit friends who were part of the London scene. The ladies wearing ‘Hot Pants with Maxi-Coats’ concert-going set, they had just returned from an Elton John concert.

I had always heard re-hashed 1950’s American Rock in his hits and because of this couldn’t find any real originality about his music, but was happy to sing along as was the rest of the nation! Of course, he jazzed it up with the way he dressed and later educated everyone on his lifestyle choice. What happened next was omitted from the movie.

He suffered the SHOCK of having his American audience burn his albums and eject him from the US music scene for years after announcing he was gay. He finally accepted the idea of taking on a female companion in a marriage in order to GET BACK HIS HONKIE CAT into the million-dollar American music scene. Finally, ELTON JOHN was BACK!

Just as John Lennon and the Beatles were treated after Lennon’s " more popular than Jesus Christ" a comment which had the Beatles records burnt and a ‘half apology’ extracted from him.

America was a much more conservative country than the British and Europeans thought! Forty years later not so much!

Have We Changed For The Good?

Today anything goes! Four of our most recent Presidents have admitted pot or other drug use! Today a President can be elected who’s wife has appeared nude in magazines. Would Kennedy have been elected if Jackie had been laid bare in GQ Magazine? Of course not!

Have we really changed for the good or ‘Are The Good Times Relay Over For Good?’


I remember Queen’s first releases in Britain! The young record-buying public was in shock. What was the force involved in taking them from teenage pop stars like Freddie And The Dreamers to Freddie Mercury? No one including myself understood him or the sheer ‘FORCE’ behind his music, his Swedish Rhapsody, and what was to follow!

Now we have the Freddie Mercury 2 movie being made, after America enjoying the first movie of his rise to fame, this time around the audience will be enticed into sitting through an agonizing hour and a half of the decline of his health and his death by AIDS. Of course, we all sympathize, but happy movie-going folks, it’s not for me Sailor.

So Where Are We At?

Can you see where we are at NOW? A ‘powerful force for evil’ has taken us from one extreme to the other, writing in ‘SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL’ otherwise known as ‘A SONG FOR SATAN’ " “Won’t you guess my name?” Taking us on a ride down through history when he was there to see the crucifixion of Jesus Christ! The murder of the Czar of Russia and his family! And he was there in Dallas to watch the assignation of President Kennedy! “Pleased to meet you won’t you guys my name?” In a song written by one of the Beach Boys he states " “I WRITE THE SONG’S that makes THE WHOLE WORLD SING, I am MUSIC and I write the songs.” " WE ARE BEING LED BY THE SONGS HE WRITES AS WE SING ALONG! Not a good influence on your life!

Beware of the songs which have lead two generations into ‘drug addiction, marriage breakups, and a lifestyle which proves as chaotic as you see portrayed by these legendary figures!

Our Nations Wealth Taken Away

Why have Britain and America gone from the wealthiest nations on earth to becoming the greatest debtor nation in World History in the same number of years it took for only two generations to accept EXTENSIVE DRUG ABUSE which has lowered the life expectancy age in Americas in 2018 to 2021, a SHOCKING REALITY! A MILLION ABORTIONS PER YEAR, AND SOON A THIRTY TRILLION DOLLAR U.S. NATIONAL DEBT!!!

Britain is Two TRILLION Pounds in debt about sixty thousand Pounds for every man woman and child on that little overpopulated island!

All of this since Mick and Keith, John Lennon, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury took control of our reasoning! Any connection? Our morality has gone to hell don’t you agree? Do you admit there is no connection? We used to lead the world in setting a good example and we were allowed to enjoy the wealth of the world because of that!

No more blessings or real wealth for the American and British people, we have become the greatest debtor nations in world history although the world has NOT YET refused to accept our literally BANKRUPT currency, but that day is fast approaching!!!

Are you really prospering while we placidly accept ALL OF THESE BAD INFLUENCES, lovable though they may be and the music they present is like a drug which we all need to survive in this crazy world?

But how far does your paycheck go these days? Does it run out half-way through the week? Do prices and taxes kill?

THERE IS A CONNECTION to the acceptance of these BAD INFLUENCES, sorry to say, and that is the reality of the lifestyle we have accepted as America and Britain. God says “My people are lost through lack of knowledge.”

Our politicians, our educators, and our religious leaders have let us down, BIG TIME!!!


My love to each and everyone.



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