Many well-meaning world leaders now admit there is a pressing need to have a one world authority with the necessary power to enforce it’s will on any nation refusing to comply with what is frighteningly referred to as ‘A One-World Order.’ Seeing the bad examples of ALL attempts to bring about total world domination in the past, mainly by military might or by a combination of Church and State, we see NO WAY for success!

Today we see ‘ROGUE NATIONS’ like North Korea rushing to develope the Atomic Bomb and the ever-closer ability to strike a U.S. city. We see Iran with centrifuges still spinning and with rockets with Tel Aviv and Haifa painted on them, hoping to deliver a lethal blow to an Israeli City in order to encourage Allah to send them the ‘Mufti’ who will lead the Muslim world to victory over the world’s opposing religious forces.

Then we have to consider India and Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals, acquired for protection against Hindu or Muslim domination of either nation and the Chinese and Russian massive Nuclear threat.

Clear And Present Danger Yet No One Sees

Next comes nations like Japan and Germany who acquired enough military capability to challenge the freedom of every nation only seventy short years ago! Shockingly both nations are now in the process of building long-range rockets, even with American Armed Forces still occupying both nations! We are being led to believe these long-range rockets will only be used for space exploration?

Germany is now in total economic and political control of Europe with twenty-seven nations under the E.U. flag, Germany is also building long-range rockets under the guise of ‘The European Space Project!’ You may have learned of the V1 and V2 German rockets, which successfully terrorized and killed many in the bombing of London during World War Two.

In The Case Of Japan

Today in the case of Japan with enough low-grade uranium stockpiled to build THREE HUNDRED NUKES over a three year period, if and when they feel the need to go nuclear – and now they do feel the need – with China taking occupation of the South China Sea and North Korea launching rockets in their direction!

Over the years Germany and Japan have proven to been the world’s leading nations to do more than threaten World Peace! Yet only 75 years later NO ONE SEES their growing threat once more, especially with Germany now ruling over all of the European continent, in control of the seven hundred and fifty MEP’s of the European Parliament!

And again, there are those nations who have contracted to acquire Nuclear Weapons for their protection against their own religious factions, like Sunni Muslim, Saudi Arabia, whoes leaders have entered into an agreement to purchase enough Nukes from Pakistan to protect their nation from nuclear destruction by mainly Shia Muslim, Iran!

Losing The Advantage

Today because of the destruction one Nuclear Weapon can cause, the superpowers are losing their edge for the first time! Of course, the United States was the first to acquire the Bomb, with two of the three weapons built used to force Japan to end World War Two after unsuccessful attempts by firebombing twenty Japanese cities.

The Soviet Union was the next to achieve nuclear bomb success in 1949, using the expertise acquired from mainly German scientists. You may recall the humorous comment, “their Germans are smarter than our Germans” when the Soviet Union was first to put a man in space. Today, nine nations have 16,000 nuclear weapons stockpiled!

Today the United States and Russia have 1,800 of their Nukes on ‘High Alert’ ready to be launched in MINUTES bringing an end to civilization as we know it! Fortunately, according to bible prophecy, Russia and the United States do NOT have a Nuclear War, contrary to the mistaken beliefs of most bible studiers!

It will be GERMANY once again who begins World War Three, to be halted by direct intervention from God “lest no flesh be saved alive.”

Is There A Place of Safety On The Earth?

Yes, God tells us that there will be a safe location where those who have accepted and have lived the way of life outlined in ‘God’s Holy Days’ annual calendar of events, as well as the keeping of His Seventh Day Sabbath, as described in detail on Page 6 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Because our nations Supreme Courts have acquest ‘to the will of the people’ a loving God will allow one final round of World War caused by Germany against the United States and the British descended nations, during which the U.S., and Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be in a state of almost total destruction, with our populations greatly reduced by nuclear attacks on our major population centers.

Those remaining alive will be forced into slave labor and millions will have been shipped to Europe, South America, and around the world as slave labor! Many of those who will died and who will be facing death day to day will be the immediate relatives of those in “the place of safety.”

There is a common willingness to refer to this scriptural “place of safety” as “the place of final training,” mainly by the teachers in the church. We must be careful not to re-name or to imply a more specific, perhaps a self-willed implication to the time spent in the bible “place of safety.” No one there will be perfect but they will have been accounted worthy to be protected.

One of those taught by Christ said, “we see through a glass darkly!” We will not be desperately cramming day after day to receive ALL KNOWLEDGE before Christ’s return!

We Are To Live Forever!

We are told “The gift of God is eternal life” … “We shall not all sleep, but we shall ALL BE CHANGED” at the ACTUAL RETURN of Jesus Christ. This is when OUR MINDS are expanded to be like the mind of God! This is when we receive ALL knowledge.

During the ‘three and one-half year’ tribulation period we will still be human, we will be living with very heavy hearts, ‘sighing and crying’ over the terrible loss of the nations we love and the loss of our friends and relatives and ALL who have died!

It will not be business as usual, we will still be HUMAN. The “Place Of Safety” will NOT be “the place of final training.” We will receive THE MIND OF GOD at Christ’s return, and that is what we will use to rule ALL nations.

Yes, a one-world government is on the way, but this will not be ruled by humans! It will be ruled by God in person. Not under the control of any world nuclear power or by any world religion. Read of the coming ‘Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library. It will soon be here!


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