The previous President of the European Commission, Jean-Claud Junker a member of the family which built the Junker Bomber for the Nazi Regime was promoted to the position by the German Chancellor.

To become the German rubber-stamped leader of the most powerful party in the European Union Government he made his plea for the position by speaking first in French then in German and concluded in English. He was a skilled and trusted leader in the European Parliament and all-around nice guy and was one of those responsible for leading Europe through the world financial crisis caused by the US mortgage crisis.

He and former British Prime Minister David Cameron were at odds when the British leader threatened to pull Britain out of the E.U. before the Brexit vote if Mr. Junker was chosen but the German Chancellor had spoken! Many in the mainly socialist European Parliament are happy to see Britain leave, a French representative stated that he would be pleased to roll out the red carpet for this event!

It is important to understand how the European Union’s President’s are chosen.

There is no vote of the people! So, three hundred and seventy-six votes of the predominantly socialist mainly anti-British members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) could bring another dictator to power RULING EUROPE without a vote of the almost half a billion E.U. population.

Hitler had more difficulty coming to power than this process allows! He had to be elected by the German people!

A Kinder Gentler Jesuit Pope?

The election to the Papacy of the Argentinean son of an Italian immigrant railroad worker now firmly ties the 500 million Catholics in the new world to those in Europe. The retired German Pope Emeritus still maintains influence in his German homeland and his successor lived in Germany while achieving his doctorate.

In spite of acquiring the image of a kind benevolent modern leader of the faithful, the new Pope displayed the harsher Jesuit side of his nature during the Argentinean civil war, when he failed to condemn the atrocities of the ruling power, in the same way the Papacy behaved during World War Two in Europe.

There are repeated leaks from the Vatican of attempts to remove him from power because of his mistreatment of others. This was displayed in public on at least one occasion as he lectured the hierarchy gathered before him, telling them they had Alzheimer’s!

Will He Survive Long Enough?

Will he enjoy enough good health in order to represent the leadership of the great false church of Revelation? He is overweight and lacks much of the vigor the man who will play this role will require.

He depends on only one lung to sustain his life and showed signs of fatigue on his visit to Israel, but was able to summon the Prime Ministers of Israel and Palestine to the Vatican for prayers and talks. Both men quickly came to the meeting. This may be an indication of what comes next for Israel with even more Vatican involvement as bible prophecy states!

There is European agreement to allow Palestine to have its Capital in the old city of Jerusalem, and negotiations are ongoing for Israel to be allowed to build a Third Temple on the Temple Mount, with the Vatican as mediator.

Apparently, there are some non-Bible prophecies regarding ‘a prophet,’ supposedly being applied to the Pope, in this case, mediating the building of the temple with support from an Islamic scholar. See the Virtual Reality video of the proposed New Temple Building, found in America And Britains Future Page 5 Podcasts on the Home Page.

There has been talk of Israel being granted associate membership in the European Union promising to improve their economy and land was recently given to the Catholic church to build a large complex close to the Temple Mount, which would become a second Vatican in Jerusalem.

What Is ‘The Mark and 666’?

When the Apostle John referred to 666 in Revelation 13:18, it was not meant to be a mystery, Israel was under Roman rule. ROMAN in Greek numerals total 666. Also, the Papal name ‘Vicar of Christ’ in Greek numerals total 666. So this will again be a union of Church and State.

The ‘mark’ which was enforced by the Roman government was and is the observance of mandatary Sun-day worship, the day on which all under Roman rule were forced to worship. This will happen again under European Union control! See ‘The Mark and 666’ on Page 2 of the Library.

Under threat of death, the true Church of God continued to obey the 4th Commandment, keeping the 7th day Saturday-Sabbath holy, as Christ and the Apostles did. And with the worlds Jewish population they have continued to keep God’s one true Sabbath although the 7th day on the European calendars have now been changed to read SUNDAY!

The preservation of God’s calendar was given to the Levitical priesthood and to the descendants of Judah to preserve, no authority to alter the day of worship was ever given to the Roman Emperor or to the Catholic church at Rome to alter God’s Seventh Day Sabbath. See ‘The Sabbath Of The New Testament’ and ‘God’s 7000 Year Plan’ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Time Running Out….

We are watching the creation of ‘a new superpower’ in a very old Europe, with the German-controlled E.U. Parliament and the Vatican governing the lives of almost five hundred million people in the member nations within the borders of the old Roman Empire.

This is actually the very last revival of the prophesied ten resurrections of the Roman Empire, with seven of these being of significance. Napoleon’s reign and Musically’s proclamation being the most recent appearances. Today Europe is united under one flag with GERMANY ruling once more as they did in the days of ‘The Roman Empire Of The German People!’

The European Parliament Stage Is Set!?

Prophecy also informs us that another anti-American and British politically powerful DICTATOR will be given control in Europe.

A coming E.U. President, perhaps a German Chancellor or chosen by the Chancellor, probably initiated by less than four hundred votes of the seven hundred and fifty European Parliament members will lead at least 10 militarized nations in Europe!

THE RUTINE HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED AND THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET in the impressive 2,400,000 sq. ft., European Parliament building in Brussels to bring that man to power!

Prophecies relate to the arrival of an influential Pope who will give a new European leader his support, uniting all Catholic nations IN AN OLD QUEST to unite the Catholic world against the mainly Protestant nations of the United States and Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the nations of Western and North Western Europe, who are the descendants of ancient Israel migrated from their original homeland.

The German-E.U. leader will have total control of both the political and military powers now merging their armed forces into the German Army! And eventually, launch a nuclear or other modern weapons attack against the United States and Britain!

A substantial number of our nation’s populations have now abandoned those Judeo-Christian ethics upon which our laws were based and which assured our freedom, prosperity, and protection under God. Several indicators suggest that the time of our nation’s corrective punishment IS closing in on us when God will allow our nations humbling in this way!

The Only Nations In World History!

Under the deceptive terms of ‘social justice’ and ‘personal freedom’ in what will prove to be ‘the most costly social experiment in world history.’ this generation has been led to believe that those who obey God’s laws display intellectual inferiority.

In the last forty years the abortion law has allowed at least 60 million unborn Americans to perish in the name of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ this has now reduced our nation’s best-educated workforce below the age of forty, and has even eroded the nations tax based ability to pay social security to future retirees.

This is apart from the moral and spiritual implications of destroying what is equal to ‘one-sixth’ of our nation’s current population in this barbaric slaughter of innocent victims. How any woman or man for that matter, can still defend this horrific procedure of killing our unborn by the millions is totally beyond comprehension!

Our Supreme Courts Lead The Way!

We are the only nations in world history who’s Supreme Courts or any governing body has ever permitted this form of mass-genocide! With perhaps the exception of China, now ending the practice.

Surely this is one reason why God, calling us ‘a hypocritical people’ finally sends ‘a cruel enemy’ against us. We have defended human rights around the world but have not protected sixty-million plus of our own American unborn and additional millions in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

The U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland and France and others have approved same-sex marriage, completely ignoring Gods law. These may be the breaking points between Jesus Christ and God’s ‘chosen people’ destroying the family unit as God designed it, see this explained in ‘God Is A Family: Not A Trinity’ in the Vatican section of Librarian’s Comments.

Our Lands Are Full of Bloody Crimes

During the last forty years extreme violence has gripped our cities, our movie theaters, shopping malls and schools. Our courts avoid the death penalty and reduce sentences are often received for all crimes. “Because justice is not speedily executed our lands are full of bloody crimes”!

Fortunately for all victims of murder, the death penalty, Aids, sickness and disease, and even death by natural causes and old age will be brought back to life! This POWERFUL Member of The Family of God in the future will declare “I make all things new” and will use his awesome power to bring all of them back to enjoy lives of peace and happiness.

America And Britain’s Future….

In the immediate future America and Britain are about to be subjected to the severe punishment which a loving God will now begin to intensify on our nations, see ‘Why Drought In America And Britain’ and ‘Why Did God Allow The 9/11 Attack’ also ‘Prophecy For This Generation’ in Librarian’s Comments.

We have been suffering ‘Terror’ and when our nations have been weakened by increasing ‘Drought’ they will be forced to suffer ‘famine’ followed by ‘nuclear attack’ and military occupation, believe it or not, in order to correct a stubborn people, so that our nations can be used to lead in the coming World reconstruction.

See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ to lean of the world peace and prosperity to follow this time of tremendous world troubles.

Be sure to read the short ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’ on Page 1, explaining America and Britain’s immediate future.

And also ‘The Mark And 666’ on Page 2 and ‘Revelation Unveiled’ on Page 3. See also World Peace: How It Will Come on Library Page 1 short and informative reading.

Who Will They Be?

A soon coming European President and Pope will be the two who join forces to fulfill the prophecies written against America and Britain?

There is already a man with tremendous political power working in the European Government known as The Beast! And there is a man who Angela Merkel brought into her cabinet in Germany who may have the ability to fulfill these Bible prophecies relating to the new European DICTATORSHIP nearing fruition.

He will come to power probably by the same process as the current European Presidents if the European Union continues in its present form. This man will head what prophecy describes as the BEAST POWER because of the destruction it will cause!

Those who truly understand Bible prophecy know this is coming, we also understand that several prophetic indicators show that this is now imminent. Exactly who the two actors are and when they will begin acting out their parts on the world stage is not given, only time will tell, BUT TIME IS SHORT.


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