In 2018 the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump went to DAVOS. Although unpopular with E.U. leaders, world business loved him! The Wall Street Journal quoted the president: “I am here today to represent the interests of the American people, and to affirm America’s friendship and partnership in building a better world,” he told a packed assembly of 1,600 at the World Wide Forum.

“He talked up the U.S. economy and said, “there has never been a better time for business to invest in the U.S.” And that is exactly what happened under HIS management.

Back then the president explained that: “America First does not mean America alone,” striking a largely conciliatory tone, after what had at times been strained relations between the U.S. and its trading partners.

The Beginning of Davos

The Davos Summits began in 1971 as a vehicle to bring the E.U. Government and business leaders together, and to promote European Integration. Today 2,500 world political, economic, and philanthropic leaders gather in an attempt to further peace, economic stability, good health and human rights.

Although the Alpine setting lends itself to a relaxed peaceful forum, the world’s troubles are carried to Davos.

European Market Share Drops As Military Might Increases!

The amount of E.U. world share of GDP has continually declined over the life of the European Union and the U.S. economic recovery has further hampered the strength of the Euro, frustrating the German Chancellor.

Maintaining the strength of the European currency is the German intention, the Euro Currency is the glue that has bonded the Euro Zone into a ONE NATION EUROPE, as will as the creation of the new Euro Armed Forces under German leadership, to be completed by the end of 2025!

And With Nuclear Weapons!

The building of a European Nuclear Arsenal from the French, and if still possible from the British Nuclear Stockpile is also the German intent, and as has been reported Germany is prepared to pay! Although they have not been prepared to pay their 2% share to NATO costs!

When pressed by the President on this at the 2017 NATO meeting, the German Chancellor was reported to have replied: “the German people would not like that” and neither did they like President Trump’s urging for Germany to correct their $50 billion annual trade imbalance with the U.S., the entire E.U. imbalance in trade with the U.S. is $150 Billion and a 90 Billion Pounds imbalance with Britain!

So it’s way past time to even this up, or as the new E.U. Commission President likes to say regarding other matters, but definitely not regarding trade – “WE NEED TO FORM A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.” This should be with Germany and the E.U. buying an additional $220 Billions worth of British and American goods each year! How about that for a level headed approach Mrs. Von de Layham?

President Trumps 2020 Success Story!

Upon the President’s return to DAVOS this January he was able to report the VERY LONG LIST OF HIS ADMINISTRATIONS ECONOMIC ACHIEVEMENTS. And what a success story the last three years has been with a businessman in charge of American Business, although I know that E.U. leaders DID NOT WANT TO HEAR IT!

Congratulations Mr. President on what YOU have done for the American people, who have been suffering economically with NO WAGE INCREASES FOR TWENTY YEARS, as the cost of living has steadily risen way out of proportion to very poor wages for many millions!

An improvement of $1,000 increase for lower-wage earners, a $2,500 to $5,000 increase for the very large American middle class in 2020 with tax deductions, and 15 Million lower-paid workers being dropped from the tax rolls, plus the doubling of the Child Care allowance in 2019 thanks to the efforts of the presidents’ daughter Ivanka.

Here’s too many more years of success to you, and to the American people Mr. President.


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