The world turned to Germany during a G8 meeting at Camp David! “Only the German taxpayers can foot the bill to save the Euro” was the consensus.

Prophecy has foretold that Germany would dominate Europe and eventually cause a World War for a third time in modern day history! And as a forerunner to this Britain would become dependent on Germany during a time of British weakness!

This is exactly where Britain stands today, with its businesses still depending on the E.U. to continue to take 42% of British overseas trade. But in early 2021 the European Union has deprived Britain of 42% of E.U. banking business by ordering Corporations trading within the E.U. to stop using British banks!

This was Britains biggest overseas source of income with London’s famous Square Mile of banks clearing roughly three billion Euros and Three Billion Dollars each day. That huge amount of business is now gone forever with much worse to come!

The final German solution in dealing with the Americans and the British will be a military one!

Cyprus 2012

The Cyprus 2012 meeting seemed to indicate more economic stability, but both Europe and the U.S. had resumed their practice of increasing the money supply by printing more and more Euros and Dollars! The U.S. money supply had already been increased by one- third! A very dangerous practice given the fatal examples in world history!

World economic stability depends on the success of the European and U.S. economies. The default of any European countries on their debts would cause a recession if not a depression!

Greece finally took the right steps temporally at least, but the Greek government has no real way out of the debt dilemma in which they find themselves! And ironically much of the Greek debt is owing to British banks!

Chinese & India Expansion

Even the expansion in the Chinese and Indian economies depend on Europes ability to sustain the European economy and the Euro in order to buy their products.

The continuing strength of the U.S. export economy depends on its 20% of exported product, which includes corn and wheat, now affected by the worsening drought!

Since the end of World War Two, U.S. exports have fallen from 40% to 20%, and America has become the worlds greatest debtor nation now approaching Thirty Trillion Dollars!

See the G20 Category which contains several reports on G7 and G20 meetings.

See the short ‘Germany In Prophecy’ found on Page 1 of the Library, also see ‘The Mark and 666’ on Page 2 for insight into the difficult relationship between a coming European Dictator and the Head of the Vatican.



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